One of Abraham’s most powerful teachings is when they talk about people’s tendency to get stuck in what’s happening and what they are observing. We try to see our sensory perception from as many points of view as possible, but by doing so, we usually focus on the problem at hand, although we could focus on solving the problem. Many people regard it as a merit that we keep our feet firmly on the ground and “face the realities as they are”. This kind of thinking slows down our development, because by focusing on what we see, we create nothing new. The Law of Attraction provides us with what our thoughts are focused on, so today’s realities will be repeated in the future.

In Abraham’s view, people should let go of their tendency to simply react to what is happening and let things carry themselves, as if they had no control over things themselves. Instead of being reactive, we should be proactive and start consciously creating our own reality. The saying “facing realities as they are” can be seen from many viewpoints. What matters most in interpreting things is what we want to believe in and focus our attention on. We ourselves can create our realities.

In one video, Abraham tells a story of a woman complaining that she is very sad since her lover left her. Abraham explained to the woman that she is not sad, because her lover left her. The woman had found the best of herself during the relationship with that partner, and when the partner left, she yearned for him instead of being herself. This attitude activated in her completely opposite emotions and qualities than she had enjoyed during the relationship. When we say that spouses take pieces of us with them this happens only, if we allow it to happen.

I no longer have this kind of relationship problems. However, while in the hospital, I turned my attention to a different kind of reality that has kept me in its grip for the last decades. It’s about my bladder problems, or an overactive bladder. In the last decades I have allowed my symptoms in many respects to determine my life. I have thought that I just have to live with that problem and that has practically meant that I have not seized my opportunities. I have not participated in festivities and countless times I have not gone to a friend’s summer cottage, because participation without enjoyment was not appealing. Even when I go outdoors I choose my route so that I always know where the toilets are. This has meant that I have not gone to the actual outdoor routes at all.

My situation has not been too depressing for me, because my overall condition has been satisfying. In any case, it has been more rewarding to be immersed in my various projects at the computer. They have often taken all my time, 12 hours a day. Going to the shop has been my only outdoor activity.

However, in recent years, nature has become increasingly attractive to me and I really want to go out and enjoy my time. But how could this suddenly be possible now? The answer to this problem came as naturally as the nurses put a diaper on me in the hospital. I was glad that I was able to enjoy my time for once without the need to think about going to the toilet.

Prejudice Blocking Our Thinking

As I enjoyed the new feeling of freedom caused by the diaper I recalled those times, when I had been somewhat confused when watching various royal, political or religious ceremonies on television that follow a strict etiquette and often last many hours, such as the Pope’s Easter Mass. Subconsciously I have always been pondering the question of how people control their bladder in these events. I realized that certainly many have a diaper on. Like many professional workers, who must be fully prepared and operational for hours without the opportunity to go to the toilet or where going to the toilet could endanger the entire ongoing operation. Not to mention sports and competition enthusiasts, who want to focus on what they are doing. Diaper allows an uninterrupted night’s sleep for a person, who would otherwise have to go to the bathroom several times a night.

When you consider the freedom that diapers allow, it is strange that diapers are perceived as a care item for babies, the elderly, and the sick. It is common sense that diapers should be seen as neutral as women’s sanitary napkins. I have not been stuck by these stigmatizing thoughts in relation to diapers, but by my own thought that I will not bath my butt in a wet diaper. In the hospital I noticed that diapers are super absorbent, and they never feel uncomfortably wet. While reviewing the adult diaper supply online, I noticed that the most absorbent diapers can hold more than four liters of pee.

In the future, I won’t let my symptoms limit my activities at all. I will focus on, how I can make the most of the freedom I have discovered. Diaper pants on and off we go!

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