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I enjoy very much when I can immerse myself into my thoughts and feel connected to the consciousness of the Universe. Two weeks ago I had spent four days and nights this way as I wrote one text. When it was time to do something else, I couldn’t get rid of my thoughts.

Some time earlier I had found some Youtube binaural beats music videos, and I thought to myself that maybe meditation and listening to music will help me overcome the problem.

I was so abound with my thoughts that I only wanted to become the music energy and feel its vibrations in my body. When I had listened to a video for about 20 minutes my genitals suddenly begun to have involuntary muscle contractions, like in orgasm. “Ooh … ooh …”, I heard myself sound.

I was feeling horny. This was not a completely new experience for me, because I had felt that by meditation earlier. Not so strong, however.

‘How is this possible?’ I asked myself. How is it that I can orgasm without having sex?

At that moment I recalled an article I read 15 years ago. It was an introduction to a sound-therapy that a Swedish doctor used to treat his patients with. He calls it Music Acupuncture.

The treatment is based on a theory that every organ in our body and its function operates in its own frequency. The organs can be treated by listening to music that resonates to the particular frequency of that organ.

I have not delved deeper into this subject, but I was sure that this is the same thing. Although, at first hand, I would say that the music I was listening to (Advanced Nerve and Cell Regeneration) had nothing to do with sexuality or genitals.

I listened to the program till the end and my feelings calmed down.

I am surely not the only one, who has sexual experiences during meditation or by listening binaural beats, so I begun to search information about it. What search results gives Youtube for sex binaural beats? First my eye caught videos called Hands-free Orgasm, boost sex drive, sexual stimulation, sexual healing, genital recovery and repair, genital repair and fertility. Obviously the phenomenon is very ordinary in certain circles.

But it is not so easy to find discussion or experiences about it on the Internet. People are not willing to share such intimate experiences, I guess. Anyway, I found some websites (links underneath), which give some view, what kind of potential is involved in this matter.

There are binaural beats to synchronize the brain hemispheres, to support the lymph function, for nerve regeneration, to balance the functions of inner organs etc. I am not familiar with the theory of vibrations and frequencies, and I have only a layman’s knowledge and feeling towards music. But people, who are familiar with these things tell that the original tones, which we know today as Solfeggio-frequencies have the healing effect. Over the centuries the methods to make music have varied very much and the original, healing frequencies were forgotten.

The Ancient Solfeggio Scale

The Solfeggio-frequencies are defined with the old solmization (solfège) scale: do, re, mi, fa,sol, la, (ti, do). Solmization don’t define the pitch of tones, only their relation to each other. The pitch makes the frequency of a tone and their relation to each other makes the difference. In the best case they have a healing effect in people’s anatomy.

We have read articles that listening to classical music enhances intelligence. Plants are growing better when people play classical music to them and cows produce more milk. When we are sad we listen to low frequencies. They have pain releasing effect and influence the energy body. They liberate people from guilt and fear. So, they turn grief to joy.

In the 1600s Isaac Newton defined frequencies of colors as he made prisma research. Colors are light vibrating in different frequencies. In that way people were able to define a particular color for each Solfeggio frequency.

There are six original Solfeggio frequencies beginning with 396 Hz and ending with 852 Hz. In the chart underneath I have marked with grey color the frequencies (174, 285 ja 963 Hz) that have been added later to the original Solfeggio scale. In the chart I have also compiled the colors related to each frequency and their effects in the physical and spiritual being of humans.

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The reason why I begun to listen to the binaural beats in the first place was that I wanted to get rid of my thoughts that seemed to be too deep-rooted in me. I had spent four days totally immersed in my writings, but when the day turned to evening, I felt that my writing work was very far in the past.

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