Every life phenomenon is dual. Everything has its opposition: light – dark, hard – soft, positive – negative (electric) charge etc. Physicists have pondered that according to this logic also gravity should have its opposition. In order to get a clue of what could be the opposition of gravity we have to understand what is implied with the term of gravity.

According to traditional Newtonian physics gravity is a phenomenon in which physical bodies are attracted to each other with a force proportional to their masses. But what do we understand with physical bodies with masses? Are they Newtonian apples, which are attracted by the earth: “You are dust and to dust shall you return.” Or are physical bodies with masses electromagnetic energy-waves vibrating in different frequencies, resonating with each other as quantum physicists have told us?

According to quantum physics every single person operates in an own electromagnetic energy field, which is part of the energy field of the universe in which electromagnetic energy-waves vibrate in different frequencies. Energy-waves vibrating in the same frequency resonate with each other and are attracted to each other. In that way everything is connected to everything else. Everything is energy, which constantly changes its form: seemingly solid matter, thoughts, emotions – everything. Thoughts attract solid matter and form it. We are constantly shaping world surrounding us with our thoughts.

How should we deal with thoughts claiming that the pyramids of Egypt were built with the power of thought? From the Newtonian physics point of view this is of course absolutely impossible equation, because according to traditional physics moving stone blocks needs raw muscle power. If the universe however works in one and the same energy field as quantum physicists suggest, the whole thing reveals in a different light: Stone blocks are energy, so are thoughts.

In ancient Egypt thought was considered as people’s sixth sense. We also talk about sixth sense when someone has e.g. telepathic experience or intuitive feeling about something. The thought that pyramids were built with the power of thought raises a question, what did Jesus actually mean when he said:

If you have faith like a grain of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain: Move from here to there, and it would move and nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matt. 17:20) ?

In Finnish we say that a strong will goes through grey stone, but we think it figurative. What about, if Jesus meant his words concrete and his words are based upon the Law of Attraction?

In the beginning of 19th century in US Florida lived a Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin, who claimed to have found out, how the pyramids of Egypt were built. This five feet tall man weighing 100 pounds built between 1923 and 1951 single-handed in Florida a castle of coral rock (Coral Castle), which amazes people still today.

Coral Castle amazes, but there is one thing that amazes here as much as the castle itself: why don’t we know anything about this, although some people consider Coral Castle as the eighth wonder of the world?

Is it an indication that our life has got stuck with the gravity of the world, which keeps people imprisoned in the physical body of five senses and hinders us from rising with the power of thought into new dimensions?

Does our mind represent the opposition of gravity as we can attract matter with our thoughts and shape it? Is the Law of Gravity according to which physical bodies with masses attract each other only a part of the Law of Attraction, which applies to all visible and invisible energy?

Maybe it is from the very beginning only a question of visible and invisible worlds, matter and spirit. In that case the question of opposition of gravity would change: “What is the opposition of attraction force?” Spontaneously one thought blows my mind: “Counterforce!”

Man is the hardest counterforce for his own success. We don’t believe in ourselves and others are at least suspicious. We let the social codes and conventional habits determine, what is suitable to think, to see, to hear and to feel. In this manner we limit our creativity and we cannot utilize the Law of Attraction in the extent we are in power to.

The contradiction of life is best illustrated in the fact, that people are trying to generate energy from matter, although we know that matter can only be generated from energy. We are trying to make our blanket longer by cutting it from its edge and tacking the piece on the blankets other edge. We don’t see the primary energy source: the power, which creates matter: power of life, which maintains our living.

Everyone wants to have success in life. Therefore the counterforce that man creates for himself needs a counterforce that is stronger than the power in the world: power that creates attraction.


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