In the middle of October I was very surprised to read news about the acquisition between a Finnish video game development company, Supercell and a Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation SoftBank and a video game company GungHo. The acquisition brought the Finnish counterparts 1,1 billion (11*100 million) euros.

The news surprised me, because I had never even heard about a company named Supercell before. I know that video games are a big business, but in this context I have mostly heard Angry Birds-hype.

As I read the news about the company sale I understood why I hadn’t heard anything about Supercell before: the company is less than three years old. It has been established in 2010.

It is less than three years old and brought to its owners 1,1 billion euros. One article put this very clear and brief: Nokia, which has 100 000 employees brought to its owners 5,5 billion US dollars as it sold its cell phone business. Supercell, which has 130 employees brought to its owners 1,5 billion US dollars.

The managing director of Supercell, Ilkka Paananen tells about the company something, which makes me think that young entrepreneurs are creating a new operation mode in entrepreneurship.

When big companies are hiding as much as possible of their profits beyond the reach of tax authorities by transferring them to tax heavens, Ilkka Paananen says that they have got so much from the society and now is time for them to pay back.

He says that the success of the company is based on its workers. They are owners. They are naturally committed to the company. Leaders in a traditional sense are not needed. Every team is doing what it wants and workers support each other to accomplish that what each worker can do best.

The workers were also in a key position in Nokia in the beginning of its success story. The employees, who worked in Nokia in the beginning of the 1990s are speaking about it as a Dream Team-period.

In my writing Levels of Body Consciousness I say that in order to accomplish our tasks succesfully we at least have to know the tools, our body with its different levels, we use.

A company can also be seen as a body. It has its own inner organs, etheric body and astral body. In legal terminology a company is a juristic person, a corporate body. A human being is a natural, physical person.

Some people and also some companies can always balance their tasks in a way that they can accomplish everything successfully. They don’t even have to be aware of the theory related to the body levels.

Dream Teams load cosmic energy into a company. At its best the company reaches the flow-state, in which every worker naturally sees his task in the big picture. They don’t need guidance from outside in original sense of the word.

That is why it is very important that companies consider very carefully before they replace their workers with robots. Robots can bring a company remarkable savings on the short run, but robots can not build dream teams or meditate and activate the Law of Attraction.

Also employees, who take care of routine tasks influence the company’s success with their thoughts and beliefs.

I have been often somewhat amused to notice that my limbs live their own lives, when my leg waggles in its own rhythm for instance. My limbs live their own lives, because they have lost their natural connection to other organs.

I begun to think about this deeper as I watched the Youtube-video Power of Meditation, which suggests that the physical (energy) body, etheric body and astral body are separate (38:20 in video). If this is the case they can be out of alignment and lose their natural connection with each other just like my limbs had lost connection with other organs.

Consequently the physical body and the etheric body can operate out of tune (resonance) with each other. I begun to monitor my actions and I noticed that I don’t really live in my physical body. As I went to sleep at night and closed my eyes my mind was outside the body. Only conscious concentration helped me call my mind into my body and I could relax.

When I sat on my bed in the morning and intended to stand up, my wheelchair stood right before me. In order to get to the wheelchair I had to get up on my feet, turn myself over and sit down. I placed my hand on the other side of the wheelchair in order to have support, got up on my feet and turned myself over. Easy.

But what did I do there actually? My mind was in my hand and there, where I expected to have support when it should have been in my body and legs and muscles, which helped me to stand up. I paid attention to this many times. Sometimes my legs didn’t bear my weight, although I had strong support with my hand. Those times I simply couldn’t stand up. After meditating a while and concentrating my mind in the body it was easy to stand up.

This is not only my problem. In many situations we can see that people are looking to the outside world to find support and answers, and count on their support network instead of activating their own potential powers.

They even let other people think for them and blame others, if things don’t run as smoothly as they imagined them to proceed. Some even use unfair means when trying to eliminate their competitors out of the market as own muscles are not strong enough to have a fair play. Nevertheless everyone of us expect that others play fair game.

People think that the key factor for economic success is money and only big money can make business flourish. It can be seen however that the most successful companies, like Ikea, Microsoft or just now Supercell have started small.

The key factor for the success of these companies has been the passion of their founders to do everything the best one can. This is what everyone of us should aim at, as well in private as in business.

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