One year ago the site had technical problems, which scattered my concentration immensely. The site was functioning like a thought until June-July 2013 when one system update got the whole site in disorder. The problems came to an end only after I had rebuilt the site
– or at least I thought so.

Since I got an invoice of 2500 Euros concerning the website hosting and maintenance in 2013 I have studied, where to find a reliable and match-priced hosting service for the blog that would make it possible for me to focus on content production.

It was my purpose to focus on the strengthening of the energy body this year, but I have hardly achieved anything concrete to approach this goal. I have only a lot of unwritten writings in my mind.

Starting a blog is as easy as buying things from a webshop. It needs however also a good technical execution to achieve a goal. It is good to make sure that one is building on a solid ground.

As I created this blog I knew hardly anything about the technique behind it. So I just gave everything that had to do with the technical execution to another person to take care of.

My mind had an endless flow of thoughts and I wanted to open a channel to release it. It was partly, because I had noticed a kind of self-censorship in myself. My self-censorship was so strong that in many issues I simply didn’t have the courage to speak my mind, because I was afraid of other people’s reactions.
David Icke speaks about this in the Thrive movie (timeline 1:18:08).

Creating an own channel to get my thoughts in circulation was also partly due to my frustration over discussion forums: when I was expressing my opinions they often got stuck in moderators net, were practically censored. Between the lines there was the official truth one should not deviate from. I wanted to challenge myself and the ‘official’ truth: to tear myself out of the comfort zone (hassle-free zone) in order to see further.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine there is fear of war – even fear of WW III – in the air. I would say that it is already here. This war is information war, and it has success in particular due to the strong self-censorship of people: people don’t have the courage to express their real opinion in things, because they are afraid of other people’s reactions.

So we all live in some kind of an illusory world, which is guided by our suppositions, how people relate to things. The leading elite in this world knows that if it wants to conquer a region it only has to make people in that area fight against each other so that they destroy each other. After people have destroyed the prerequisites for own living it is easy for the conqueror to take over everything and build a new life on own conditions.

In order to get forward people have to look further and see wider horizons. We all have to recognize our role as a warrior in this information war.

At the present time the mankind has more knowledge than ever before in the history. But sometimes it seems that people are missing common sense to evaluate the knowledge they have.

Knowledge doesn’t make us conscious. One doesn’t need to become familiar with world embracing ideologies or philosophies – not to mention religions – in order to see wider horizons and apply common sense.

Consciousness awakens with a simple question: [highlight type=”light”]Who am I? [/highlight]
Do I want to be a person who with own attitudes and feedback prevents the truth from becoming revealed? Can I keep quiet when I don’t have the necessary background information and when I cannot approach things constructively? When we act constructively we may find a solid ground where technique is functioning properly and we are able to focus on fulfilling ourselves. And the situation will be like is the continuation of this blog now.

My own research has been successful: I will build this site in WP Engine’s hosting service. I have the impression that the staging area of their service makes it foolproof: changes and updates are not made directly to the public site. Behind the public site works a demo-version of the site, where one can try changes and updates and install plugins with peaceful mind. The system creates restore points in various situations and if something goes wrong e.g. with some installation it is easy to restore the system as it was before the installation. When everything works as it should the changes can be transmitted to the public site with one mouse click. In this link you can see yourself what makes WP Engine different.

The site is on the old server until it is rebuilt. This is the first time I make a website from scratch, so I cannot say how much time I need for that.

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