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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

The day before Christmas Eve I searched on Youtube for Christmas carols and found a Christmas concert that the band “Gregorian” had held in Christmas 2008 in Berlin. When I had listened the music for ten minutes I was dumbfounded: I had a divine feeling of peace and love in my heart. I felt privileged that I was able to listen to those heavenly melodies.

”This music is made in the style of Roman Catholic Church music, also called Gregorian Chants. In this kind of music the Solfeggio sound frequencies create harmony, which is said to have spontaneous healing effect for both body and mind”, the voice inside me told.

Self Healing

I have never really listened to Gregorian Chants, but in the beginning of the 1980s my dentist, who was Orthodox Christian, gave me a tape of Orthodox Church chants. Orthodox and Gregorian Chants are very similar in style. Orthodox Chants differ in a way that the melodies include spoken prayers, in which vocals of the words are drawled.

At that time talking with people was a big challenge for me and this prolonging of words was a very good speech exercise. I had not received any speech therapy after my initial rehabilitation. One day I decided to do something about it. I searched for a speech therapist, with whom I wanted to start training my speech.

After I returned home at that evening I was lying on my bed, listening to the Orthodox Church chants. I started spontaneously sing along the chants: “Sii-nun yy-lös-nou-see-mus-taa-sii Kris-tus Vaa-pah-taa-jaa, en-kee-lit vei-suin yy-lis-tää-vät tai-vais-saa, tee mei-dät-kin maan pääl-lää oo-tol-lii-sik-sii, Sii-nuu-aa puh-tain syy-dä-min yy-lis-tää-mään.” (“Your resurrection Saviour Christ, angels are chanting with rejoice in heaven, make us auspicious on Earth, to praise you with pure hearts.”)

After singing for a while I turned to my side and pondered, what was the problem with my speech as air was always flowing to the nose, and there was not enough air pressure, which was necessary to pronounce consonants correctly. To get a feeling about it I said ‘Koo’. The letter K sounded clearly as a consonant. Then I said ‘Pee’. The letter P was a clear P. I said ‘Tee’. It sounded like T. I pronounced other consonants: ‘Hoo’, ‘Vee’, ‘äS’, ‘äR’…

I was simply able to pronounce consonants. The two last ones, S and R are still unclear, but it improved my situation considerably that I was able to pronounce most of the consonants. Practically this meant that I could talk on the phone with people I did not know, and I did not need to travel around the city to take care of my errands.

My speech therapist and everyone else were astonished about the sudden improvement of my speech. It remained a mystery, and I never seriously thought that the church music I listened had a healing effect. Not until now after I became acquainted with the Solfeggio sound frequencies and their effects, this spontaneous healing came to my mind.

Now I feel that also my other experience of spontaneous healing, which I describe in my article “Emotional Intelligence in Function”, was also effect of Solfeggio sound frequencies, and not only an effect of relaxation exercises. While doing exercises I listened the song ‘Maria Padilha’ played by Francis Goya and I felt, how every cell in my body was beating in the rhythm of music.

Frequency Change of the Planet Earth

On the top of this article I have placed a picture, which I took two years ago in my friend’s garden. The picture presents Liverwort flower, which normally is blue, but most of the flowers in my friends garden were pink. When I was a child the ground in forest was in springtime all blue of Liverwort flowers, but I have never before seen pink ones.

I spontaneously thought that this must be somehow connected to the frequency change of the planet Earth. In one article I read that Liverwort flower may blossom in light tint of red or in pink when growing in lime rich, alkaline soil. Ultimately it’s a matter of change in vibrational frequency of the earth. Colour itself is light that vibrates in different frequencies.

But if alkaline soil can change the colour of flowers, how much can our own gestalt change, when we adjust the acid-alkaline balance in our body? I have noticed that the acid-alkaline balance in our body is not only affected by how we eat, but also how we sleep or how relaxed we are. Regardless of our circumstances, our mind can ascend to the state of divine peace and love. We just have to let it happen. It is our natural state where we are a part of the infinite energy field of the Universe. We should embrace this power.

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