The beginning of the year was surreal. I was in a hospital for examination and initially I had to spend one night there. The next day, however, the doctors wanted to do another procedure, which meant that I had to stay in the hospital for two nights.

The first night in the hospital had been such a pain: the hard bed pressed on my hip bones, it was so narrow that I couldn’t even turn my side, my roommate snored (earplugs helped a bit) and I had headache. The thought of another night under the same circumstances seemed intolerable.

I felt a strong inner urge to meditate to form a clear picture of my situation so I could speak my mind. I did not want to depend solely on doctors’ opinions concerning my health. “How can I focus my thoughts and meditate here in the patient room, where the nurses do their work non-stop and my roommate has constantly visitors,” I asked myself. My assistant found one bluetooth earpiece in her bag. It was better than nothing.

In the evening, I listened to meditation music on Youtube on my mobile phone to calm my mind. I had an earpiece in one ear and an earplug in the other. The roommate’s conversation faded into the background. After two hours, the earpiece was out of power. Now what?

I switched the music video to another and left it quietly playing on my bedside table to focus my thoughts. Soon the music started to play in my ears as loud as if I had earphones. I thought maybe I should lower the volume so my roommate wouldn’t be disturbed.

As I focused my thoughts on music, it took me straight to the good-feeling place, where I wanted to be. I was like a laughing Buddha. I didn’t think of anything. I fell deeper and deeper into my well-being. I have everything I need: a loving heart and trillions of perfect body cells. It was one of the most appreciative and loving moments I have experienced. I had diaper on and I was very happy to be able to enjoy my time for once without having to think about toilet visits.

Occasionally my roommate’s conversation stopped altogether and there was peace all around. Only the music was playing in the background. After the evening tea, the nurses changed my diaper, I brushed my teeth and went to bed. Before falling asleep, I tried to put my insights on my health in a verbal form. At night my roommate didn’t snore or at least I didn’t hear it. I slept like a log until morning. In the morning, I was able to clearly present my point of view to the doctors, considering my overall situation.

Body Cleansing In Meditation

I had come home from the hospital the previous evening. The next day I was dizzy and so tired I couldn’t even think of anything. My body was filled with foreign substances injected into my veins during the examinations, such as anesthetics and contrast agents and God knows what. I went to bed after lunch and when I woke up in the late afternoon I was very happy. I could hardly wait to meditate and listen (and watch) to the music video on my television.

I listened to the whole three hour music video. At the end of the video I lifted my cloak at the whim of the moment. My thighs and upper front body were filled with red-white spots, as if I had some kind of a pox disease. “I’m allergic to meditation,” my ego said. However, I had inner knowledge that my body was undergoing major cleaning. I became a confirmation of this when I noticed that unlike earlier in the day, my urine was very cloudy and dirty looking.

The next day, I meditated on the same 528 Hz music for seven hours. I wanted to immerse myself into the good feeling. Within hours, I noticed that the skin eruption on my body was spreading. In the evening, the thighs and the front of the torso were completely red. The skin was slightly swollen, as in burns. However, the skin felt normal except a slight feeling of heat when I touched the skin.

My body seemed to have removed foreign substances from my body on an accelerated process. I had cloudy, blood-stained urine that seemed to have bloody pieces of mucosa in it. I was feeling relieved and happy. When I saw the hospital examination papers on my desk, they seemed to be someone else’s papers.

Intelligence of Our Bodies

I write in my article Gods Temple in My Heart that the divine part in us is like an old water well, hidden deep in a forest, whose lid is under moss, leaves and brushwood. The decaying layers of the lid are ballast of the ego, and once we have cleared access to the well, we have a direct connection to the fountain of life, which is our intuitive mind.

This all is magnificent, wonderful and delightful. However, the divine side within us is not limited to our hearts. Our whole body is a temple of God. It consists of tens of trillions of cells that are intelligent beings. They have a direct connection to the source energy, which is the breeding ground for all things. They operate under the Law of Attraction, know their function, and know exactly what they need to accomplish their task. So they have the ability to maintain body health and good condition, if they have a constant connection to the source energy.

However, this is often not the case, as most people live at the level of ego consciousness. Everything is based on liberty and free will and the cells of the body are “at the mercy” of the ego as to whether they have a connection to source energy. Cells do not automatically maintain body condition and health. Our egos think they know everything better than our intuitive minds or intelligent cells, so they are subordinate to ego’s thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. The cells can only function within the limits set by the ego.

However, we can consciously break the vicious circle created by the ego. When we quiet the resistant thoughts and confused mind of the ego in meditation, our energy begins to vibrate with our intuitive mind at the same frequency, the cells are connected to the source energy and can fulfil their original purpose.

They remove metabolic waste and foreign substances from our bodies, break down foreign elements into atoms and flush them down the drain and maintain our health and physical condition. It is only a question of allowing it to happen.

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