As I heard of the kidney tumor at the beginning of the year, my first thought was not to think of any treatments until I get this year’s rehabilitation off to a good pace. I thought it would take at least two months to recover from the surgery. The better my condition is, the faster my recovery will be, I reasoned. I was hoping in my mind that the tumor will be operated in the second half of the year, but I didn’t even mention anything about it, because the doctors let me understand that postponing the surgery for two months would be a risk.

Personally, I didn’t feel that the tumor threatened my life. Instead, lack of exercise was usually immediately apparent in my condition. That’s why fitness training was a priority for me. When the doctors couldn’t make me change mind by April, they sent me to the palliative center.

My first visit to the palliative center showed me that I couldn’t actually get help from there, but my life would start to revolve around the tumor. By no means did I want that. Whatever I did, the situation would require monitoring, but it was a different matter to monitor the development of the situation after the tumor was removed than to feel, which symptoms might be caused by the tumor. Surgery was the best treatment in my opinion, although it meant that I was completely dependent on the help of others for a while after the surgery.

So, in June I spontaneously signed up in the surgery queue. Before the surgery, I wanted to take care of my sore tooth. I got an appointment in a public dental clinic the next morning. As I walked home with my assistant from the dental clinic, I said to her that now we just wait for the doctor to let us know the time of the surgery. Before we got home, I got a call from the hospital and was informed that the day of surgery is July, the 2nd. That is, less than a month after I signed up for the surgery.

Once the matter was agreed upon, the preparation for the operation proceeded rapidly in a logical order. My grateful job was to admire, how well the collaboration between different health care units was. Everything seemed to happen as if by itself. My job was to make sure, my personal information was up to date at various stages.

The nurse doing the final preparations in the operating room reminded me that I was in good hands and it was my duty to think positively and create positive energy. I firmly believed that the intelligent cells in my body worked with doctors and nurses so that everything went well. I set aside my ego and left everything to “the Lord”, so to speak.

After the surgery, as I came to my senses in the recovery room at 4 PM, my predominant feeling was that my mouth was parched dry. I had a hard time breathing (until I got an oxygen mustache), but there was nothing in my body that I would describe with the word pain. My stomach hurt a bit, but I was mentally prepared for ten times worse pain.

The pains stayed away later also. When I got up to stand, the inner scars of my stomach hurt, but only for a moment. Intense vasoconstriction or muscle cramp causes a much more nasty feeling of pain. I had an impressive transverse surgical wound curving from the left side of my body over the diaphragm to the lower right rib. It hurt only when I laughed or coughed. Otherwise, it didn’t hurt more than ordinary wounds we sometimes get in our daily lives.

Although the surgery caused some discomfort and a feeling of powerlessness in my body, the surgery was a magical event. As I woke up, I felt like there was still stardust on me. Normally a kidney weighs 150 g (5.29 oz), but my enlarged, removed kidney with tumor weighed 1.7 kg (3.7 lb). It was an indication of body intelligence to me.

The tumor was 17 cm (6.6 inches) long and 13 cm (5.1 inches) at its widest point. It is obvious that if the kidney had maintained its normal size and the tumor had been allowed to grow uncontrollably, it would have long ago made the kidney inoperative and caused other damage. However, intelligent kidney cells have done their best to keep the organ functioning normally. It has expanded as the tumor has spread. Part of the tumor was in necrosis and I believe that too is the effect of intellectual kidney cell protection measures.

The question arises as to how a malignant tumor can develop in a body, if the intelligent cells are to maintain our health and the normal functioning of the organs. I think the emergence of tumors can be as insidious a process as the corruption of organs in society. Corruptive organs are sometimes called cancer. It may be that at some point the body has created benign growth to protect itself, but at some point the tumor has begun to fulfill its own mission (maybe to become the biggest and most important organ of the body :-)).

Originally also the Illuminati had well-intentioned goals. The purpose of the Illuminati founder, Adam Weishaupt, was to spread the ideas of the Enlightenment. The goal was to emphasize reason in people’s thinking, get rid of superstition, and reduce the power of church and state. When the organization gained new members, who had not internalized its original goals, wanted to shore up own position and carry out own mission (agenda), the organization became a secret society corrupting the activities of society.

Life After Surgery

Before the surgery, I read online that someone got rid of heart problems and anemia after kidney removal. It has been interesting to see the effects of surgery on my own state of being.
The first visible change was noticeable in my legs not swelling as before. I noticed that my vision improved. Likewise my appetite. My weight dropped 5-6 kg, part of which was the weight of the removed kidney. My physiotherapist said this is all due to an improved lymphatic circulation. When fluids do not swell the body, intraocular pressures return to normal and vision improves. The accumulation of fluids in the body easily raises the weight by 2-3 kg, that is 4-7 lb It is clear that as the lymphatic circulation improves, the weight decreases.

When I left the hospital, my hemoglobin level was 100, which was an indication of anemia. When I got home, the value improved rapidly. In recent years, I have gradually given up foods one after another, because they caused swelling and problems. Before surgery, I ate only protein foods and sauerkraut. After the surgery, I have returned to normal diet.

21 days after surgery, I walked for the first time on the Alter Gravity treadmill. Despite muscle weakness, walking was lighter than before surgery. Until now, I walk like at the beginning of this year.

During the surgery, I got rid of the tumor, but being in the hospital was also a chance for me for spiritual growth. I saw how well everyone worked together, but even though I expected everything to go well and everything happened as if by itself, I didn’t take it for granted. I was aware that despite the routines that health care has developed to make things easier and faster, eventually I was personally responsible for the success of my treatment.

I was the coordinator (project manager) of the operation project. No matter what, I want my inner being to have control and everything I attract should be influence of my inner being. In other words, my inner being should be my point of attraction. If I give control to the ego, I easily become the weakest link in my life.

In September 2017, I wrote that the goal of spiritual growth is the path of least resistance According to Abraham, “the path of least resistance” is a bad expression, because it contains resistance, albeit to a small degree.

Our goal is to get rid of the resistance created by the ego completely, to allow our inner being to guide ourselves and to become sensitive to listening to our inner impulses. It is absolutely vital that we tune our energy to meet our highest goals in order to achieve what we want. Abraham describes this with the words “path of most allowance”, that is the path of greatest devotion. We should unconditionally surrender to the guidance of our inner being. Only in this way can we connect with the vibrational world that we have created with our thoughts.

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