Gregg Braden talks in an interview he gave to Romanian television about the relation of science and spirituality and how do the false scientific approach influence the world. The problems of this world are caused by the wrong assumptions of science which are:

  • Life is random
  • People are separated from each other and the rest of creation, and their consciousness has no interaction.
  • Civilization is 5000 years old and todays world is the pinnacle of sophistication.
  • People today have nothing to learn from indigenous people.
  • The only healthy way to solve problems is competition in Darwinian model, because evolution in nature is based upon the survival of the strongest.

The last assumption, the Darwinistic competition ideal has probably the strongest impact in the world today. In the beginning the motto of the scientific community was: “Nullius in verba” which means that one should put everything in question, especially authorities.

In 1660 as the Royal Academy of Science was founded the ideal of scientists was that everybody did his own empirical research. In these days economists and other scientists, entrepreneurs and corporations as well as world politicians each dig into own foxholes to defend own agenda, which has lead to countless unsustainable policies in the so called western democracies.

In the information war today all means are allowed to eliminate the distributors of ‘wrong’ information, ‘wrong’ scientific evidence and ‘wrong’ products. But we cannot solve the problems we face today by clinging on the false assumptions of science, on which the unsustainable practices of the passing world are built. We have to be honest and open with the new scientific evidence, let our consciousness expand on its own conditions and see the problems with new eyes.

Science today gives people totally different picture of life than it gave to previous generations of the old world. New evidence shows that

  • Life is a web of coincidences, where nothing is accidental, but everything serves a purpose.
  • In the world everything is connected and everything works in the same energy field, which has intelligent mind.
  • The 5000 year old civilization we know is only one cycle in cycles of life.
  • The scientific approach to life is only 350 years old. Before that there is a spiritual tradition of thousands of years and only recently has science been able to unfold its meaning.
  • Evolution in nature is based upon co-operation.

Our education teaches us how to adapt oneself to the values, regulations and norms of the society. We are skilful in categorising and dividing things and we draw borders even there, where they are unnecessary. Our biggest challenge is to adapt into the society and our success is measured by the quantity of mammon we manage to collect. In the worst case we totally get stuck on the ego consciousness level and we blame ourselves and each other of what happens and do each others lives very difficult.

But a new kind of consciousness is emerging among newer generations, which raises people above space and time. People want to share their thoughts and experiences, support and encourage each other and find new ways of co-operation.

This is exactly what we according to Gregg Braden should focus on: instead of forcing the new world into old structures that were developed on ego consciousness level and where the basic question is what does life have to offer to me, we should change the question. We should ask what do I have to offer to the world that is emerging. How can I help it form and develop.

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