I describe in my text ‘Emotional Intelligence in Function’ how some exercises helped me in the beginning of the 1980s open the Pandora’s box hidden in my body.

God knows what would have happened, if I knew in that time what I know now. Although everything seemed so crazy and scary that time it is all natural body function. For that reason we should not mystify these things in any way.

The thought that lead to opening of the Pandora’s box was that people should learn to act without eyesight. Our attention is constantly in the outside world when we try to find something to lean on that could help us to achieve what we want to achieve.

In order to totally relax we should turn our attention inwards, focus on our inner world. It is not only a question of relaxing. With this is also connected a matter which is even more significant in respect of our functions: the pineal gland, the third eye, which is our inner navigator, inner being. In Thalamus it has all information from our body transmitted by the neural pathways.

In the Video ‘Spiritual Reality – Power of Meditation’ (How to Access Superconsciousness) it is said that our thoughts (ego functions) are the stumbling blocks for the inflow of cosmic energy.

The inflow is free as we sleep or meditate when we consciously turn off our mind activities. According to the video sleeping is unconscious meditation, and meditation is conscious sleep (5:30). Root cause for our diseases is the imbalance due to lack of energy in our body (15:40).

There is much theoretical knowledge about the activation of the pineal gland, the third eye, which gives an impression that it would demand special devotion to the subject. But I see the whole thing in a way that your inner navigator begins to activate in the moment when you close or cover your eyes, step aside with your ego and turn your eyes inwards. When we shut down our brain and the cosmic energy begins to flow in our body we can even channel the energy to certain part of our body as long as we don’t obstruct the energy flow.

The exercises I give underneath are only for your reference how I (unconsciously) begun to activate my inner navigator. Important for you is only that you get to the meditative state and in that way get connected with your inner navigator.

Don’t expect it to happen in a certain way and do not follow an external program. Listen to your body and let your navigator function on its own terms. Observe your sensations as the cosmic energy spreads into your body. Just witness it.

When you hear a quiet request inside yourself to act in a certain way or to do certain kind of exercises follow the request. The intent of all is that your navigator begins to guide you. If you search guidance and instructions from the outside world you easily give the authority over yourself to your ego.

In order to be sure you stay in guidance of your navigator you should subordinate the undertakings of your ego to your inner being. The third eye sees how things are related to each other, although your conscious mind would understand nothing about them. The more you follow the guidance of your inner navigator and let your inner being lead your life, the more you manifest your real self.

Exercises to Activate the Pineal Gland,
Your Inner Navigator:

Place different items on the floor. Cover your eyes with a cloth. Go to the objects and feel with the sole of your foot what item is it.

Bend your upper body towards the floor, let your upper limbs swing relaxed from one side to another visualizing a shirt drying on a line in a breeze.

Lay on your back on the floor. Do not use a mat or carpet, if possible. Place a small book under your neck to make sure you neck and spine are aligned. Your clothing shouldn’t be too tight.

Close your eyes. Let your primal sound (AAAA…) flow out and listen how your voice resonates in your body.
Sometimes as I was practising I was listening to relaxing music (like Francis Goya: Maria Padilha) and its echo in my body.
In the same time shut down your thoughts. It is not easy to prevent thoughts from popping into your mind. Ignore them, let them come and go. When you ignore them they will stop arising.

In order to improve your focus practise alternate nostril breathing.
Use right thumb to close off right nostril. Exhale slowly through left nostril.
Pause for a second.
Close left nostril with ring finger, release thumb off right nostril. Inhale through your right nostril.
Now, exhale through right nostril.
Pause for a second.
Use thumb to close off right nostril. Breathe in through left nostril.
Exhale through left nostril.
Continue this as long as you feel necessary.

This exercise has many variations. Some begin with inhale. Some people think that breathing exercise should always start with exhale. The most important is that you listen to your own body, and do that what feels comfortable and natural to you.

As you fall into a relaxed state you may feel the need to yawn all the time. Don’t try to repress it. It is an indication that there is lack of oxygen in your body. Yawn as long as it happens.
You can also prepare for your exercises in a way that you don’t have lack of oxygen.

While you are lying eyes closed on the floor go through your each limb one by one beginning with the right upper limb, and continuing through the right lower limb to the left lower limb and upwards. This sequence follows the energy flow in the body.
Envision the muscles, the weight of each limb. The limb feels very heavy. When it relaxes it becomes very warm.

If you cannot see some area of your body in your mind it means that in that part of the body there is lack of energy. You can feel it by touching that area with your hand: it feels cooler compared with other body parts.
The problem fixes itself when the limb gets enough cosmic energy and thereafter you are also able to see that area of your body in your mind.

Relaxed body cells need more water. Feeling of excitement or feeling that something is eroding you inside may be a sign of dehydration.

When practising you may become a feeling that your body is swinging or the other side of your body is heavier or other strange feelings. This results from the activity change in the left and right brain hemispheres.

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