When the power of love overcomes

Previous quotation began to circle my mind last week as I followed how Youtube-police protecting the so called Intellectual Property Rights was deleting videos, so that people who are starving for knowledge and desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fall from wealthy people’s tables, cannot get to that enjoyment. People are jealously guarding their copyrights in order to get as much money as possible from their creations. In the Kymatica-movie it is said that money itself is not a bad thing. It is only a symbol, and we ourselves give it different meanings. For some reason in my mind it has in recent years become more and more clearly a symbol of love to power. The technical development has been shackled to money. So is our health. Joy is spread to those who have money to pay.

The creator of the Secret-movie says that the movie is a result of her wish to bring the knowledge of the Law of Attraction to people. Through centuries rulers have concealed the knowledge of this most powerful law of the Universe, in order to keep the power over people. I am asking me now, how does the situation today differ from the situation in the past, if the knowledge is hidden behind money. It has always been that way.

Joy is measured with a little spoon to those, who are able to pay, as if it was a luxury-product, although we could shovel it to everyone from an infinite ocean as much as people can take. The thought that seeds of knowledge shall be private property is as absurd as the thought that seeds of plants should be private property, which has also been suggested.

It is a shame, that for some people it is most important thing to make money with the knowledge, that should be accessible to everyone. Then the same people give money to charity to help people, whose problems result from lack of knowledge, how to help themselves. No amount of money can help those people more effectively than the knowledge, how they can help themselves, how they can make the Law of Attraction work for themselves, because it doesn’t require a penny.
The Universe will take care of everything else.

Fortunately we can learn to master our minds without the least financial investment. It is even better, if we could do everything in the learning phase as independently as possible, because in that case we can be sure, that we are listening to our own inner guidance and not to somebody else’s ego.

The fact is that every one of us is a part of an infinite, free energy source. We all decide ourselves, how we use our freedom. We ourselves are masters of our mind. Psychology has made a complete mess of the different levels of human mind, and we think that we need special guidance to master everything that is going on in our mind. But practically our mind has only two levels, we have to learn to separate from each other: ego and subconscious mind.

In my view the real subconscious mind is the voice within us, our conscience, our inner navigation, our connection to the source of the Universe. In order to master our mind, we must learn to distinguish these two elementary levels – the ego and the voice within – from each other. It is similar than when in order to relax our muscles, we have to learn to distinguish when the muscles are relaxed and when there is tension.

As I woke up from coma in the beginning of my illness, my mind was completely quiet. I saw a water basin on the other side of the room … there was a lamp over the basin … on my right side was a window … blue sky … the sun was shining. I saw a respirator puffing beside me … the curtain beside it, had a border with a name of a hospital on it.

I noticed these things with no emotional charge at all. It was pure zero-point energy. In that state I was closest to myself, without any accent of ego. After I had made those observations came thoughts. My mind began to compare and relate things with each other: there was a feeling of helplessness, accusations, this is not just, this is not right. That was talk of my ego. But for most of the time I had a good feeling. In those moments I thought that whatever happens to me in the future, when I have to make honest, fair decisions I can always in my mind come to that zero-point state, where I was closest to myself.

Jiddu Krishnamurti says in one of his presentations that the act of listening is complete attention to the thing one is hearing. If you are listening and in the same time thinking: ‘I agree with you’ or ‘I have heard this before’ or ‘this is impossible’ you are actually not listening. You subordinate your understanding to the perceptions and beliefs of your ego.

This is what mindmastering is all about. Only when we completely still the talk of ego and fully focus on listening the voice within us, we get connected with the source of the Universe. In that state we open all channels for our subconscious mind. This zero-point energy as starting point we can create a thriving world using the divine power without influence of separate egos.


Jiddu Krishnamurti: Listen
Spiritual Reality 靈性的實相(中文字幕)