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Esther Hicks channels a collective consciousness that she calls Abraham. It guides humanity in the non-physical world in eternity we call heaven. Abraham says that before being born into physical bodies in this finite world of time and place, humans are eternal spirit beings in the non-physical world, which is pure positive energy. There is no contrast, so humans are born into physical bodies and, through their own creation on earth, influence the expansion of the universe, clarifying its consciousness.

When born into physical bodies, humans retain their non-physical energy body, which lives under the Law of Attraction. In that way we have a connection with the non-physical world. This connection is our Inner Being, which is the divine side within us. Its essence is love and it is the highest vibrational frequency that knows our personal spiritual path thoroughly. Whenever the contrasts we encounter in our lives cause us to set personal preferences and goals for things, our Inner Being affiliates with them and collects all the corresponding and cooperative components in our energy stream that Abraham calls the Vortex. In this way, our Inner Being possesses everything we can ever desire or hope for. The realization of things is entirely dependent on the relationship we have with the divine side of ourselves, that is, whether our ego is a co-operative partner of our Inner Being.

In addition to the divine side, we have the consciousness of our physical body, that is ego consciousness. Abraham says that people should by no means demonize the ego. It plays an important role alongside the Inner Being. Ego’s job is to sift and sort things according to his own experience and use the emotional guidance system to determine what a person wants and doesn’t want in each situation, and what they want to focus on. Abraham emphasizes that the non-physical world also benefits from human life experiences in their physical bodies and from the spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness caused by those experiences. The spiritual and material worlds are inextricably intertwined with each other.

Negative emotions are a sign that our Inner Being disagrees with our ego, that is, our energy is divided. We feel sad, if we cherish in our minds an image of ourselves or something else that does not correspond to the image of our Inner Being on the same subject. If our energy is split, the Law of Attraction responds to us as vaguely as the energy we radiate. In order to find the truth and most powerfully accomplish what our ego wants, we must tune in to the vibrational frequency of our Inner Being.

Tapping Into Our Power

Abraham says that being aligned with our Inner Being is a natural state of existence. Abraham compares this state to a cork of a bottle, whose natural state is to float on the surface of water. However, human energy usually vibrates at different frequency than that of our Inner Being, so we keep the cork under the water.

The ego has important function to explore the contrasts of the physical world through the five sense organs and to show personal preferences, but the attraction (gravity) of the world holds human mind captive in the world that can be observed with the sense organs. We are not able to rise above time and place, and our thoughts are conditioned to the situation at hand. We define ourselves according to situations and events.

Abraham says that people’s resistance to align with their Inner Being and tap into their true power is incredible. He compares people’s attitude to the divine side in themselves to a situation where someone wants to build a swimming pool in their backyard. The contractor suggests that we can dig the hole by using a digging machine or a teaspoon. In this analogy the digging machine is our Inner Being and the teaspoon is ego’s creative power. Most people find it very difficult to make a spiritual decision between their divine side and the ego, so people continue digging their pools with a teaspoon.

People are conditioned to think that achieving gains requires hard work, struggle and sacrifice. However, it is very easy to break free from the vicious circle of conditional thinking and sceptical mind. It does not matter to our Inner Being, how much bad karma we have accumulated on us. All that matters is what we decide to do now.

All people have to do is to decide that they want to serve their Inner Being. We can accomplish this by starting our day with meditation, when we shut down ego’s conditional thinking and sceptical mind for 15 minutes. This emptying of the mind alone causes our energy to rise and align with our Inner Being. When we are able to maintain the high vibrational frequency of our energy, we see things and events through the eyes of love, for love is the very essence of our Inner Being.

Quieting the voice of ego is the starting point for meditation, but not all thoughts are ego thoughts. Abraham says that people should learn to distinguish when their ego thinks and when they receive a thought. When we receive a thought, it is a message from our Inner Being. The clearest thing that separates messages from the Inner Being from thoughts of the ego’s is that they are not verbal. They are rather impulses and images in mind.

When I write these blog posts I have always wanted to leave ego’s voice out of them. I wanted to focus on what comes from my heart. I feel as if I am constantly fishing at the fountain of life. There is always a fishing line in the water that I follow. Sometimes I just have the feeling that an image of something is raising to my mind. I may not even know what is it all about. As I calmly reel up the fishing line in all peace, things get clear in my mind and after that my job is to put my thoughts in verbal form.

Faith and Desire to Believe

When I listened to Abraham’s teachings it has gradually become clear to me, what happened to me during the weekend at Christmas 1983, when I came to faith, so to speak. I tell about this in my article Temple of God in My Heart. I was visiting my brother and pricked up my ears when listening to his burning confessions about his insights on the Bible.

He said that the Gospel message is as simple as when you get a notification from a post office, that you have a parcel waiting to be picked up: you receive it only when you believe that the notification is real. This truth blew my mind. It was crystal clear: we get what we believe in. This insight immediately aligned me with my Inner Being. It completely changed my attitude towards myself and other people. I no longer thought about negative things. Where I used to see danger and threat, which I had to protect myself from, I saw people, who were more or less, lost in their lives. I had a strong feeling that constructive co-operation with other people would not only better my own situation, but in that way, I could have an impact on other people’s lives as well.

Abraham says that it is important that we always do what we want and cherish positive emotions and act under the guidance of our Inner Being to achieve our goals. In September 2012, I wrote in an article that rather than wanting things, we should focus on what we need. At the turn of this year I had an experience that taught me, why we should listen to what we want.

Last summer I found in a net shop an adorable dress that was just my style. Perfect for me. However, I didn’t order the dress right away and as the months went by I watched the dress online and always thought: I don’t need it now … I don’t need it now … I don’t need it now … By Christmas my size was sold out. There was a size available that was too big for me. However, I thought I could sew it to fit me.

I ordered the dress and within 24 hours I received an email that large sizes were sold out as well. My ego immediately started scolding and blaming me of ruining my opportunity to get the perfect garment by waiting too long. I was annoyed. Why doesn’t the universe deliver me what I want! However, I could still see myself wearing that dress. “It has to mean something”, I thought and followed an impulse to go and see something else on the website. I asked myself, why do I have to look for something else when the dress I ordered is the only thing I want. I thought that there may be something I don’t understand.

I went to the site and opened a page that showed all of the New Year’s sale items. I was browsing through them and when I reached the third page I knew, why I had come to the site “looking for something else”. There was a picture of the dress I wanted as a maxi version. I had seen it several months earlier, but thinking about toilet visits I thought it was impractical. That’s why I wanted an above-knee version of the dress. Now I thought that I could wear the long model, if I sew a slit behind it, if it doesn’t have one already. If I wanted to, I could shorten the dress and I would have plenty of beautiful fabric to make another nice garment.

I immediately sent a message to the customer service saying that I wanted a long model of the dress that was no more available. It was available in my size. It was a bit more expensive than the short model and I asked where could I pay the difference.

The next morning when I woke up, I had in my mind a picture of myself wearing a dress I had ordered. When I opened my phone, I received a message from the customer service with a link and instructions on how to pay the price difference. I was rejoicing with my Inner Being that I had been a cooperative component and was able to guide things on the right track.

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