Before opening this blog on the 3rd July 2012 at 11:11 AM I have already made a little quantum jump: merely writing the basis for this blog has been a tremendous experience. My whole being is convincing me that I found a sustainable ground for my life in the lyrics of an ancient oriental hymn over 33 years ago. The words have been echoing in me, but their power has never been able to affect in my life with its full strength. The words have spoken to me on intellectual level and my soul has rejoiced, but the power of the words have not been able to impact my physical being. But I want to feel the power of them with every cell of my body.

When I wrote the basis for this blog I had foretaste of forthcoming jump: I feel that my antenna are getting tuned to every direction, I feel the energy around me, my whole body is tingling, numbers begin to speak their language to me, contents of the blog has been gathering together without restraint, like by itself. Ideas have filled my mind in a way that I have had difficulty to choose, which I would carry out first. Things that I need appear miraculously before me when I have the very thought what I need. The flow of writing has completely changed from that, what I imagined it to be two weeks ago.

One night, as I was sitting at my computer with a headphone on my ears feeling vibrations of melodic music inside me, I saw a light in the sky that was approaching me from infinity with extremely high speed. First it looked like an extraordinary bright star, but the light became bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter. Eventually it was so near that I could have waved to it and consciousness inside it would have seen me. I felt as if an entity from another dimension would have come to greet me. I felt electricity in the air and all my senses became receptive. The light stopped moving, was hovering there a while and began to move away disappearing to infinity as quick as it had appeared.

I am extremely delighted of the little expansion of consciousness that I have got to feel in the last two weeks. Of the feeling that I am special and that what I do is important: that my thoughts, emotions and actions create my reality.

When I go among people the air feels smooth and I love everyone and everything. During the last years my heart has broken as I have read about blows of fate and oppression of people on discussion forums on the Internet. Now when I hear people to rant at each other or complain about their misery I am relieved how easily everything can be turned into victory: when each one of us take fate into own hands, in other words listen the voice within and let it guide oneself, we will all rise like a phoenix from the ashes and we can steer our course to new horizons.

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