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When we think about Eastern and Western spirituality there is one core component in both of them: No matter where people are, spirituality makes a conscious effort to free people from the influence of ego. The ultimate intention of people is to jump over their shadow, the ego.

As I watched The Secret-movie about the Law of Attraction the thoughts fascinated me and awakened my whole being. I watched the movie many times and I could finally memorize the lines that each actor spoke. What I didn’t like was that the movie was completely fixed in this materialistic world.

I couldn’t understand how I, who is not motivated by material gains and whose primary intention is to get rid of the influence of ego, could benefit from the Law of Attraction in the best way possible.

Maybe that, what I did after I saw the movie, was just right: I wrote the blog-article “What Do We Need?”, which brings out my point of view, why am I not motivated by chasing worldly mammon. In the article I say, that when our intention is to create balance and well-being in our environment we should rather focus on what do we need, not on what do we want.

Mankind needs people who are willing to share own well-being and wealth. Now when I begin a new life with Jesus I will consciously pay regard to the Law of Attraction, for Jesus teaches: “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” and “With the measure you use it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 21:22, 7:2)

I want to free myself from false kind of modesty, which asks for nothing and which wants to nestle in one’s own small circles in own spiritual well-being and wealth. The whole mankind is my family, not only my blood relatives. I need to have the skills and resources to serve mankind in a best possible way.

I have a feeling that I have to build the inner picture of myself anew. First I made a Google image search with the word ‘dream house’, but I couldn’t find anything that would match my mental and spiritual landscape and that, what my heart would call ‘a dream house’.

After several searches and hundreds of pictures of ‘dream houses’ my eye caught the picture, that I have placed above this article. I don’t know what my ‘dream house’ looks like from the outside, but inside it has just the same atmosphere as in the picture. I have added some own elements in the picture.

The poster on the wall is ‘Morning Star’ made by the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. I had it on my wall already as I was 20 years old. I used to lie on my bed looking at the picture, feeling a connection between us, as she was casting her magical light over me. The Morning Star (heylel in the Greek language) is phosphoros, with the meaning lightbearer. In the New Testament ‘Morning Star’, Lightbearer refers to Jesus Christ (II Peter 1:19 and in Revelations 22:16).

After I found my dream house my ego burst out into mocking laughter: “Ha, ha, ha … Why should you want to live in a house like that! It doesn’t suit you at all. Besides, you already have a nice, bright apartment. It don’t harm anyone, that there is numerous things that would make the flat serve you better.”

The other part in me said: “This is how God’s temple in my heart looks like. Every time I see the picture I have to take a deep breath. I don’t have to justify at all, why I feel at home when I am looking at the picture.
However, I can reason it, when you want: The architecture of the room forms a hexagon, which has all basic elements of life in it: fire, earth, air, Universe (God’s Spirit, life energy) and water.

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