It is said that when you cannot control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what is happening. When we think more carefully, our own thoughts and feelings are the only things that are completely under our control. This, of course, requires us to do what our inner being wants. If we follow the winds and trends of the time, our thoughts and feelings will be bouncing here and there.

In spite of – or because of – the Corona situation and depressing news, good feelings have been in the center of my mind. While waiting for my walking session on one beautiful day, there was a Donald Duck comic book in the waiting room of the AlterG -treadmill room. As I read it, I noticed that the acts of the Duckburg characters made me laugh. When I got home, I ordered my own magazine. Donald Duck is the only magazine I have subscribed to for years.

Donald Duck’s weekly boosters are one way for me to keep up the good spirits. For everyone this does not work as easily and I am especially grateful that I can afford to subscribe to Donald Duck. Animal Cops is one of my favorite TV shows. I find it uplifting to see, how emaciated and injured animals recover under the care of animal protectors and veterinarians and become members of loving families.

While watching the recovery process I’ve been pondering, what would be as empowering a way to revive people and the economy. During Coronavirus-limitations I have been watching light-hearted TV shows, such as “My Lottery Dream Home”. A single mother doing three jobs, who has been frustrated the previous week, how to scrape together the rent for her apartment wins four million dollars on a scratcher and begins to look for a home to replace her rented dwelling. In the next episode, a couple living in a mobile home begins searching a house when a lottery brings money for that.

“How wonderful a welfare system,” I sigh. But the winning rate should be much higher. Like, each lottery wins 100 to 10 million dollars. I hope that this year, when the Coronavirus has paralyzed the economy, hundreds of billions of corporate subsidies will be recycled as lottery tickets through the grassroots. It would guarantee that people have money to buy the products and services they need.