Power of the People

I am very glad that Donald Trump was elected the 45. president of the United States. At the same time I greatly wonder demonstrations and riots that have followed Trumps victory. People who say that they are promoting freedom, democracy and social justice have raised up a thought to assassinate Trump. Some wretch hopes to rape his wife, the future first lady Melania Trump. This thing itself indicates that the society needs thorough re-evaluation.

On the other hand I have heard about rioters, who are in peaceful demonstrations infiltrated ‘activists’ and leftist anarchists sponsored by Jewish George Soros’s Open Society and MoveOn organizations, and who do not have any other ideology than to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible. The same trend is going on also in Europe and in my country. It is simply terrorism.

What should we think about ISIS rejoicing in Trump’s victory? Are they also ‘activists’ and warriors, who have sold themselves to Jews, but have gotten enough of killing?

Trump Administration

I think, the greatest advantage of Donald trump is that he is not a politician. He can approach things with common sense and listen to the voice of reason without pushing too much the interests of the old boy club and lobbyists of financial elite. Probably a new, refreshing wind will blow through his administration.

Trump’s first reform comes with his promise to clean the administration from lobbyists. However the beginning does not seem very promising, because he keeps the worst lobbyists, the Jews, in his closest circle, and appoints them to important positions in his administration. This jeopardizes his aim to get rid of the old boy network, the old political establishment. On the other hand Trump’s motto is: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.” It remains to be seen what it means in this case. I hope for the best that he knows what he is doing.

I heard that Trump will ban the Muslim Brotherhood by listing it as a terrorist organisation. I think that the Muslim Brotherhood, as other Islamic fundamentalist movements also, are branches of Judaism, and their purpose is to do the dirty work in the war against us Goyims.

I am especially fascinated by Donald Trumps “accomplishment or resignation” mentality. Even his own children are not in a privileged position, when things should be advanced and developed. He himself said that he will not stand aside and watch, when someone incompetent ruins his business, which he has been building for decades.

Our prime minister suggested similar “accomplishment or resignation”-principle during his election campaign, but unfortunately his goals have been lost during manipulation (negotiating) marathons of shadow cabinets. Many people have said that a state cannot be run like a company. Why not?

Same principles underlie social policy and national economics as in smaller units. Our leaders should be extremely concerned when they see that someone incompetent acts unfavourably in regard to national economy or acts against principles of a constitutional state, for which creation a nation has worked for centuries.

For this reason political appointments to public offices, which stagnates all western countries should be first thing to be removed. It is funny that we laugh for Chinese custom that advancement becomes easier with party membership, but we have a similar custom in use.

Appointments to state administration should be based solely on skills and efficiency. In my opinion all state officials should be personally responsible for decisions that they make. In similar way as soldiers and personnel of army are liable for their actions in military court.

Victim Mentality of the United States

Since his youth Donald Trump has been speaking about exploitation of his country. That United States looses billions of dollars yearly, while others make big profits. In one of his election speeches he asked, whether anyone has seen a Chevrolet in Tokyo lately. Question is, why someone in Tokyo should drive Chevrolet, when Japanese people can make better cars by themselves?

I have thought that the United States has one huge advantage compared to other countries, that English is a global language and people, who speak English as their mother tongue do not necessarily need to learn other languages for doing business around the world. Other very beneficial thing for the United States is that dollar is a reserve currency, which gives it an exorbitantly advantage compared to other currencies.

Trump thinks that it is also exploitation of the United States when other countries do not pay a proper price for their ‘protection’, but all costs of the defense forces fall to the United States. I have always wondered, where and when did the United States get the mandate to work as world police. Why should people pay for a service they have not ordered?

It is hard to find information, at which point the US war machine has really protected people from tyranny. In the last decade its military operations around the world have been catastrophic. The United States sees it as a great victory that it defeated Hitler’s National Socialist Germany and Nazism. In the light of current knowledge however, no words can describe the crime that imperialistic superpowers did to Germany in WW II. It was a crime against humanity.

The insanity of World War II becomes evident in two thoughts of Winston Churchill. In 1938 he wrote in a private letter to Hitler: “If ever Great Britain was plunged into a disaster comparable to the one that afflicted Germany in 1918 I would ask God that He should send us a man with the strength and the character of your Excellency.”

Following his own logic he said in a speech in 1940: “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of German people, which is to be smashed once and for all.” Churchill followed faithfully his conviction, because as early as 1936 he said: “Germany is too strong. We must destroy her.”

First thing Donald Trump has promised to do, is to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the White House. As we know, Barack Obama removed Churchill and put the bust of Martin Luther King on his place. To return the bust of Churchill in the White House is said to be a good gesture towards England, which has a positive effect on the relations between the US and Great Britain. I think it has probably even bigger meaning to Jews, because Churchill was a Jew.

Churchill is really as meritorious of the great leaders as the awe-inspiring prophet Muhammad, this prophet without a prophecy. May his bust be there to remind coming presidents of the schizophrenic period of time, when the truth and common sense was lost in the tumult of big egos.

In this part of the world many people think that the United States is the biggest threat to world peace. Trump says that the actions of Obama and Clinton have created ISIS. It is ridiculous to present the thing, as if it was a question about party politics of America. I think that it all relates to US and Jews’ struggle for power and hegemony, and their tendency to meddle in everyone’s affairs. Instead of protecting people the United States has in the quest for power rather worked as a useful idiot and served the negative forces, the world government, that manipulates people to carry out its goals.

Future of the United States

The world has changed. Welcome to the new millennium. The United States has woken up and sees its own degradation. For the first time it faces a real competitive situation as dollar loses its cutting edge. There is no reason to portray America as a victim of exploitation. The present plight of the United States is caused by their own choices and policies.

I strongly believe that the United States is able to create its own economic miracle, if/when Trump plays his cards wisely. China has risen from extreme poverty to a leading economic power in less than 70 years. Germany has already two economic miracles behind.

When people talk about Germany’s economic miracle they usually have in mind the rise of Germany after the Second World War. I don’t want to belittle Germany’s struggle to rebuild the nation after Second World War, but the rise of Germany under the rule of Hitler and the Nazi regime after the First World War is maybe even more amazing.

Germany stood up from its degradation, although worlds greatest powers did all they could to prevent that. In this regard Trump’s position is easier, as almost everyone want to engage in constructive collaboration. Germany was able to build a wealthy society using it’s own resources, which is not only an indication of persistence and sophistication of people, but it also showed that the monetary system based on debt slavery has an alternative.

German government did not loan money with interest from private banks. It launched its own currency, and the value of it was bound to the labor force and production of Germans. Citizens, the labor force is a renewable resource, which value increases exponentially as health, education and motivation of labor force improves. The state had an obvious need to improve these things and to fight against degradation of morality. The better the operational environment of the labor force and the more it has material or mental capital, the more free people are to fulfill themselves.

In my mind the United States has been arrogant, both towards it’s own people and towards other nations. All so called western democracies that see GNP as the only measure of success and that work in terms of money, not in well-being of citizens, are plagued by this same arrogance.

If Americans would have used their riches wisely during the last century, it would now be inhabited by extremely cultivated, noble people for whom limitations of the material world would be no limitations at all.

I believe that Donald Trump is personally so ambitious that he wants to remain in history as a great state leader, not as a person, who made a pact with the devil. I believe that he does everything to reach his goals, despite of the Jewish lobby and its special interests. Therefore I would expect everyone to consider, how each one of us can support Trump, so that we can overcome the challenges that face us. People deserve to be treated well and just. We are worthy of prosperity and success, which leads to sustainable development and spiritual growth.

I have visited in Germany a neo-old castle that was bombed to rubble and ashes during the Second World War, but which has been rebuilt according to the old blueprints to its former glory. That is the German mentality and also the spirit of Americans. It is the spirit of all people, as the Spirit of God rises like a Phoenix from the ashes, when it has the opportunity to do so. We just have to give it that opportunity. It needs only common sense.

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