In my previous text Rehabilitation I ask, why did I, who never even caught a cold suddenly found myself in a hospital connected to a ventilator. While I have been turning this question in my mind now, there is a worldwide discussion going on about the safety of birth control pills.

According to the news in a short period of time 20 women have died in Australia of the side-effects of the birth control pills. And these are only registered cases. We can only guess how many fall ill, become disabled or die without leaving any records.

This has to do with me, because birth control pills have been supposed to be behind my disability as well. I have written about everything from spiritual point of view, because I want to see things from this perspective. Nonetheless, I cannot ignore the fact that I live in this world and I am vulnerable to the same effects as anyone else is.

Some doctors say that the effect of birth control pills in my case is impossible, because I had been taking the pills only for two, three months before I became sick. Others say that the time how long one has been exposed to a drug is insignificant, because our bodies react on foreign substances differently: someone can drink a bottle of wine as if it were water, while only a glass makes someone else feel dizzy. It is known that cigarettes cause lung cancer, but someone smokes all life long without a problem, while someone else dies a painful death. Someone takes birth control pills without any side-effects, someone else gets a pulmonary embolism, which leads to death.
What should we think about this?

Jesus says: “These signs will accompany [highlight]those who believe[/highlight]: in my name they [highlight]will pick up serpents with their hands[/highlight] ; and [highlight]if they drink[/highlight] any [highlight]deadly poison, it will not hurt them…”[/highlight] Mark 16:17-18
“Behold, I have given you authority to [highlight]tread on serpents and scorpions[/highlight], and over all the power of the enemy, and [highlight]nothing shall hurt you.”[/highlight]
Luke 10:19

Gregg Braden talks about this thing in his presentation The Language of the Divine Matrix. He explains very profoundly from the point of view of quantum theory how people create their own reality.

The father of quantum theory, Max Planck (1858-1947) suggested in his presentation Das Wesen der Materie (The Nature of Matter) something, which describes the universal consciousness. The thought sounds like this:
[framed_box bgColor=”rgba(246,241,204,1)” rounded=”true” align=”center”]There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious Mind. This Mind is the Matrix of all matter.[/framed_box]

Gregg Braden says that our beliefs set up a code that translates the electromagnetic invisible energy of Max Planck’s Matrix into visible matter. The most relevant thought of Bradens presentation is that from “the soup of quantum possibilities” our thoughts and beliefs lock our own choice into place and it becomes a reality. Through the feeling in our heart it comes real (video time line 38:52-40:42).

In the year 2011 I saw a Danish documentary about the power of mind. The film showed a case of a young man, who took part in an experimentation of a drug. During the experimentation he got in a fight with his girlfriend and furious, on a whim took all the pills he had. When he came to his senses he went to a health care centre to seek treatment. He passed out and when he regained consciousness he was feeling very bad.

The doctors tried for four hours to stabilize his body functions. During that time he got i.a. six liters of saline water. The doctors saw his state as serious, and as they didn’t succeed to stabilize his condition they contacted the doctor, who was responsible for testing the drug in order to get to know what it was.

Everyone was astonished to hear that the man belonged to the placebo-group of the test, and he had in fact swallowed calcium tablets.
When the man heard that the pills he had taken were harmless his body functions stabilized in 15 minutes.

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