Introduction to the Content of the Site

This website was born when I merged my two blog sites. Including all language versions, the blog contains over a thousand articles reflecting my personal spiritual growth. They are not intended to criticise anything or anyone, but are just thoughts, feelings and opinions of the moment. I have structured the articles so that the texts from the older blog {2012-2022} form the 3D section of the blog and the texts published after 2022 are in the 5D category.

There is no Spanish version of my texts published before 2022. The Spanish flag does not appear in the language switcher for articles that do not have a Spanish translation. I recommend using the Microsoft Edge browser with the DeepL-translate extension, which has a pop-up icon that allows you to translate with amazing accuracy between more than 30 languages.

The articles are still mostly unedited for the new theme. Texts may contain shortcodes from the old theme, images may appear duplicated, etc. Articles are still somewhat cluttered like a vague pile of documents on a desktop, which is why the site’s search function doesn’t always find what it’s looking for. On the whole, however, the content is clearly structured and readable. Enjoy your reading!