There is an old saying that our future lies in our young people. While writing my previous articles, I’ve been wondering what our future might be as the news seems to suggest that our youth are completely upset. Children are taught at school that they should even question their gender and that everyone can choose what gender they are. California is debating a gender-neutral shopping bill that would allow retailers and online stores to be fined if they put toys and clothes for boys and girls in separate sections.

According to an American survey, one in six people (to my own understanding 16%) under the age of 23 claim to be something other than heterosexual. The poll was conducted among 15,000 Americans over the age of 18 and found that of those who identified as LGBTQ, 54.6% said they were bisexual, 24.5% said they were gay and 11.7% said they were lesbian. 11.3% said they were transgender, while 3.3% said they preferred to use another term, such as ‘queer’ to describe their sexual identity. However, the news continues: of the 15 000 people surveyed, 86.7% said they were heterosexual and 7.6% did not answer questions on sexual orientation.

The question arises, is this news an attempt to distort people’s perceptions of reality? Is it a deliberate attempt to highlight the position of marginal minorities? Is it a manifestation of the dictatorship of minorities or what? Even the alternative media is engaged in this kind of reporting. The factual truth is that the vast majority, over 90%, are heterosexual and reproductive women and men. A small minority, 5.7% (not 16%) of respondents, said they belonged to an LGBTQ group.

Those in power are trying to shape people’s perception of reality and impose their liberal values (which do not tolerate wrong opinions) on people. In practice, it means excluding people who cherish traditional values (morals) and national traditions and roots. I can’t participate in public debates in the daily newspapers either, which is one of the reasons why I started this blog.

In this way, those in power try to strengthen their own position, but the effect is the opposite: those who want to divide and rule make themselves redundant. It was clearly seen when the social media giants started censoring/shutting down nationalists, even Trump’s accounts. In a short time, new publishing platforms were launched to give nationalists a voice. Traditional monopolies made themselves redundant.

The European Union is trying to define what is European and in line with Community standards. This has led to the fact that only 30% of Russians now consider themselves European, i.e. supportive of EU and globalist values. In other words, the proportion of Russians who do not consider themselves European is constantly growing: 52% in 2008, 63% in 2019 and 70% in 2021. I believe the trend is the same in Poland and Hungary, which are holding on to their spiritual values and national identity.

This tells the same story as developments in Russia. The Bolsheviks killed the Russian Tsar at the beginning of the last century. After the Communists took power in Russia, the Soviet Union, a Marxist state ruled by the Communist Party (1922-1991), was born. Churches were destroyed and Russians were raised for 70 years in atheism. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, only 6% of the population considered themselves secular atheists.

Generational Development

It seems that we are being led to believe that the human internal compass/navigator has broken down. However, neutral research shows that in the wake of the destructive side-effects of liberal, pluralist democracy, the post-World War II generations have become increasingly conservative (more stoic, my own remark). Matthew Goodwin and Roger Eatwell have written a book National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (2018) on this study.

Only 17% of baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 said they were conservative by the age of 18. 22% of 18-year-olds in Generation X (1965-1980) considered themselves conservative. The next generation, millennials (1981-1996), 23% of 18-year-olds were conservatives. Today’s young Generation Z (born 1997-2012) is the first generation to have lived in both the virtual and real worlds since childhood. 30% of this generation of young people considered themselves conservative at 18. The youngest Alfa generation born after 2012 is likely to follow in the footsteps of its parents. Many young people today are more conservative than their parents.

The World’s Prevailing Bias

Conservatives are considered outdated because they cherish traditional values (home, religion and homeland) and are usually deeply religious. They are on the right of the political map and are accused of fascism, intolerance and authoritarianism that oppresses others. Hitler’s Germany was an ultra-conservative country, built on and strongly defending traditional values. That’s why it was defeated. Hitler (and Mussolini) were made the embodiment of fascism and all evil. Since the Second World War, conservatives (i.e. nationalists and traditional moral concepts) have been under attack all over the world.

National Socialist Germany (Nazism) is now synonymous with fascism. Even the alternative media, which defend traditional values, spread images that are based on false perceptions and fostered by the official truth. But we cannot move forward as human beings if we do not come to terms with our past. In our so-called open society, the Second World War, for example, is still a taboo subject on which you are not allowed to express false opinions.

For conservative values, home and home country seem as natural as all people having their own mother tongue. They are our roots, but they are not crucial to our life and survival. On the contrary: To survive, some people are better off leaving their home country and learning a foreign language.

When we think of religiosity, it creates an image of religious dogma. For me, this has been like a red muleta. I have never wanted to believe anything simply because some authority tells me to. I have chosen to form my opinion on the basis of facts, trusting my own perception and sense of form and common sense. I have not considered myself a religious person, but a spiritual person.

However, an examination of the etymology of the terms religion and religious reveals that the image associated with doctrines of religions only emerged in the era of expedition, when cultural studies required more precise terminology. Originally, the word religion meant a life bound by monastic promises. The monastic vows were born out of the conviction that life is guided by a divine power.

More generally, in Latin, the word religionem (nominative religio) referred to broad social obligations towards anything. It has had meanings such as respect for the sacred, respect for the gods, conscientiousness, sense of justice, moral obligation, etc. In other words, everything that forms our moral backbone and what we now consider spiritual. From the beginning, religion and religiosity have been precisely about spirituality.

Author G.K.Chesterton said: “When a man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.” The Russian writer Aleksander Solzhenitsyn clearly expressed the mindset of the secular atheist in the phrase: “The Russian (Soviet) intelligentsia talks one thing, thinks another, does a third.” The same mentality prevails today in secularised Western democracies, which have no common point of reference.

Essence of Humanity

In my previous article, I wrote that our social life today is in many respects like the house-building of fools. In this analogy, a house is another person. When the builders had finished the house, they noticed that there were no windows. To correct the situation, they started to carry daylight from outside the house into the dark house with sacks. That’s what empathetic people do. We try to enlighten each other by focusing on the outside world, hoping that the light of reason will come on. Everyone is expected to reinvent the cycle.

A person who does not conform to the norms of society will, at worst, use all his creative powers to make excuses for why he cannot use common sense. He fights against society and even uses criminal means to succeed. There are endless reasons for our own failure, from structural discrimination to the white supremacy of mathematics. However, people are ultimately not held back by external circumstances, but the belief that it happens. Victim mentality becomes a self-fulfilling vicious circle of failure. Man creates his own reality, for better or worse.

The New World Order

The young generation’s have observed the dilemma of lack of a common point of reference. Generation Z is not just the first generation to have lived in both the virtual and real worlds since childhood. Younger generations are also making yoga, meditation and mindfulness mainstream. It is easy for them to understand the quantum physics view of an intelligent, divine energy field and their part in it. Older generations, who still cherish the patriarchal concept of God, regard the notion of a divine energy field as impersonal. But nothing is more personal than direct contact with God in the intellectual energy field.

It is easy for young people to “Think constantly of the world as one living being with one essence and one soul (Logos, logic, common sense, intuition, Holy Spirit, own remark); how everything is absorbed in the one consciousness of this being; how all its activities are directed by one aspiration; how everything together is the cause of everything that happens; how everything is spun and woven together.” (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations).

Wikipedia says that the Stoics taught that “misfortune and evil are the result of ignorance. If someone behaves badly, it is because he is ignorant of the universal order within himself, and if he is unhappy, it is because he has forgotten how naturally everything works in reality.”

Eckhart Tolle describes the human being as a room, the essence of which is not the objects and external essence of the room, but the space formed by the walls. This space is what for the Stoics is the ether of reason, the primordial fire or Logos (God). Man can only open the windows of his house (turn on the light of reason) by himself, for the essence of nature is free will.

No matter how passionately those in power set their own agendas for the future and promote their own position, young people themselves are consciously creating their own reality. They may simply decide that we are not wasting our lives paying for the debt (money games) of previous generations. They can create their own currency, the value of which grows exponentially with people’s spiritual development and well-being.

Just as wireless communication and mobile phones have made many devices and widgets obsolete, young people can tap into infinite, clean, wireless energy. With artificial intelligence, they can build a decentralised, self-regulating virtual world of the internet, which cannot be manipulated by corrupt governments, where there are no language barriers and where everyone can feel like citizens of the world. Artificial Intelligence can act as a good shepherd that helps everyone to tap into God’s frequency. The technology is already there, just the implementation is missing.

People group and classify each other into different categories according to their respective reference groups, interests, actions, plans, etc. “There are many of us on many trains,” they say. In reality, however, there are only two kinds of people: those who live consciously under the guidance of their inner navigator, God, deliberately creating their reality, and those who are caught up in the currents and react to events in the outside world. We have power over our minds, not over external events. When we understand this, we find the power.

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