We feel it in our bodies when the heart and brain work harmoniously together. We feel balanced and relaxed in all aspects, which is also reflected in our relationships. In theory. However, this is a very complex issue and one sentence describes my thoughts in this regard: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This sounds harsh, but it is unfortunately the reality in which we live now, which has a decisive influence on the reality we create for ourselves.

A couple of weeks ago I read a contribution to a daily newspaper written by a Christian friend of mine who worked with young people in Finland, where school shootings had devastated the communities. I am attaching the article in its entirety here, as it conveys the original message of the author. The author would like to see a deeper debate on the social impact of Christianity. This blog post is my contribution to the debate.

The shocking events in Vantaa (a city in southern Finland) brought back memories. I did youth work in Jokela and Kauhajoki, which were devastated by the school shootings. I remember going to Jokela the day after the school shooting. The atmosphere was surreal. I don’t know if it was true, but there was talk in the village that in the days after the school shooting someone had thrown themselves under a train. Shortly after the incident, I remember a car crash in the middle of the day in the very centre of Jokela. And on the first day, as I was playing guitar on the corner of the square, a boy of primary school age, maybe ten years old, came up to me. He was full of anger. His face like stone. For a moment he stood in front of me, then he hit my chin, just barely reaching it, and started crying. The atmosphere was strange. The atmosphere in Kauhajoki was also strange. Scary, too.

But Jokela and Kauhajoki were not all darkness, even in the days following the shocking events. Many people woke up to help. It was especially nice to see Christians waking up to the situation. Less than a month after the school shooting, Christians from different churches in Jokela started youth nights, where they began to meet and listen to young people. And that meeting and listening has been going on up to now and it continues. During these years I became convinced that Christianity has a positive impact on the well-being of young people.

One obvious and major change in our society is the erosion of the role of Christianity. Church attendance is decreasing and fewer and fewer children are receiving a Christian upbringing. Such social change is having an impact. I think they should be discussed more widely.

Many studies suggest that Christianity has a significant impact on the well-being of people’s children and young people. Research by Kathleen Powell, for example, suggests that non-violent behaviour among young people is predicted by a view that Christianity is relevant. Richard Freeman, in his follow-up study of young people at risk of exclusion, found that church attendance is the single most important determinant of survival for young people at risk of exclusion. Donahue and Benson’s literature review reveals that religiosity among young people is positively associated with young people’s social values and behaviour and negatively associated with suicidal ideation, substance abuse and delinquency. Mosher and Handal found that personal religiosity was associated with significantly lower anxiety and better ability to adjust to social situations. And a recent study by Harri Koskela found that the link between religiosity and well-being is as strong as that of alcohol problems, but positive. And so on. I wish that the positive effects of Christian faith on young people’s lives, which have been widely observed in research, were talked about more and more openly. (Jaakko Ojala, Master of Political Sciences)

In Jaakko Ojala’s family, Christianity seems to be a constructive force, meaning that family members are focused on spirituality rather than Christian doctrine. This in itself indicates that the good effects of Christianity are not so much related to Christianity as a religion, but to Christ Consciousness. And that is what many Christians do not want to hear about. Anything that can be associated with the New Age movement is, in the minds of many Christians, a plot by the devil. A large percentage of Christians want to maintain a belief in a heavenly Father who is favorable to anyone who follows the word of the Bible. The ‘chosen people of God’ have been able to sustain their war in the Middle East largely with Christian support. Interpretations of the Bible can vary. The responsibility is on everyone to think they are doing the right thing and ultimately ‘Jesus saves’.

Christian Lip Service vs. Christ Consciousness

It is considered blasphemy by many that an entity calling himself Jesus (Sananda) announces on the New Earth website where his teachings in the Bible have been misinterpreted. If Christians would actually listen to their intuition (their inner navigator), no one would have to specifically correct them for misinterpretations of the Bible. The most important teaching of Jesus was that every human being has a direct connection with God, Christ Consciousness, in his or her heart. We can only control our own inner vibrations and how we mirror our inner world to the outside world.

For decades I have been a delusional nutcase in the eyes of my Christian believing friends. A friend of mine wrote me a long letter about where I have gone astray and how a ‘real’ Christian should be, think and act. This despite the fact that the person has followed my growth since the 1970s and has seen up close that all the predictions made by doctors about my rehabilitation have been wrong.

This shows that Christians ultimately do not value intuition – the inner navigator of our hearts – or are simply indifferent to it. This applies to both Christian believers and ordinary people, who do not follow the Christian dogma. People want to serve each other, but the delivery of services is crucially influenced by factors quite different from the immediate, individual needs.

We hear the most insane news about the misdeeds of our Christian leaders. Religious Christians are waiting for ‘divine justice’ to be done, not realising that it is within ourselves. Divine justice is unconditional love that knows neither good nor evil, right nor wrong. It rises above the limited human mind and sees that we are all here to balance our collective karma.

Christ Consciousness (Holy Spirit) Not Bound to Any Religion

Christianity has a secular side, that is, it expects its followers to be absolutely obedient to the elders of the church. Christianity is as much a political agenda as any other religion, because spiritual teachers are susceptible to political manipulation, just like any other human being.

The perception of Christianity’s ‘superiority’ over other religions dates back to the 1970s and 1980s, when all developed Western countries were Christian. However, the world has changed in this respect and we see the moral decadence of the developed West at every level of society. Even paedophilia has been decriminalised in Germany.

If we think in economic terms, the clearest example of the limited impact of Christianity on social development is Singapore, where more than 50% of the population is Buddhist or non-religious. Being non-religious does not mean that a person is non-spiritual. It simply means that a person does not follow the doctrine of any religion.

Singapore’s population live in an area of under 1,000 km² and has a GDP larger than Finland’s, which covers almost 340,000 km².

The Scientific Basis of Christ Consciousness

For decades, Gregg Braden has been talking about how the electromagnetic field we live in has become increasingly familiar to scientists. In the video “Be Kind to Earth – Human Emotion’s Magnetic Super Power” Gregg talks about a study in the early 2000s in which scientists studied changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field using Randon Number Generators placed around the globe. The purpose of the devices was to feed random numbers into a database via satellites. By analysing the numbers, the scientists found that at one point the numbers became less random. They pinpointed the anomaly as occurring on 11 September 2001, the date of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers in New York.

This catastrophe, watched in real time by people around the world, created feelings of fear and horror, but it also brought people together in an unprecedented way: scientists saw the effect of the harmonious functioning of the human heart and brain as a change in the Earth’s magnetic field. The question arose: if a disaster affects people’s consciousness and thus the Earth’s magnetic field, can people consciously influence the magnetic field without a disaster?

This was the impetus for the Global Coherence Initiative. Global meditation events have proven that human consciousness has a direct impact on the Earth’s magnetic field. When people meditate together and focus their minds on constructive cooperation, crime, disease, accidents, etc. in the region are reduced.

Creating the New World

It is said that if we want to change the reality we live in we should not fight against what we think is wrong. Just thinking about wrong practices means that we give them energy. Instead, we should focus all our attention on creating new practices and making old ways of doing things obsolete.

The very thought of it has seemed desperate when every mainstream media outlet in the world today is pushing the globalist agenda and the scare tactics of warmongers. When I read an article about the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO, 上海合作组织) a couple of weeks ago, my perspective changed completely.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is a Eurasian political, economic, international security and defence organisation established by China and Russia over 20 years ago, in 2001. It is the world’s largest regional organisation in terms of geography and population, covering about 80% of the Eurasian region and 40% of the world’s population. Its combined GDP with the BRICS countries accounts for more than 50% of world GDP. The SCO and BRICS are shaping the future of global cooperation

At the regular meeting of the SCO Foreign Ministers Council in Astana, Kazakhstan, in late May 2024, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged SCO members to maintain their strategic autonomy and said that Eurasian countries should never allow external forces to turn Eurasia into a geopolitical playing field.

The problem of the modern world is that the international community is a hostage to ‘the rule-based international order’, in other words, to official truths. Politicians and decision-makers do not necessarily implement what they want, but try to act as best they can within the rules and agendas set by ‘higher powers’.

A while ago I read a news item in which a journalist from the BBC’s Hard Talk programme interviewed the current President of Finland, Alexander Stubb, and plied him with questions about his complete change of position. When he was Prime Minister ten years ago, Alexander Stubb had suggested to the same journalist that the EU should cooperate with Russia. Mr Stubb has completely reversed his position and made it clear that he was wrong about Russia. No, Mr President. You were not wrong. Something has happened over the last ten years and you have been manipulated by those in power to achieve their dubious goals.

Either way, we must not allow negative energies to influence our own energies. “Protecting our vibrations” means protecting not only our own energies, but also those around us and those who we believe are acting as destructive forces for humanity. Who knows how many of these are clones who carry out negative agendas without scruples just to wake people from their sleep?

Everyone must be guaranteed the opportunity to do their inner work in peace, on their own terms. This is our best security guarantee. It is often said that if something sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true. In the future, we must get used to the idea that ‘too good to be true’ is the new normal. We ourselves will create the new normal.

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