This writing is built around the English word ‘compassion’. I first began to explore the deeper meaning of the word when I heard many years ago Gregg Braden speak about the view of a spiritual leader of a Tibetan monastery that compassion is – according to Eastern spiritual tradition – the highest goal of man. This statement confused me.

I have always thought that spirituality raises us above time and place, so that we have the opportunity to be uplifted from the circumstances and events in the material world. So what does compassion actually mean? The word compassion is given meanings such as mercy, empathy, pity, grace, sympathy, understanding etc. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word compassion as an awareness that is compassionate and able to relate to another person’s pain and seeks to alleviate them. Empathy, or the ability to put oneself in someone’s shoes is considered the highest value of a Christian.

Although the qualities I have listed above are virtues, I do not think there is anything spiritual in them. Every person with a healthy self-esteem and an instinct of self preservation acknowledges them in childhood. Many spiritual teachers highlight the importance of empathy and regard it as the highest virtue of man, which it in many ways is. Many people seem to consider empathy as a measure of their spirituality: the more vulnerable they are to being hurt on behalf of others, the more spiritual they regard themselves.

Large groups of people have based their lives on other people’s empathy for themselves. If you do not endlessly want to listen to these people’s attempts to manipulate you, you will be denounced a racist or a supporter of “white supremacy” or otherwise inhuman and cold-hearted. I myself have had such accusations, because I expect things to happen, as has been agreed. It is natural that things do not always go according to plan. I blow the whistle to bring an end to the game, if the reasons for failures start to sound like compiled explanations.

There is a trap associated with empathy (humanitarianism) that I wrote about back in October 2017 in my article “Jesus Lifts Your Energy”. Empathic people, who are involved in humanitarian work and respect human rights, sympathize with the people and their problems they are assisting so closely, that the vibrational frequency of their energy field becomes as low as that of the people they are helping. As a consequence, they lose contact with their own inner being and begin to act on the level of ego consciousness. They become “blind guides of the blind”, who have hardly anything to give to those they help.

It seems that a large portion of the world’s population has fallen into the trap of empathy as famous and influential people around the world begin to support “peaceful” riots by vandals, anarchists and the far left rather than supporting those, who want constructive cooperation. With common sense this is impossible to understand.

My confusion about this matter began to dissipate when I heard Abraham say that compassion is not empathy (although it requires it to some extent). Compassion is man’s ability to see himself and each other from the perspective of God, through the eyes of their inner being. It is not our job to sympathize with each other’s misery and struggle or “bear one another’s burdens”. Our job is to see and support each other’s strengths, internal resources and potential.

In Finland there is a saying: Carried water does not stay in the well. It means there is no point in helping or teaching anyone, who has no desire to learn and succeed on their own. God helps those who help themselves. Our inner being has a connection to the fountain of life. This could be seen as “white supremacy” and I hope it will spread all over the world. All people have an inner being, that is, the opportunity to connect with the source of life.

Just as a tree grows roots, in order to connect to vital resources, people need to have a personal connection to the fountain of life. For as is said: Carried water does not stay in the well.

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