After I had found a waterbed for dogs I talked about it to my friend.
I wanted to know what colour and which size would she like to have. When she discussed the matter with her spouse it almost lead to a family dispute. “Nothing is purchased for that dog any more! It is just waste of money”, the householder was yelling furiously.

I thought it was mindless when one knows that the couple uses carefree the same amount of money to buy a coffee machine or ball dress.
My friend explained that the dog is old, it has this and that problem and it will not get any better.

I remembered the effects of a water mattress in my own body and I thought that buying a water mattress for their dog is a real chance to give them something that really matters.

After making the deal with the seller I excitedly told my friend that the mattress is on its way. On the following day my friend told me that the dog had gone to dog’s heaven.

This was their decision. That is clear. Anyway, I am haunted by the thought that with this episode I only managed to advance the departure of the dog from this world.

My friend was grieving on the telephone that maybe it was not a good idea to bury the dog in the garden, where it constantly reminds them.
From my point of view the most painful thing in this episode is how can I meet with my friend and her family later when the memory recalls me that people sharing their life values would have sent me to departure trip 30 years ago.

Only 70 years ago, 20 years before I was born people like me were collected to concentration camps, to departure terminals.
Does this sound rough? Should I apologize that I have this kind of thoughts?

As rude is the contradiction between declarations of human rights, ceremonial speeches and practice as we hear almost daily that there is not enough money to save a public hospital, but hundreds of millions is used to bail out banks. According to decision makers this is joint responsibility, which demands everyone’s participation, even by giving up our human rights.

My friend often said me that the dog is their family member.
He showed commitment to his flock.

Are family members valuable only when one can have amusing and pleasant time with them? Should sick and old people be killed when their presence becomes uncomfortable and they don’t produce added value?
Do we really know what is most precious added value for mankind?
Do we really know what is behind various kinds of pains and sorrows?

Some months ago I saw a document about Sarah Scantlin, The Real Sleeping Beauty, who woke up from coma after 20 years and begun to speak.

The doctors have no idea what is behind those 20 years as they thought that Sarah was in a plant-like state. Sarah could observe the environment, but she could not show any reaction. We do not know much about the life of plants either.

It is a big mystery for the doctors that Sarah could speak, although the part of the brain, which is responsible for speech production was damaged and partly removed.

People talk much about sustainable development nowadays:
the development of mankind is meant to be led to a path, where the development sustains life and increases the well-being of people. Education and understanding how this material world functions are considered as requirements for sustainable development.

A requirement for sustainable spiritual growth however is humanness and humanity. Efforts to prop up big egos do not promote sustainable development, not to mention sustainable spiritual growth.

Nevertheless the spiritual dimension of sustainable development is most relevant for our success. When people exclude a part of their own humanness they exclude the option for holistic spiritual growth. Our happiness lies however in humanness and in spiritual growth, in the consciousness of the Universe.

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