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Last decade I have been searching for me a digital camera. I think that poor people, like I am cannot afford to buy bad quality things or waste their money for unnecessary testing, so I have approached this thing very earnestly. Sometimes I already have thought to have found a camera for me, but with closer look my enthusiasm was dwindling away. Usually because the cameras are too big for me.

The muscle strength in my arms is not very good and even 17 ounces is too heavy for me when one thinks that I should hold the camera sitting in a wheelchair with outstretched arm. Prolonged zooming and adjusting different options with one hand is impossible, especially when one knows that good photographic moments usually come out of the blue, and they are gone as quick as they appear.

Because I use a wheelchair and I can’t always reach the object I want to photograph, the first criterion for my camera is that I can always shoot a quick overview, zoom it in my computer and crop as many details of it as I want.


Sometimes I sell my things in online auction sale and for that purpose the images must be so sharp that details can be seen.

As Nokia first introduced the 41 pixel PureView – camera and I zoomed photos taken with it I knew that I had found what I had been searching for so long. I thought that when Nokia puts the camera into a Windows phone I will buy it at once.

Now I have got my own Lumia PureView cell phone, which in addition to the 41 pixel technology has some funtions, which were completely unfamiliar to me. All the articles I have read about Lumia 1020 and its camera focus on its technical characteristics and comparison with other cell phone cameras: how are the photos taken with it in the dark, are the colours accurate and so on. Therefore I was very surprised that with the camera I can take panorama images, like the one I have placed above this text.


Photos of light traces I saw already after the release of the first PureView camera.


SmartCam moving object -function was new for me.


Look at the cameras ability to capture the movement of splashing water.

Lumia 1020 cell phone with its super camera is a good ending to Nokia’s twenty year old cell phone business, which the company sold to Microsoft. New challenges are waiting for Nokia.

What will be the next, life transforming innovation Nokia will push into the world?
I wait excitedly …