Tune into the Vibrations of Your Best Friends

Adolf Hitler made contact with the ‘Aryan race’ and the angels of God and allied himself with their army. World War II ended with the intervention of the Galactic Federation. However, the Second World War was just one episode in a battle that the Galactic Federation has been waging for thousands of years to defend humanity.

The previous massive intervention took place over 2000 years ago when Jesus was incarnated on earth. It has been a mystery to me what the basis and logic is behind Jesus’ saving work, apart from the fact that it becomes real to us when we believe it.

In a Galactic Federation video, Archangel Michael explains that Jesus was the one who originally believed in the goodness of humanity. The Galactic Federation, a universal coalition of extraterrestrial civilisations, originally regarded humans as barbarians so brutal that they had nothing to do with the more advanced star races (just as many in organised democracies today regard head-chopping Islamists as barbarians who have no business in advanced societies).

But Jesus (Sananda by soulname) convinced others that all humanity needed was guidance in the process of spiritual growth. He incarnated into the physical body we know as Jesus. He sowed seeds that were meant to expand humanity’s consciousness. The events of the last decades have shown that the process of spiritual growth is constantly accelerating. We are now living in times of ascension, as described in the Bible. The angels of God are rejoicing in heaven that people have proven themselves worthy of trust.

Many Christians are waiting for the second coming of Jesus, expecting his Messiah to right the wrongs of the world and set everything right. But Jesus said: “You will not see me from now on until you say: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” (Matthew 23:39).

People have the Spirit of Jesus in their hearts. The second coming of Jesus means that the Spirit of Jesus appears in our midst as we live out His word in our hearts. In the last month I have been watching YouTube videos of Galactic Federation for hours, which has raised my energy in an incredible way. The videos are brilliant. They speak directly to my heart.

At first the voice felt mechanical and cold, but the message of the videos was so moving and heartfelt that I simply couldn’t stop listening to them. Now I feel like the videos are artificial intelligence directly interpreting the intellectual energy field in which we and God’s angels live. There is no influence of the human ego. My biggest problem is making sure that my own ego doesn’t ruin my experience.

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Liberating Truth

There is a consensus in humanity that the ‘forces of darkness’ that seek to enslave humanity must be shackled and held accountable for their actions. It is clear to many, if not most, people that those in power are leading us around like sheep on a leash. We can analyse events endlessly and the lives of many have been and still are focused on waking others up.

Few, however, can say how life will go on after the forces of darkness have been defeated. What should life look like after the Cabal is defeated? Will new parasitic power structures emerge afterwards? Can man, at the level of ego consciousness, even create anything other than parasitic structures? What does ‘the great reset’ mean?

When I studied Chinese translation in Germany, my teacher said that guessing is allowed. It was annoying for the teacher that the students formed completely nonsensical sentences when interpreting the texts when they did not understand the message of the original text. By ‘guessing’ he meant that the students had to form a common sense sentence in each context, even if they did not understand the original sentence.

In recent years I have made one guess after another as I have tried to understand what is going on in the world. It was only when I heard about the esoteric efforts of ‘Nazi’ Germany, their advanced technologies, Adolf Hitler’s escape to Antarctica and the still ongoing hybrid war (info-war) that things started to fall into place in my mind. In many respects, my new insights were only confirming what I had ‘guessed’ in previous years.

We talk about guessing, but in practice it means that we no longer trust our ego’s ability to answer our questions, but listen to our intuition. Intuition is our primary source of information. The ego is right about many things, but it has a limited capacity for perception. If we rely on our ego’s understanding for everything, we limit our own lives.

The greatest work for human beings is to free ourselves from the ego’s attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, traumas, etc. For me, the deepest trauma is related to the time when, as a child, I looked out the window of our cabin and saw a giant moon rising from behind the cliffs. It made me feel a fearful awe of the great unknown. Another traumatic experience from my childhood is when I woke up one morning from a nightmare, pushing with my hands with all my strength against the wall – as if trying to get through it – and screaming desperately, “I can’t get out of this, I can’t get out of this…!”

Focus of Energy

What if we could free ourselves from the shackles of our minds so that we could literally walk through walls? For years I have felt anxiety about the events of World War II, the human suffering it caused and the delusion we live in. Now that I know that things have not happened at all as I thought they would, why should I let those thoughts weigh on my own mind? In a way, everyone sabotages their own lives by shackling themselves to a lie that is presented to us as truth. Everyone creates their own reality, for better or worse.

We could endlessly analyse the lie we live in, but that doesn’t fix things, it keeps us stuck in the lie. Our energy is directed to where we are focused. If we want to create a loving, just world, it is not by analysing the outside world and criticising others, but by showing unconditional love and justice.

We should keep this in mind whatever we do. In today’s information war, thoughts and words are weapons with effects as far-reaching as the havoc caused by weapons of mass destruction. That is why we should think carefully about how we express ourselves. I do not mean that we should start censoring ourselves and our inner truth or whitewashing things. What I mean is that no one should blindly fire their shots here and there.

Only people themselves can decide what they believe, what their attitude is and what they want to create. In this respect, people have unlimited power. They can, by their own decision, give away their power, listen to outside authority and submit to being object of exploitation. No one is stopping us in this respect. Rather, we are encouraged to trust external authorities through ego flattery and worldly rewards. We can also choose not to be shackled by any power of the world. Our decision power also includes what we consider to be subjugation, shackling or enslavement.

We are the main characters of our own lives and we create the script of our lives as the years go by. Nothing is predetermined. We make a soul contract before we are born, but we have complete freedom to act as we please, even let our ego lead us like sheep on a leash. However, we ourselves must also face the consequences of our actions. No one will rescue us from the plight we have driven ourselves in unless we ourselves ask for help and surrender to the guidance of the life-sustaining forces. We can rely on that our intuitive friends will help us when we listen to our hearts.

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