In the end of my article ‘Emotional Intelligence in Function’ I write that since the beginning of the 1980s I have believed in the recovery of my mobility. It is only a matter of time when I get connected to the powers that make it possible.
I always wanted to see the spiritual aspect in everything and until now I have felt the energy body strengthen in a state of total relaxation and in meditation, when the body loads cosmic energy. However, the energy body is not cosmic energy, which it is more or less difficult to get contact into.

It is said that if people would choose as carefully the food they eat as they are choosing the fuel for their car we would not be so sick. We have not got a user manual of our body as a birth gift, so we eat everything that can be seen as fuel. But the body needs a certain kind of environment to work properly.

In my text ‘Levels of Body Consciousness’ I write that people, who follow they inner guidance see themselves and others as co-creators and as part of the creation: they see their part in the whole and focus their attention to strengthen own creative powers and that of others. They know what their own creative work requires and their intention is to create the same fertile operational environment for everyone. They can see when their support is needed and when they should not interfere the creative process of others.

One day I stumbled upon a thought that aptly describes what I want to say:
[framed_box rounded=”true”]”We don’t grow plants. We grow soil; and soil grows plants.”[/framed_box]

The same idea can be applied to our body and health. It is not our task to worry about our health. Our task is to take care that our organism has an ideal operational environment. The micro-organisms -and there are more of them in our body than cells- take care of our health.

So the point is that we should see what kind of a role we play in the whole, and that we co-operate with other players. When I want to be healthy I must create for the micro-organisms in my body the best possible environment, in other words: co-operate with them.

They create the power that makes healing possible. After all everything is pure chemistry.

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