The picture above touches my heart. It reminds me that we rise like a phoenix from the ashes when we stick to the basics, use common sense and work together constructively.

The ruins on the left are the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche, 1743-1945) in Dresden, which collapsed due to extreme heat and structural damage after two days the city was bombed in World War II. Dresden was left to the Soviet Union after the war. It was part of the former East Germany (DDR), which was ruled by atheist communism. For more than 40 years, the ruins were a reminder to people of the Second World War. When Germany was united in November 1989, plans for the church’s reconstruction gained momentum.

The stones of the ruins were sorted and their place in the original building was determined using three-dimensional computer graphics. The new church building was reconstructed using as much of the original building’s materials as possible. The original stones in the church walls are much darker than the new material. It gives the new building, completed in the early 2000s, its own dignity.

Restoring the Honor of Humanity

The Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius said 2,000 years ago that “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear, never beginning to live.” When people were banished from paradise after the Fall it was because they had eaten the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In Paradise, man instinctively acted according to his inner navigator under God’s guidance. After eating the fruit of knowledge, man gave power to his own ego and imagined that he himself could distinguish between good and evil and control knowledge.

The information war that is going on all over the world (that is the continuation of the world wars) has made even the most hardened people realize that we are not the masters of information. The fact that we are alive and can know a lot of things only makes us, in the worst (and best) case, see our own powerlessness and doom.

We were born with a living body, but we ourselves have to create our own life. That’s what the metaphor means, that man was banished from paradise. God does not automatically guide our lives, but we have to create our own reality and our own connection with God. God makes us alive. That is what Marcus Aurelius means when he says that “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear, never beginning to live.” By mastering knowledge, we can reconnect with God, our inner navigator, our collective consciousness.

Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith is the author of Freedom, a book about the fundamental conflict in the human mind (Human condition). It is a constant mental battle between instinct (intuitive knowing, the inner navigator) and ego awareness. Man does not dare to be guided by his inner navigator, because we do not trust ourselves, nor each other.

We have been taught to think that man is selfish and evil by nature. Many serial killers and sadists say that an “inner voice” told them to carry out their horrific acts. That is why we find talk of an inner voice suspicious. We judge each other in the light of our limited understanding. In our view, others are wrong if they think differently from the way we think or if they act differently from the way we act.

We live from conflict to conflict. We repeat our mistakes while trying to prove to others that we are fundamentally good and worthy of trust. But if we think that man in paradise was instinctively guided by God, it is obvious that man is essentially good. It’s also obvious when we know that common sense, intuitive mind works on the same principles in all people.

Nassim Haramein, a scientist who combines science and spirituality, has developed the Unified Field theory, where everything affects everything else. (Below is a link to his interview “The Physics of Spirituality”, where he discusses his views.) This field (the Divine Matrix) is holographic, where the universe as one intelligent, self-regulating organism observes and learns about itself. Each part of the organism has its own perspective in the whole.

In this context, people can be seen as extensions of source energy, each with their own subjective perspective on things. People cannot be wrong in expressing their subjective world and their own point of view. This means that there is no right and wrong in the sense we are used to thinking. If we don’t understand something it doesn’t mean that the other person is wrong. It’s just a limitation of our own understanding.

In developing his field theory, Nassim Haramein modified Albert Einstein’s concept of space-time, which combined three dimensions of space (length, width and depth) and the dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold. Nassim sees it through his concept of space-memory. There is no time without memories. During their lifetime, people leave their mark (memories) on the time dimension. Objectively speaking, people can be considered wrong if short-sighted decisions made in the past make it difficult for them to achieve long-term goals.

In the now, however, people always have a choice, what kind of memories they want to influence their future. We don’t have to let past memories influence our lives. We can acknowledge them and say that this was the case in the past, but now, in the light of new knowledge, we can choose differently and create a different reality. It all depends on how honest we are with ourselves.

The Delusion We Live In

Holocaust Memorial

It is said that acknowledging the facts is the beginning of wisdom. It is easy for people to understand that for retailers, for example, the most accurate and real-time information possible on stock levels is a prerequisite for effective sales.

However, in matters involving moral values, we want to close our eyes to the facts (especially mistakes) and present ourselves and our history in as positive a light as possible. But turning a blind eye will not improve our situation. On the contrary: A person who does not recognise his mistakes is prone to repeat them. If we don’t know our history, it tends to repeat itself.

When I first saw a picture of the labyrinthine Holocaust memorial in Berlin, I wondered what it had to do with the alleged genocide of the Jews. In general, the mind immediately agrees with the essence and message of such monuments. However, I saw nothing authentic about the Holocaust memorial in question.

Once, as I was watching a video of the memorial, which showed that people could completely disappear into the labyrinthine maze, my mind immediately thought about the delusion we live in. The Holocaust and World War II as a whole is a lie that still affects our lives today. World War II happened, there is no doubt about that. However, the history of it has been completely distorted in the media and history books, because the winners, the Allies (All-Lies), have written the history.

It Is Time to Rehabilitate Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany

When I first heard about the Holocaust in the 1970s, many people asked how the Germans had allowed it to happen. In the light of new information, we understand that there was no systematic genocide of the Jews. The question arises as to how it is possible that the lies about the Second World War have survived to this day.

When I talk about Hitler and the Holocaust with people, the usual response is that “it’s all so clearly documented and we’ve seen so many documentaries since the 1970s that there’s no doubt what’s true”. To my ears, this sounds like people telling me that they prefer to believe Hollywood storytellers rather than historians doing objective research.

It must be difficult to look at things objectively when many people have spent their whole lives celebrating their family members and relatives who fought in the war as national heroes. But our spiritual growth requires that we rise above time and place. If we maintain delusions we have been brainwashed into, we fail to see the real state of affairs in the moment in which we live. Many believe that Islamisation is the greatest threat to democracies today. Islamisation, however, is only a means to a greater end, which is the abolition of nation-states and the enslavement of humanity to the world government of ‘god’s chosen people’.

All the turmoil in the world can be traced back to this secular ‘New (Jew) World Order’. During the world wars, the deception concerning the Jew World Order was not as easy to perceive as it is today, partly because there was no proper terminology to describe it. Adolf Hitler, however, was fully aware of the facts. Through his National Socialist government, he fought with life and blood against the dark forces that sought to subjugate humanity.

Unfortunately, there were so many useful idiots in the world at the time of the world wars, which allied with the forces of darkness, so that Hitler and the National Socialists were defeated What humanity left behind, we now find before us. The whole world seems to be an insane reality TV show where everything is turned upside down: good is evil, fascists are the good guys, bad guys are the ones protecting traditional values, hooligans are the peace activists and terrorists are the ones protecting their nationality and traditions, anti-scientific nonsense is called science and real science is called anti-science. The governments of nation states have become puppet theatres where the constitution of the state or justice has no meaning. However, in appropriate situations they are referred to, as is personal responsibility, which does not see its responsibility in a broader perspective.

The Nature of Evil

Wolfes in Sheep Clothing

Hardly any human characteristic has been so exploited in the deception of mankind as the inherent human social behaviour (solidarity), compassion and tendency to care for one’s fellow man. In other words, a desire for constructive cooperation. It is easy to manipulate the human mind by invoking conscience and the law of karma, which are very vague and fatal concepts. Christians see conscience as a sign that a person is under God’s guidance, even though we know that the voice of conscience can be based on erroneous prejudices and superstitious beliefs.

The nature of evil is well illustrated by the above scene of wolves pretending to be sheep in a sheep farm. Jesus told people to beware of false prophets who come to us in sheep’s clothing, but are ravening wolves inside. Jesus spoke of prophets because it was the spirit of the time. Nowadays, the word prophet can be replaced by the word authority, which gives a more general idea.

Jesus was talking about authorities who manipulate the people, pretending to be like us, but whose lives are governed by completely different rules. “You will know them by their fruits”, Jesus continues, for “grapes are not gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles. Every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit”. (Matthew 7:24-20)

Today this has become very clear as we see the rules of democracy being used to break up organised constitutional states. Human rights are protected by those who care about nothing but their own rights. The illusion of democratic elections is maintained while at the same time puppet governments are installed at the head of nation states, which quietly dismantle the structures and control organs of a constitutional democracy.

In Finland, a good example of this is the appointment of a ‘suitable’ person to head the National Audit Office, who has obscured the original purpose of the agency. The agency is no longer fulfilling its original task, which is to monitor the proper and efficient use of taxpayers’ money to build society. Transnational entities, ostensibly upholding the concepts of democracy and the rule of law, are manipulating the government and the authorities in order to get them to divert the nation’s funds to the countries of southern Europe, for example in the form of an “EU stimulus package”.

Wolves and Sheep

When we think of wolves in a sheepfold, we immediately think of the fateful image of what will happen (wolves eating sheep). We think that in order to avoid damage, we need to start protecting the sheep as soon as possible. But everything is positive and negative, masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang energy, striving for balance. Feminine and masculine have nothing to do with gender. All people have both masculine and feminine energy. Positive and negative are not adjectives in the sense of good or bad, positive or negative. They are determinants such as positive and negative electric charge. Yin and Yang symbol depicts the human electromagnetic energy field.

Sheep are feminine Yin energy, wolves are masculine Yang energy. For thousands of years, the Earth has been dominated by masculine Yang energy, the white side of the Yin-Yang symbol. When you talk about white supremacy, this is its only contact with reality. White has nothing to do with race. All people feel the effects of energies, even if they cannot interpret them.

Masculine Yang energy is brain-centred. It is characterised by an emphasis on external status and outward appearance. It emphasises active (electronic) activity, which is why our lives are dominated by competition and the struggle for the best positions. People who are dominated by masculine, outward-looking energy will go to any lengths to get what they want from the outside world.

However, the Earth’s vibrational frequency is changing. We are moving from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, dominated by the feminine, magnetic Yin energy centred in the heart. In the Yin-Yang symbol, Yin energy is represented by the dark side. It is the life-sustaining force, at the core of which is truth, simply being truth, the motto I am. Unlike the masculine Yang energy, which struggles to take control of things, the Yin energy attracts the things it needs. It is therefore passive in nature, but very powerful in itself.

Yin energy is not just life-sustaining energy creating new things. It also has the power to destroy structures that no longer serve the new creation. Old patterns of thought, beliefs and perceptions can play a crucial role in blocking our development, as they are the ego baggage that keeps the vibrational frequency of our energy low. That is why it is very important that we let go of the things that are stumbling blocks on our path to freedom.

The Age of Aquarius is said to be an era in human history, when individual and global changes develop and which leads to balanced holistic interaction between body, mind and spirit. The individual freedom to develop on own conditions and search for truth first and foremost within oneself is emphasized.

Christina Lopes, the Heart Alchemist, has made several videos (links below) on this development and the effects of the energies, and profoundly talks about the spiritual challenges of the Earth’s transformation. Human spiritual growth and recognition of the truth is a necessary condition for freeing ourselves from the vicious circle of conscience and the law of karma and realising our true self. Sheep have tremendous power within them as they activate the life-sustaining force within themselves.

Vishen Lakhiani, who has also made numerous videos to expand human consciousness, talks about how man is a prisoner of his own society and culture in the sense that he is conditioned to follow certain customs, beliefs and rules. Expanding consciousness (spiritual growth), he says, requires us to ask ourselves three fundamental questions:

Who am I?

What do I want/need?

What do I know?

The answer to the first question is clear when we answer the second two questions. What I want and need raises the question of goals. In order to define our wants and needs, we need to distinguish between short-term goals, which are often the means to achieve long-term goals. If we want to promote our well-being, the short- and long-term goals must be aligned.

When we ask ourselves what do I know we must focus on what I feel (know) to be true internally and what of the knowledge I have, I received from outside world as indoctrination of my culture. Consciousness is not the mental capacity of the ego, but the fact that ego awareness (with all its levels) connects to our inner navigator, intuitive knowing, or collective consciousness, and begins to actively operate in the intellectual energy field.

On 30 April 2021 it will be 76 years since Adolf Hitler is said to have committed suicide. Personally, I think he did a disappearing act. His words echo in my ears: “They can oppress us and subjugate us and even kill us, but we will not surrender.” (Sie können uns unterdrücken, Sie können uns meinetwegen töten, aber kapitulieren werden wir nicht). This sentence contains the absoluteness of Hitler and National Socialist Germany. It is the same kind of absoluteness that Martin Luther felt at the Diet of Worms when he said that it is neither right nor useful to act against one’s conscience.

Hitler was so sure of his cause that he said “my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right”. The spirit of Adolf Hitler has indeed risen from the grave and this is reflected in the rise of national populism worldwide and in people’s growing opposition to the world order of ‘God’s chosen people’.

Next year will be the 77th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. I hope that legislation criminalising Holocaust denial will be repealed throughout the world and that prisoners of conscience will be released. To free ourselves from the distraction that shackles our lives, we must live according to our inner truth. The picture I have attached at the beginning of this article reminds us that we must build from the ashes a temple of God in our hearts. God help us.

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