Abundance vs Scarcity

On the 9th of June I took part in the Masterclass-webinar – Winning the Inner Game of Money – organized by Mindvalley Academy, featured by John Assaraf. I came to know him through The Secret-Movie, where he tells how the Law of Attraction has manifested in his life. I tell about his experience in my article “What happened to me?”

I had high expectations for the webinar, because the foreknowledge we got, gave the idea that John had new knowledge of brain research, according to which we can practically reprogram our brain and create a mindset that attracts abundance.

John explains how our subconscious mind, our beliefs, thoughts and habits can sabotage our success. In his model the subconscious mind is the negative part in humans that has all destructive elements stratified in it. I see the subconscious mind as the divine side in humans that has a direct connection to the universal consciousness.

This is a big contradiction, isn’t it? As I thought about it deeper, I understood that there is no contradiction at all. God respects people’s free will. It means that people can, on an ego consciousness level, build the structures that they believe to support their lives. Ego has also a subconscious mind.

I see the divine part of the subconscious mind as an old water well hidden deep in a forest under moss, leaves and brushwood. No-one can see that under the surface layers (consciousness levels of the ego) is a well, the inexhaustible fountain of life.

During the webinar John guided a meditation, in which he tried to bypass the subconscious mind of the ego and talked directly to the divine part of the subconscious, the inexhaustible fountain of life.

Nevertheless, John’s webinar focused, for the most part, on brain functions and the operating models of ego, which means that he talked to my ego on an intellectual level. He talked to the ego, who is only a shadow of that what we really are and who keeps us captured within the limitations of our physical body and circumstances.

I had a feeling that something was missing. Maybe I expected John to speak to my heart, which has its own mind: Heart doesn’t just reply to the signals that the brain sends to it, but it follows its own logic, which is based upon the laws of nature, not upon the thoughts of the ego. Maybe I expected an answer to the question, why especially I, who is enjoying spiritual abundance and whose driving force is not material abundance should want to chase material wealth and become a millionaire. The answer is important, because the point is, why everyone should want to become a millionaire.

The wealth of the world has accumulated to a small group of people, who does all it can to shift profits (to tax havens) on private bank accounts. Of course there is also wealthy people, who meet their social responsibilities and who have earned their fortune by sharing their own wealth and by serving people. However, I have the impression that there is a strong opinion among the super-rich, which a banker put in written form by stating that 80% of people are idiots, who cannot manage their finances. So they think it is almost their duty to collect the money to their secure treasuries, even by exploiting people’s trustful minds.

The weakest layers of the population are made to pay for the economic depression. It happened 20 years ago and so it happens today in the new government programme. The politicians are listening to those, who have the most resonant voice. The means that a single citizen has to influence public decision making are non-existent.

It is said that people should vote in elections, because it is the only means through which people can prevent such authorities from coming into power that one opposes. The same logic can be applied to the issue of material wealth: Those people who chase material wealth not for the sake of material goods, but in order to share it, and help other people find their mental and spiritual resources should especially intend to have material abundance.

Material wealth does not itself enhance spiritual wealth, but economic security creates well-being that makes spiritual growth and wealth possible. When material wealth accumulates to people, who want to share it, we can practically diminish the influence of the financial elite that is enslaving mankind.


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