Great Divine Power

It all starts with the divine spark in the heart of every human being in this dualistic 3D world. The 3D matrix we live in is also part of God, the divine matrix. Nothing exists without God. In this 3D matrix we are conditioned to think a certain way because we have free will. Most people let their ego-mind run their lives, which makes life difficult. The ego traps us in an illusory bubble of five senses if we let it happen.

It’s 3D consciousness. It becomes a handicap that complicates our spiritual evolution unless we can rise above time and place and jump over the shackles of our shadow, the ego. But the difficult circumstances that people create for themselves act as a catapult to our spiritual growth. The messages from our galactic family living in 5D consciousness suggest that people living in the 3D matrix experience God more deeply on an emotional level because of duality, just as stars shine brightest in darkness. I’m sure everyone has experienced a deeper sense of joy after setbacks when everything works.