When the Soviet Union collapsed in the beginning of the 1990s and people talked about Finland joining to the European Union I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine. She said that some prophecies in the Bible are regarded as descriptions of the formation of the European Union.

In the beginning everything seems fine and promising from the European freedom project’s point of view, but over the years, the EU develops more and more to the kind of a state union that the Soviet Union was. When the systems of the European Union become established people see that the bear (national symbol of Soviet Union) has changed his position.

I don’t know, which Bible chapters are behind these prophecies, but it seems to me, as if they have become true. The European Union already has its politburos, its troika and oligarchs.

After the Soviet Union collapsed it was considered good that Finland got rid of its bonds to Soviet Union and the “Finlandization”. What makes Finlandization towards the West more acceptable? What makes the western oligarchs (financial elite) more trustworthy actors than the oligarchs in the former Soviet Union?

I myself have never felt any threat from Soviet Union or Russia, but the actions of the western financial elite and the oligarchs look more and more untrustworthy.

The crisis in the European Union has escalated during the management of the financial crisis in South European countries, especially Greece. It has become very clear that the European Union is committed to strengthen the position of the financial elite and oligarchs, not to secure the welfare of its citizens.

It seems to me that taxpayers in the EU have value only as a payer. The more hard-working and trustworthy you are, the more committed you are to pay debts of others. In the name of joint responsibility of course.

Greece is expecting solidarity from other countries, but what about Greece’s own solidarity towards other EU citizens? Greece has the world’s largest merchant fleet, and according to news the ship-owners practically pay no taxes.

In Finland the state is able to collect 92% of its tax revenues. Greece collects less than 50% of its tax revenues. This means that the state loses about 30 billion Euro yearly. It is over half of the annual Finnish budget.

I read somewhere that it is humiliating for Greeks to pay taxes. Maybe the Greek concept of democracy includes that this kind of duties belong to “servants”. The financial elite and oligarchs are allowed to rest on their laurels, philosophize and invent regulations about how subordinates have to live their lives.

But the simple truth is that in current economic system no society works, if the necessary financial resources are not provided to the society and its functions. Democracy gives us certain rights, but on the other side of the coin are the duties related to them, because we have to make sure that other people have the same rights as we have.

Everyone who has had economic or other kind of co-operation with other people on the basis of equality understands, that cooperation partners have never shared interests. Everyone has own interests and by doing things together people may find procedures that are beneficial to all. In that way the co-operation is productive and it improves the position of all. It is completely based on healthy self-interest.

It is incongruous that this backbone of free market economy is totally ignored, when consumers are made to adopt a role as a payer by imposing them different regulations. However, everyone knows that co-operation, which is not based on free will and mutual benefit, is nothing but exploitation. Pious orations and declarations do not change that a bit.

Finland has been a member state of the European Union for 20 years. At times the co-operation has been good, sometimes it seemed absurd, often useless. By the management of the economic crisis in recent years the European Union has shown its true face: The Union is not committed to peace and well-being, but its driving force is to promote the interests of the financial elite and its expansive quests for power.

The European Union has turned out to be an unreliable co-operation partner. Not only, because it acts against its own framework agreements and turns a blind eye to the political chicanery of corrupted politicians of the member states. In addition it loads the burden caused by the wicked politicians on shoulders of the member states, which should serve their citizens.

Finnish economy is in a bad shape because of the single currency of the European Union. Finland takes loan to pay the debts of Greece. The statistics show that the savings and disposable income of the Finns are less than that of the Greeks. The arrangement is parallel to, if one would obligate the Romanians pay Finland’s debts.

The Union is very aware of that Finland can hardly deal with its own legal obligations, and the debt burden is exceeding the allowable limit. The international credit rating institutions are threatening to decrease the credit rating and increase the interest rate. It seems to me that our decision makers have no common sense at all, or they are deliberately acting against the interests of people.

Finland will gladly help disadvantaged people. Like any independent actor the state wants to preserve its right to decide on its own about the economic and other resources. For a state this is very important so that it can meet its obligations.

The European Union should begin to secure the well-being of its citizens, because otherwise it meets the same destiny as the former Soviet Union. If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. (Mark 3:24)

When one puts the existing resources and debts of Greece into a scale, the country has no real emergency. The only thing that is needed is political will to pay the debts, and of course imagination, what is a true sign of intelligence.

Today I signed the petition of the Finnish veteran politician Paavo Väyrynen for a referendum concerning the participation of Finland in the eurozone. The petition is here:
[icon_font type=”caret-right” color=”black”] https://www.kansalaisaloite.fi/fi/aloite/1372

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