Merging my blogs gave me the opportunity to make an inventory of the content I have produced and to think about how to develop my blog in the future. It made me feel that from my own starting point, I have had my say regarding 3D and 5D consciousness. This does not mean that I feel “done”, I am a learner like everyone else. When I read my writings they are constantly generating new insights and feelings in me that I could not even imagine at the time of writing. In the words of Marcel Proust: “A true voyage of discovery is not a search for new landscapes, but a new way of looking at things.” In other words: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

That is the future of this blog in all its simplicity. In addition to articles focusing on functionality and politics, I will edit old material with new eyes, perhaps by turning it into YouTube videos. This opportunity is open to anyone who is in some way inspired by my writings. I have no copyright claims on the content I write. I just hope that anyone who uses the material on this site in their own productions will share the content under Creative Commons rights so that all material is also available for commercial use. The most important thing is how we influence our collective consciousness, not whether we can make money from our activities.

In the new articles focusing on functionality, I also want to showcase new technologies and products that we all benefit from. That’s why I’ve decided to set up a dropshipping store alongside the blog. Thanks to AI-based supply chains and a logistics management system anyone can set up an online shop.

This allows us to improve our financial position, but it also gives us the opportunity to influence supply and product development. We can each effectively exercise our right to eliminate low quality products from the market by finding out about them more than the profit margin, e.g. where the products come from. We can influence the artificial fashion trends created by advertising hype by providing a distribution channel for products that the big players do not even include in their selection. We can distribute everything what generates real wealth and well-being. This is the real opportunity of our times.

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Some time ago, I read an article where the author lamented the fact that AI has not made any tangible difference to life on Earth. But it is not that there are no real applications that make concrete changes possible. Most of humanity has fallen by the wayside and is still down the rabbit holes of various political agendas.

For me, AI has been a tangible help in recent months in maintaining and merging my blogs. When I decided in 2014 to handle the technical maintenance and design of my blog on my own with very little web knowledge, my only support was the developers of the WordPress theme, the hosting service and Google. Now I have a chatbot on my desktop whom I can ask anything I can think of.

The chatbot sometimes gives me the wrong advice, but when I visit the sites from which it gets its information, I find that it interprets the information it gets differently from me. It may not (yet) be able to apply the information it receives to individual cases. This is also a problem in human-to-human communication. When I interpret the information linked by the chatbot from my own point of view, I may well find the answer to the problem at hand. And the chatbot is happy when I tell it how I got the job done.

All people have the opportunity to contribute to the development of AI simply by telling it how things are done in practice. A good example of this is AI-based translation engines, which improve their performance the more they translate. Thanks to advanced video editing, everyone can contribute to the formation of our common consciousness and simultaneously earn their living.

As people learn to seize their opportunities, this will have a tangible impact on how the world works. Prosperity will be more evenly distributed and political circles will not be able to decide themselves what is allowed, what is not allowed, and how societies develop. Artificial intelligence connects us with the world’s smartest people, star races and ascended masters.


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