The so called constitutional states make more and more regulations and formats in which people should conform to. Everything begins to repeat itself, pro forma. I was in this kind of situation last year as I asked myself a simple question: Who am I?

One year ago as I was planning this blog my biggest issue was, where could I get an English translator for my texts. I am a professional translator myself and the webmaster of this site urged me to do it myself. English is not my working language and merely the thought that I would publish texts with false expressions and grammar mistakes felt terrible.

I have never studied English translation. Ten years ago it made me feel sick when I heard someone speak English: As I heard Georg Bush speak on the radio I shut it down. But I was open to Youtube -videos and I begun to learn English with the Zeitgeist movie in 2007.

As I watched the film for the first time I didn’t understand much. But I had a feeling that it was important. All ears, I was watching the film tens of times and I understood more and more about it. A year ago I could watch any English video without big problems to understand.

Publishing own texts with all their mistakes felt impossible though. However, the contents I wanted to publish was so important that impossible became real. I didn’t need anyone’s permission to translate my own writings.

After I have written my text in four languages and considered it from all angles one could think that I know the text inside out. Despite the thorough preparation, it happens that after one or two weeks I have only a vague memory what I wrote. When I go to the site to read the text I have published it feels, as if I would read it for the first time.

In German language there is an expression ‘über seinen Schatten springen’ (to jump over one’s shadow) to describe a situation, when someone excels oneself. In other words: sees a new way to handle, which differs from the prejudices, notions and beliefs of the ego. This metaphor describes precisely what has happened to me:
I have jumped over my shadow, subdued my ego. Ego, which would like to keep control over everything, is really only a shadow of that what we really are.

The thought that the decline of cultures begins at the moment, when form becomes more important than content, contains also ideals, notions and ego beliefs. Someone sees as a decline something that for someone else is a new beginning.

In the 1990’s there was an interesting phenomenon in Finland during the deepest economic depression: as the economy collapsed the suicide rate reached highest levels. In the same time many other people came closer to their real self. For them the collapse was a step to spiritual growth: they were able to activate their inner potential.

Maybe the current worldwide economic crisis, mass unemployment and side-effects of it, are not signs of decline of our societies, but means of the Universe to find balance. I believe that the mankind has a wonderful future ahead. We simply have to make it real.

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