Energy of abundance

In December, I had an MRI scan of my upper abdomen and the doctors found a blood clot in my abdomen around the surgical wound. They immediately prescribed a blood thinner. I am not in the habit of saving any money for a ‘bad day’. All my income goes to current expenses and purchases at any given moment. My principle is that no item of expenditure is so urgent that it cannot wait until next month, or the month after that … or the month after that … “He who has no money has no money worries” said an actor in an interview. I totally agree.

I wasn’t prepared at all for the sudden start of medication. The doctor stressed the urgency of the treatment. “This is a vital medicine for you. You could die if a blood clot moves to the lungs, brain or heart!” “I could have died 45 years ago. If I die because of this it means it’s my time to go,” I said.

The medicine is fully reimbursable, so it won’t cost me more than a few euros, but the fact is that I can’t get anything from the pharmacy until I’ve paid the ‘annual fee’ of €50. “If it’s just a money problem we can ask for financial support from the social services,” the doctor said. I was shocked at the thought that next thing I would be in the social worker’s office to make a calculation of my income and expenditure. From my experience, I know that the social office has framework for what a normal person’s expenditure is. When I don’t fit to the form a normal person and I have wasted my money on what the bureaucrats consider to be ‘not necessary’ things (like maintenance of a blog, for example) they have nothing to give me.
The doctor’s words created feelings of scarcity and lack in me, even though I lack nothing. I was presented with a need from the outside, based on emotions (fear), which was not my innate need and I should have been able to meet it once. To many this would be a clear game, but my situation is what it is and I live from my own starting point.

Just because a doctor thinks a medicine is vital does not mean it is vital for me. I believed it might help with blood thinning, which is what cod liver oil also does. I prefer to influence health problems through diet and exercise, in addition to asking for help from ‘upstairs’ (our galactic family).

I believe that my body is able to maintain the balance of my body on its own terms, even though many things are different from the norm. “Obviously it has not been able to maintain its equilibrium, when a blood clot has formed,” the doctor said. But we don’t know how much the body has already balanced itself, that the situation hasn’t got worse so that the body becomes symptomatic. And to be honest, we can’t even be sure that the doctors have interpreted correctly what they saw. Perhaps the blood clot is one of the body’s ways of maintaining balance.

“Diet won’t fix this,” the doctor said to me. But if we are so powerful that we make ourselves sick through our eating habits, we can probably improve our health through thoughtful dietary choices. Either way, making deliberate dietary changes and increasing exercise are the only tools we have to maintain health in my case. Now and in the future. This also applies to the treatment of gallstones that doctors have spotted on X-rays. I hope that doctors will cooperate with me to maintain my health.

The ‘Spiritual’ Energy of Money

This conversation with the doctor came to mind when I saw a video (Money Is Actually A Spiritual Energy) where Ella Ringrose talks about money being a manifestation of abundance and prosperity. Some even say that poor people are ‘poor in spirit’, that is, they carry within them an energy that creates scarcity. For me, money is a symbol of bureaucratic power structure, which rather prevents the free movement of energies. I felt it clearly when I was talking to the doctor, which created feelings of scarcity and lack.

Ella Ringrose argues that spiritual people are also allowed to charge a fair price for their services, because in the material world, the more abundant material resources we have, the more impact we can have. I wrote about this in June 2015 in the article The Battle Between Material and Spiritual Wealth.

However, I believe that the question is not just whether spiritual people are allowed to charge for their services and collect earthly mammon. People have free will, which also applies to people who emphasise spiritual values. But when we put a price tag on goods and services it prevents the free movement of energy and is only one way of conditioning. People should let go of the things that the material world has conditioned us to do. This means that we should give up the idea that money is a medium of exchange. Spiritual energy should not be instrumentalised, just as true love is not a commodity, but unconditional caring and compassion.

Abundance versus Health

Money is an energy of abundance that is innate in us. Do I have to ask for it from outside? I think that the same applies to energy of abundance as to health. Health is our innate energy. The cells of the body naturally maintain a healthy balance in the body. Our job is to provide the building blocks for the cells to do their job by having healthy dietary and lifestyle choices. If we don’t live healthy, no one outside of us can make us healthy. The outside world does not give us true abundance, only tools.

In October 2012, I wrote in an article From Love of Power to Power of Love that it is best to listen to our own inner voice, especially in the early stages of spiritual growth, because then we can be sure that we are living under the guidance of our own inner navigation and not listening to someone else’s ego.

It’s the same with money: money comes to me when my inner energy naturally draws it to me. I don’t want to limit the distribution of my energy only to those who can afford to pay. That doesn’t mean I belittle myself, but I want the energies to flow freely regardless of how I benefit from it. My reward will come at some point anyway, either in the form of teaching or in material form.

When we wait for money to naturally flow to us instead of asking for it, we can be sure that we are realizing our true self, that is, drawing our energy from the consciousness of the Universe. Authenticity is always rewarded in one way or another. We should wait patiently for the fruits of our labour and not deviate from our path, the authenticity that comes from the heart, even if we are mocked for our actions.

Authenticity attracts authenticity, even if the decision makers want to label our most authentic energy as false, disinformation, hate speech, etc. When everyone is realizing their authentic selves, the whole concept of disinformation has no basis. The only disinformation is that which is not genuine, i.e. the official political agendas of the outside world.

The Market Distorting Effect of Pricing

Pricing our products and services prevents the free flow of energy, which not only creates scarcity but also distorts the market. It is a mindset that wants to categorize everything and jealously guards its own intellectual and property rights. It is funny that some people, who create Youtube videos want people to share them, but don’t want them to be played on other websites. As a result of this classification, we see the problems of our bureaucratic ‘high culture’ (disposable culture).

The EU has worked to remove obstacles to the free movement of labour and goods. I look forward to the Union removing barriers to the free flow of spiritual energy and dismantling bureaucratic systems that hinder the free actions of citizens. I believe that societies are living organisms. When citizens have the freedom to express themselves on their own terms, they have the capacity to maintain the balance of society, just as our cells have the capacity to maintain the balance of the body when we give them the right building materials.

Nurturing Energy of Abundance by Maintaining High Vibrational Frequency

Last October, I wrote about my search for an assistant and how the reactions on the discussion forum to my job advertisement made me feel that many assistants feel exploited. I have been following the discussion board for several months and I can only wonder at people’s tendency to make themselves a victim.

Some people think that people in need and others see them as inferior and thus in a way despise them because they are ‘just’ assistants. There are people who emphasise their own status and superiority, but in the end, outside attitudes only affect our own attitudes if we let them. If we are honest with ourselves nothing can affect what comes from a genuine heart.

I got my first personal assistant in 1999. She was a Chinese woman who had moved to Finland the previous week to pursue her engineering studies at the University of Technology. Our working relationship was cut short when she became pregnant, and she didn’t want to walk to work with her belly in snow and ice.

Of course, in the long term, I have no intention of ‘engaging’ my assistants to serve me. Everyone has their own path to follow. Our paths diverged, but we had occasional contact. The last time we were in touch, she had just started working as a promoter for the Finnish elevator company (Kone) in the Chinese market. Now, after many years, she is working for the same company as business development manager.

But in practice, is her job any more important than that of a personal assistant? Her title is nicer – a matter of taste – and she gets better pay, but in practice she is a company assistant. The only important thing here is that anyone who wants to succeed has to do their best to become the best version of themselves.

Raising the Vibrational Frequency of Humanity

I wrote in the article Wonderful Future that I made a job advertisement using ChatGPT. I gave it a few adjectives describing myself and the AI wrote a job ad for me based on them. It sped things up considerably, but even more importantly, in a blink of an eye the ad helped my energy level go up an octave. At that moment, I wouldn’t have been able to think of the things that ChatGPT made sound so natural.

People are concerned that there are so many people in the world with mental health problems and diagnosed with autism or ADHD. But this is a good thing for the whole, because these people are impossible to manipulate into following the rules and regulations of the material world. The important thing is that humanity maintains a high vibrational frequency. That is the greatest challenge for all of us.