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The only difference between humanity and the stellar races living in 5D-consciousness and the higher-energy resurrected masters is that humanity, living in a dualistic, material world, has forgotten its divine origins. We are not just physical beings living in a physical body, we are spirit beings living in a material 3D world. Our perceptions, beliefs and thoughts change the chemistry of our bodies and have a decisive influence on the reality we create for ourselves. This happens whether we believe in this theory or not.

A while ago I saw a video that highlighted the fact that doctors are going astray because they imagine that all people are anatomically the same, and try to fit everyone into their self-created norms. Deviant values are treated as disorders and diseases. This tendency to make everything homogenous extends to all areas of life, from the growth curve of babies to school curricula and creativity in general.

This applies to me, for example, in relation to the blood clot that doctors can detect in X-rays. For doctors, the mere presence of a blood clot is an indication that the body is unable to maintain the health of the body. They think my blood is too thick, because there are too many platelets (thrombocytes). Doctors want to treat this ‘disorder’ with blood thinners, although it does not cause me any symptoms.

Despite what doctors think, I assume that the body maintains the health and balance of the body. Balance is a variable that varies according to the overall situation. The body’s fluids and secretions are the best means of maintaining balance. When there are too many platelets, the question arises as to what their role is in the overall balance.

What is the body’s motivation for producing large amounts of platelets? First of all, it comes to mind that red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells and because of the slowness of my blood circulation, the body produces a lot of platelets to ensure that oxygen gets to the cells. According to information I found online, platelets do not directly affect oxygen transport, but blood clotting.

Due to an ‘excessive’ number of platelets, my body has developed a potentially dangerous blood clot. One could imagine that because of the blood clot the blood is not able to circulate freely and oxygen do not get to the cells as it should. I have been measuring the oxygen saturation of my tissues in the morning and evening for several months. Despite poor circulation, blood clots and anaemia, the values are mostly between 95 and 99.

Blood oxygen saturation is a percentage figure that tells you how well the tissues at the end of your fingers reflect back the light that is shone on them. In turn, it indicates the proportion of the binding sites of haemoglobin molecules in the blood that are occupied by oxygen molecules. The better the oxygen saturation, the better the tissues reflect light. Sometimes the value is 99 even in the morning, although you would think it must be low after the body has been in a passive state for several hours.

Either way, I feel mostly in good spirits. The person who spoke on the video told about a friend who has a normal haemoglobin level of over 200. He himself has completely abnormal blood vessels in the fundus of his eye. I read several years ago about a Chinese boy who can see in the dark. This is all understandable when you consider that humanity is a mixture of 22 different star races. Perhaps our genetic make-up is much broader than that, but 22 is the number that has been thrown out by those who have researched this thing.

Cosmic Antenna of the Brain

Thalamus-pituitary gland-pineal gland

I read a book written in the 1980s by an American doctor in which he describes the phenomenal ability of some people to create physical illness when they want to solve their mental problems. So people come up with the sickest ways to maintain their balance in the big picture.

The thalamus and hypothalamus, together with the pituitary gland, form a hormonal regulatory system that registers the body’s needs and aims to maintain the body’s balance (homeostasis) by regulating both the autonomic nervous system and the circulatory system. All sensory nerve pathways pass to the cerebral cortex through the thalamic nuclei. The hypothalamus also plays a key role in the regulation of emotions.

This hormonal regulatory system also involves the cerebellum. In humans, the cerebellum plays an important role in mobility control. It can also be involved in some cognitive functions, such as attention and language, and in the control of emotions, such as the regulation of fear and pleasure responses, but its mobility functions are more established. The cerebellum coordinates the fine and gross mobility functions of different muscles. To do this, they receive information from, for example, the position and movement receptors in the inner ear.

The cerebellum is connected to the Brain Stem, which is responsible for connecting the brain to the spinal cord. The brainstem connects the cerebellum to the cerebrum and midbrain. The network of nerve cells throughout the brainstem is called the brain network, which helps people wake up after sleep by activating the cerebral cortex. In addition, the brain network gives rise to extrapyramidal (non-transient central nervous system) pathways, which are responsible for maintaining balance and muscle tone, among other things. The brainstem is also the point of origin of ten cranial nerves.

Heart-Brain Coherence

When I had my stroke 45 years ago, I felt it vaguely in my cerebellum and brain stem just before I first lost consciousness. The doctors found nothing in my brain to indicate a brain clot, which is partly explained by the fact that they could not do all the tests on me in the acute phase because of my weakness. When I was studying in China in the early 1990s, a CT scan was taken of my brain. They showed a shadow in the brain stem area and the doctors concluded that it was a trace of a blood clot.

However, in the acute phase, my diagnosis was made based on symptoms. As a result, I have always felt that I can express ideas about my health on a gut-feeling basis, regardless of any realm of medical knowledge. I can fully rely on the sensations my own body directly communicates to me, which is first-hand knowledge. Of course, care must be taken in interpreting these messages.

The key to interpreting external and internal messages is whether we let the intuitive mind of the heart (inner navigator) or the ego interpret the messages. The ego is susceptible to all kinds of manipulation and conditioning. Few people think freely. Most people repeat the story of their own lives and what they have heard others say and think. Few listen to their own heart and the reality of their inner navigator.

However, in order to fulfill our authentic selves, it is absolutely essential that we strip away the ego’s facades and protective layers and be fully authentic with ourselves and others. Authenticity attracts authenticity. There is no point in looking for authentic love, for example, in the outside world if our own self is distorted and we live entirely by the rules of a 3D world.

“Be the best version of yourself” for most people means what society considers good and worth striving for. In this respect, we need to redefine clearly what I am when I am the best version of myself. It also means clearly defining goals and taking determined action to achieve them. When we are truly guided by our intuitive mind it creates an energy field that has a boundless connection to the consciousness of the universe.

Antenna to Universal Consciousness

We are used to thinking that the brain is the most important organ in the body and that the brain regulates all body functions. In 1991, scientists discovered a network of nerves in the heart – 40 000 specialised cells (sensory neurites) – that think, feel, sense and remember independently of the brain.

This network of neurons in the heart is considered the brain of the heart and the cells send commands to the brain according to the messages the heart receives from the internal and external world. The heart’s magnetic field is 5000 times stronger than that of the brain. It is therefore easier to seek solutions to problems through emotions rather than trying to solve problems by logical deduction.

The essence of every organic entity that arises in the world is a free, self-regulating entity that constitutes a torus field. This is not only true for humans. The clearest example of a torus field is apples and oranges, with their core and seeds at the center. The Earth’s magnetic field also forms a torus field.

Gregg Braden has argued that the human brain does not store any memories, emotions or information, but is the antenna that connects the human being to universal consciousness. We can connect to the collective consciousness through an electromagnetic field. At best, this requires nothing more than simple breathing exercises and meditation to bring us to a zero-point state/energy.

Endless Possibilities

In this high-frequency energy, we are adamantine particles – the smallest light particles in the universe – with the ability to regulate ourselves. They are stem cell-like entities that can form any kind of atoms and have the ability to evolve into any kind of cell. This means that we can consciously choose our feelings and thoughts and how we react to events in the outside world. When we change our feelings and thoughts we change the chemistry of our body.

When we think in the way I have described above about the divine energy field in which we live, life is magic. We understand that we have the opportunity to change the direction of our lives at any time, because “the great reset” is an inbuilt feature of the energy field. The Universe is expanding and all things are interconnected (entanglement). The consciousness of the Universe is holographic and fractal, so we create with our thoughts, feelings and actions what we give to the divine energy field to work with. The outside world is a reflection of our inner world.

We can create computers that can self-diagnose their problems and fix them. In the light of our current consciousness, we believe it is necessary to develop various devices that monitor our body’s functions and, in the best case, correct them according to the recommendations of ‘experts’. We do not understand that our body itself is a biological, self-regulating machine. Its main control is the cooperation of our own body’s heart and brain and its connection to the consciousness of the universe.

Heart – Brain Coherence in Practice

I wrote in an earlier text that miracles are miracles only for people who do not understand the natural workings of the body. Healing miracles can also be naturally explained in the light of the coherence or harmony of the heart and brain. In February 2016, I wrote about Anita Moorjani’s near-death experience in the article “Dying To Be Me – We Need Reformation”, where Anita detached from her body while in a coma during the terminal stage of her cancer. The social and cultural perceptions created by her ego ceased to influence her consciousness.

Her essence detached from her body, and it was simply aware of its own existence without needing to prove itself worthy. This was simply coherence of the heart and brain that gave birth to a new consciousness. This healed her both mentally and physically.

More than 10 years ago, I saw a Danish documentary called “Power of Mind”, which told the story of a young man. I wrote about this in June 2013 in the text “We create our own reality”.

This young man took part in a trial of a mood-altering drug. During the trial, he got into an argument with his girlfriend and in a fit of rage – on a whim – ate all the pills he had been given. As a result, his system went haywire and he sought treatment. He fainted and woke up feeling very unwell.

Doctors spent four hours trying to stabilise his vital signs, during which the man was given, among other things, six litres of saline solution. His condition was considered to be serious and as the doctors were unable to stabilise him, they contacted the doctor in charge of the drug trial to find out which drug it was, which tablets the man had taken.

Everyone was astonished to find out that the man had been in the placebo group of the drug trial and had actually been taking calcium tablets. When the man was told that the tablets he had eaten were harmless, his body functions stabilised within 15 minutes. I think this is the clearest example of the effect of heart-brain coherence on body chemistry.

My Own Experiences of Connection with the ‘Higher Self’

The theory of heart – brain – coherence is uplifting, but in the end, what matters most is how it all works in my own life. How have I personally experienced the guidance of ‘higher forces’? When I think about it, it all becomes clearer and clearer.

One of my first ‘spiritual’ experiences was when I half-jokingly said to my older brother when I was young that I must have been German in my previous life because it was so easy for me to learn German. My brother laughed and said that in Finland there are nothing but descendants of (thought?) criminals deported by the Swedish king. His theory was that Finland, under the King of Sweden, was in the same geopolitical position as Siberia in the Soviet Union: a periphery to which all unwanted individuals and dissidents were deported.

I had a kind of spiritual awakening before my disability when I had a sexual relationship with my then maths tutor. I think we were on completely different wavelengths, but I completely lost control of myself because of him. An invisible force was driving me like a sheep on a string. I felt I had driven myself into a dead end with no way out. I wrote about this experience in October 2012 in the article Awakening.

When I look back more closely, I feel that I was strongly awakened before I became disabled. It started with a quick look at German culture when I was in Germany on a scholarship trip in 1978. I got the feeling that the outside world was like a theatre stage, where each person creates the coulisse of their own life. My task was to find a sustainable basis to build my life.

I lost my will to live because of this new awareness. Everything seemed pointless. About a month after the scholarship trip, I found a book written by Axel Fredenholm, “So Have I Heard”, with the lyrics of an ‘old oriental hymn’, which stuck in my mind like a mantra. Under the influence of the words, the conflict between my outer and inner life grew and when it became unbearable, the facade of my life collapsed and I was paralyzed. The text “The Ignition of the Divine Spark”, which I published in July 2012, tells the story of this experience. My experiences are also reflected in the text “Our all-seeing third eye”, published in November 2012, and in the text “What happened to me”, written in September 2012.


human_body_solar plexus

The paralysis was a return to the initial state, where the ego’s social and cultural perceptions ceased to influence my consciousness. My situation was so different from ‘normal’ that the only way to change things and improve my situation was not to look to the outside world for models of action, but to listen to the messages my body was sending me and start using my own brain.

Thanks to my new awareness, my attitude towards life changed completely. Previously I had stuck to the conventional and tried to conform to the patterns created by others. After the paralysis, I listened to my own inner voice. Thoughts came to me as if by themselves and I had an opinion on everything. I naturally knew how to act in my new situation. I noticed that the new life was spreading around me as if by itself. It gave me the feeling that I could control everything and that nothing was insurmountable.

But my action was reactive, as before, reacting to events in the outside world. It was only the ‘coming of faith’ in the early 1980s that changed things in this respect. I saw my own responsibility among the lost sheep and began more or less consciously to create my reality. As a result, my reactive attitude to the outside world became active.


Before I became a believer, I went through quite a lot of homework. The most influential was my relationship with Andre, whom I got to know in Germany before I was paralysed. We got engaged shortly after we met, but I ended the relationship as quickly as it had begun. I didn’t understand at all why I ended the relationship, even though it was the best thing that had happened to me. I just had a strong, vague feeling that I needed to be able to make my own decisions independently later on, without dragging those around me into my internal problems.

When I think now about my relationship with André, I realize that it was not suited to my life’s mission. The higher self does not know linear time, but everything is here and now. It follows the soul contract regardless of time. If I had continued my relationship with André and even married him I would not now be able to write about the things I write about in this blog. In Germany, questioning the Holocaust and impartial research into the Second World War is prohibited by law.

André’s grandmother was born and spent her childhood in Dresden (or Leipzig). I never spoke to her, but it is likely that she had personally experienced the bombing of Dresden during the Second World War. In the light of my current knowledge, it would have been interesting to know her. Perhaps I knew her when I made my soul contract.

A Miracle Worker

After I left André, I experienced an immense sense of freedom. The idea that I could go to university, get a decent profession and do whatever I thought was good gave me an overwhelming sense of abundance and gratitude. My speech therapist had given me a book to help me find my voice as I couldn’t speak at that time. I also found a booklet on our bookshelf that gave me instructions for total relaxation.

With these two books, I took a journey of exploration into my inner self, lying on the floor, doing simple breathing exercises and relaxation practices, turning all my attention inwards. This profoundly changed my perception of myself as a physical being. I realized that there was nothing wrong with my body and that the various symptoms of paralysis and my mobility problems were just the surface layers of my physical being.

I did exercises intensively for about a week and the effects were so unimaginable that my ego began to protect me from worse confusion. Frankly, I was afraid of the great unknown, i.e. myself. It all happened before I knew anything about energy centers of the body (chakras) or meditation. I didn’t even have a proper vocabulary to describe what I was feeling.

Later on I didn’t get as deep experiences as I did before, but I believed that once I understood it better I could achieve similar results. I was comforted by the idea I read in the book that if the body has achieved good results through practice, it can achieve them later, even if the grip sometimes slackens. So there was no need for me to start forcing certain results, because forcing in itself can prevent results from being realized. In March 2014, I compiled my exercises and experiences in the text Emotional Intelligence in Function.

Emotional Intelligence in Function

In the early 1980s, the right and left sides of my body felt distinctly different. One of the first effects of my exercises was that the feeling of having two sides in my body disappeared and I felt I was a physical whole. I came to feel that no technology in the world could match the technology that was inside me. I felt that I had a warm sphere around my navel area that radiated energy throughout my body. It allowed me to move my paralyzed leg without difficulty.

Because of my own fears, I lost connection to the internal navigator. However, I believe the connection is there, waiting for me to unlock my energy blockages and harness my full potential, i.e. activate my inner power. Until then, I have to be content with the available resources.

Despite what doctors say, I have already managed to treat the bad swelling in my paralyzed leg with home remedies and the feeling in my stomach lining is starting to return. So I still don’t let anyone control my mind, because if I don’t control my mind, someone else will, and thus control the internal chemistry of my body. Beliefs and thoughts have a decisive influence on the internal processes of the body.

We are used to thinking of spirituality as a state of mind that has no effect except on mental processes and consciousness. When beliefs and thoughts directly affect the chemistry of our physical body we have to recognize that our state of mind has a decisive influence on the material world and the reality we create for ourselves.

When we want our actions to have a positive impact on the outside world, which we want to have a positive impact on ourselves, we have to think about whether our actions create internal chaos or harmony. How do I influence the quantum field in which we live, how do I speak to the field, or what am I feeding into the field in general? Do my actions create chaos or does the outer world reflect the inner coherence of my brain and heart?

Every individual contributes to the collective quantum field and collective consciousness in one way or another, whether they believe it or not. A pure human mind consciously creates peace, love and cooperation. Consciously influencing and taking responsibility for one’s actions and inactions is an exercise of personal power that no individual person or authority can deny to citizens. It is our democratic right and our civic duty to exercise that personal power.


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