I have followed a school medicine physiotherapy program over 30 years, in which we have trained my body and focused on body control: on the activation and strengthening of muscles and muscle groups.

Physiotherapy has been concentration, pushing up, straining and sometimes the muscles have been full of acids. Because my muscles are weak I have success with the movements only when the muscles are in certain relation to each other, and I have considered carefully how I can keep up balance.

Sometimes we have been placing my limbs with half-inch accuracy in a suitable position. Occasionally I have had a feeling, as if we were assembling a house of cards and with only one unconsidered movement the whole structure tumbles down, whereupon we are in the starting position again. After a short break in physiotherapy we have usually had to start the muscle training from zero point.

In the end of my article Farsighted Development 1 I describe that when I am standing up for example, I focus on non-essential things instead of focusing on the activation of my inner powers. I write that as I stand up, my attention is in my hand, which supports me, although I should focus on my legs and the muscles that help me stand up.

After monitoring my actions for several months I would say that it doesn’t work in this way either: although I am focusing on things I consider important it happens that it simply won’t work. Most likely it works when I focus in the brain and don’t think anything at all. Just do it. When people are walking they usually don’t think when they take a step. Everything happens by itself.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”331″ align=”right” effect=”none” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”]In order to completely focus on my inner world I made myself a mask to cover my eyes, when I go to sleep in the evening and sometimes during the therapy.

When I had used the mask for about a week in applicable situations, my mind naturally begun to form a picture of my body. When I thought about my legs I could see them in my mind, although I couldn’t see them in my mind before.

In the morning I moved to my wheelchair with the mask over my eyes. After a couple of groping moves I begun to see myself, as if I was monitoring myself from outside.

I had a strong feeling that in rehabilitation we had to focus on the healing of this energy body, which sees without eyes instead of staring at muscles and limbs of the physical body.

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