I wrote in mid-February about my surreal early year, which I spent in hospital for examinations. On the second evening I meditated in the patient room and I felt like laughing Buddha, with no worries at all. My loving heart and intellectual body is all I need. I was especially happy that I was so glad and carefree, even though I had heard the day before that there was a malignant tumor in my right kidney.

For the previous day’s procedure, I had had a CT scan a week earlier, just in case. When the doctor told me about the tumor, I was waiting for access to a procedure. A nurse had given me some medicine a moment earlier. I saw the doctor talking to me, but his words didn’t touch me at all. “OK, my body can handle this,” I thought.

I didn’t think about it further than until the next morning. I spent an uncomfortable night and the doctors came for a round in the morning. They talked to each other about the discovery and the necessary referrals and follow-up. “At some point, there’s a kidney removal ahead,” someone said. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The doctors seemed to be making plans before they had even properly talked with me about the tumor. Kidney removal was not even an option in my mind. I didn’t want to think such a radical treatment at first.

Doctors scheduled a CT scan for the same day to find out, if the tumor had spread to other organs. They found changes in the lungs that they considered metastases. A sample of the tumor was taken. It showed that it was a cancerous tumor. It was over 10 cm long and the right kidney was dilated disproportionately compared to the left. When I looked at it from the doctor’s computer, I wondered, how can an organ enlarge so much without affecting the functioning of the organ in any way.

“These usually lead to death,” the doctor said with a serious face. “Why does he say that to me?” I asked myself. Did I give too carefree an impression of myself? Did he want to say that there was no reason to be happy and carefree, but I should start planning my cancer treatments with a wrinkle on my forehead? Was he like the doctors, who wrote in my papers 40 years ago that I am not aware of the seriousness of my situation?

Personally, I didn’t feel the tumor threatened my life in any way. God knows how long it has taken that the tumor has reached its present dimensions. However, at no point has it given clear signs of itself. I thought it was crazy that doctors wanted to send me to an operating table with such a hurry. I wanted to focus on my rehabilitation, digest the whole thing and keep my antenna tuned to every direction. During four months I told about my diagnose only to my younger sister and my assistant.

My sister said I should listen to the doctors. “The surgery only removes what doesn’t belong in the body,” she said. If only that would be the case. In practice, however, surgery removes a functioning kidney. Doctors said the tumor may spread, after which the situation will be difficult, if not impossible, to correct with surgery. In addition, the tumor may cause complications, in the worst case a pulmonary embolism, and that would be my end.

Although the tumor has not given clear signs of itself, no-one can say, how it affects my overall condition. I read in a forum that a woman’s heart problems and anemia with its ramifications vanished after kidney removal.

Despite of all the warnings, I don’t feel threatened in any way. I can’t make decisions based on someone’s fear of the situation becoming incorrigible. I don’t think there are bad cells in the body that are trying to conquer the body and break it down from within. I believe that the cells have the ability to maintain my health, if I make sure that they have everything they need, especially connection to the source energy. When it comes to my own health and well-being, the most important thing is what I personally believe in and what I think.

Because doctors couldn’t change my mind concerning the surgery they sent me to the palliative health care unit that gives holistic support care. I thought that it is just the right place for me, so that I can digest everything in peace and consider all alternatives for my treatment.

Purpose of Health Care: Activation and Maintenance of the Defense Mechanisms of the Body

When the most significant thing to my health and well-being is, what I believe, do, and think, it can be said that all extracorporeal interventions are “belief treatments”, which is a derogatory expression in Finland for the treatments of alternative medicine. They are based on the belief that the measures have a positive effect on health and on the balance of the body. The means used by school medicine are also such.

I do not want this in any way to belittle the achievements of medicine: I am aware that I would have died for more than 40 years ago, if medicine would not have targeted treatments to different situations. I just want to say that medicine still has a long development process ahead before we are in an optimal situation. The fact that doctors want to remove a functioning kidney with the tumor is a reminder to me of people’s tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

There are many documented cases around the world of tumors spontaneously dissolving. The clearest example is the energy healing witnessed by Gregg Braden at a medicineless hospital in Beijing. He was able to watch in real time from a monitor the disappearance of a tumor. The fact that someone says energy healing is based on belief treatments and the placebo phenomenon does not change the fact that they happen.

Speaking of placebo: who remembers the young Danish man I wrote about in June 2013? The man took part in a clinical trial. During the experiment, he tried to commit suicide by eating all the medications he received.

The suicide attempt failed. The man began to feel very sick and sought treatment. In the hospital, he lost consciousness for a moment. The doctors considered the situation serious when they could not get the man’s condition stabilized and finally, contacted the doctor in charge of the drug experiment. Everyone was baffled when it turned out that the man was in the placebo group for the drug trial. He had ingested calcium tablets. When it became clear to the man that his life was not in danger, the functions of his body stabilized within 15 minutes.

This is a clear example of what fear causes and what happens when the body’s own defense mechanisms go out and, thanks to positive outlooks, are reactivated. All health care is based on this; the human body is a psychophysical entity that should be treated as such.

I believe that the operating principle of energy treatments is as simple as the effect of massage on muscles. The masseur manipulates the muscles so that muscle cramps and stiffness give up, allowing energy and fluids to circulate freely in the body. An energy healer works in the same way, but the action takes place at the level of the energy body. An energy therapist manipulates the energy field so that energy locks disappear and the body’s own defense mechanisms are activated.

Doctors, therapists and energy healers do not cure or rehabilitate anyone themselves. Even the best therapist or doctor cannot rehabilitate or heal their client unless they have the ability to activate the clients own physical and mental resources. This is what I wish for myself and everyone else.

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