As I was browsing the Color Matters web site I came across one link depicting an optical illusion. For this writing I couldn’t find the link I first saw, but I found another link, which tells the same story.

In the link there is a circle formed by pink dots. First you see a pink dot rotating the circle.
In the middle of the circle there is a cross. When you focus on the cross you begin to see a green dot rotating the circle.
When you focus intensively on the cross in the middle of the circle pink dots disappear from your sight and you see only a green dot rotating the circle.

This test demonstrates that our brain is altering our sight according to our focus. In matters of visible and invisible worlds the relation is probably alike: invisible world, which is the foundation of visible world disappears from our sight when we focus only on something we can see with our physical eyes. We mistake the green dot for foundation for all, although it is only a reflection of the invisible world.


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