I had hardly made me clear that I have to focus on rehabilitation of the energy body, when I bumped into biophotons as I was searching information on the Internet about the healing effects of light.

In the beginning of the 20th century a Russian researcher Alexander Gurwitsch detected that all cells emit an extremely faint light. Later another researcher V.P.Kazmacheyev announced that this light seemed to have an affect in intercellular communication. A German Physicist Fritz-Albert Popp for his part could demonstrate that this light, which he called biophotons is coherent, laser like light, which directs the body’s biochemical processes.

In the beginning of the 1980s Johan Boswinkel, a Dutchman doing his own unofficial research on various life phenomenon read an article written by Fritz-Albert Popp about biophotons. Popp suggested that the light in our bodies directs the body’s biochemical processes, and disturbances in light emission causes disturbances in the biochemical system, which is the real cause of our diseases.

From this Boswinkel came to a conclusion, which made him devote his life to biophoton research. He thought that if disturbances in light emission disrupt body’s biochemical processes then it must be possible to examine the light, correct the disruption and send the corrected, coherent light back to the system. There must be a way to restore the chaotic light into a coherent light so that it can fulfil its function in the biochemical system.

In the beginning of the 1980s Johan Boswinkel begun to develop a device for examining and restoring biophotons to their original state.
He had a breakthrough in his work when he came up with the idea to use the principles proven by the German founder of electro-­acupuncture, Reinhold Voll in the 1950s. Voll demonstrated that the electrical resistance at acupuncture points clearly differed from that of the surrounding skin.

He also determined that every acupuncture point is connected to a specific organ or gland. Many researchers have found out that acupuncture points have similar function as the eyes:
They serve as windows of the body and absorb light into the body.

Voll’s instrument gives from acupuncture points two kinds of feedback:
It either displays a straight line, indicating a steady resistance, or it displays a downward curve, which tells that there is a disturbance in that acupuncture point and in the organ related to it.

Popp’s light amplifier demonstrated the same thing: a steady line in the case of orderly, coherent light, and a drop in the case of chaotic light. Boswinkel came to a conclusion that measurements taken at acupuncture points correspond to biophotonic measurements. This is the base of his diagnosis.

From Albert Einstein’s point of view we can never solve a problem on the same level of thinking on which it was created. It is obvious, because according to the Law of Attraction things vibrating in the same frequency resonate with each other and are attracted to each other. Consequently, in order to create an opposite effect a counter-frequency has to be created. In regard of Boswinkel’s device the principles of homoeopathy became vitally important.

A very clear demonstration of the working principle of homoeopathy we see in everyday life when we pour water on a table and we should wipe it out. If you try to wipe it out with a completely dry sponge cloth it is more difficult than with a moistened sponge. A sponge, which is slightly wet absorbs liquid better than a dry sponge. Things vibrating in the same frequency resonate with each other and are attracted to each other.

In the Chiren light (biophoton) therapy device that Johan Boswinkel built up has a large database of diseases, medicaments and disease causing organisms. The database has also frequencies of about 500 homoeopathic medicine. If the problem of a treatable person is for example a certain bacterium the body gives a positive feedback about it. After that the therapist sends a counter-­frequency to the body, which neutralizes the original one.

Over the years Boswinkel has noticed that the real cause of diseases can be somewhere else than one would conclude according to the symptoms. He compares a disease with an emergency vehicle: the symptoms are the flashing light on the car roof, the disease is the car. Western medicine focuses on curing the symptoms and it often succeeds to eliminate the flashing light, but the car, the disease moves on.

Biophoton therapy focuses on healing the energy body. Boswinkel calls biophotons information packages. The Chiren device actually activates the intelligent energy of the body so that it can begin to heal itself. Nothing comes from outside except the corrected information that the body can use.

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