Imagine how wonderful it would be for you to have an advisor, who would see your own social status in the whole knowing the answer to all of your problems, and who would encourage and guide you gently forward on the path you have chosen.

This kind of advisor I would have needed 39 years ago when I was touring in Germany, trying to become familiar with its culture. I had an overwhelming feeling that everything I could see in the material world was like a theater that concealed the world from which everything was emanated. At that time I did not have an advisor I could have consciously resort to.

I was feeling very bad for months. However, I was able to make some sort of reconciliation with myself and I thought that everything that is happening to us will be for our benefit. The next morning I could not move, talk or eat, and my friend ordered an ambulance that took me to a hospital.

After a week of unconsciousness, I found myself in a hospital connected to a ventilator. I still could not speak and I was totally paralyzed. I was able to move my right leg on the bed, which gave me a great relief, when I felt that my limbs were burning. I communicated by blinking my eyes.

Although my situation seemed hopeless I had an extremely good feeling. I was grateful that I was feeling so good, even though my limbs were sometimes burning unbearably. I was very glad that I was alive and my mind was clear. I could not speak, but I was able to answer questions rationally. I asked myself what was worse than being unable to speak.

My mind began to draw a picture of a situation, where a person could not express his mind rationally, where even the simplest words had disappeared. These thoughts made me feel even more grateful.

When I watched The Secret-movie and became familiar with the Law of Attraction, I gradually became aware that I had invoked my illness and my disability with my thoughts. The idea was confusing: On one hand, I realized how enormous my own power is. On the other hand, the film emphasized the importance of positive emotions and joy in the creative process, which left me in a way out of everything, because my disability came from bad feelings. It made me feel that I had done everything wrong and that my disability was some sort of mistake in all my creation. Self-accusations caused by this idea were quite overwhelming.

Abraham Hicks

When I first watched the Secret movie on Youtube five years ago, the most impressive figure in the movie was Esther Hicks (Abraham). When I ordered DVD copies of the movie to give them as a gift to my friends, Esther Hicks was edited out of the movie and replaced with two other “teachers”. I felt fooled. It was as if the best part was cut off from the movie.

Esther Hicks channels the infinite intelligence of the Universe, who call themselves Abraham. We can give Abraham the name intuition, inner voice, Holy Spirit, or Archangel Michael or the voice of our collective consciousness, Christ Consciousness. Regardless of what name we give to the channel, the teachings of Abraham touch me, for they make common sense. I know intuitively that they come from the source and when I listen to the voice of Abraham, I realize how tightly I am conditioned to the thinking models of this world, although on this blog I have written a lot about the same things Abraham is talking about. We only use different vocabulary.

Although I regard Abraham as a voice from Christ Consciousness it does not mean that I share with Abraham in all things the same opinion. In some cases, I have a different experience and my own experience is what I am listening to. Although my own experience is different, it does not mean that I think Abraham is wrong. It may well be that I have interpreted my feelings wrong or that I have not understood the message of Abraham, as he has meant it. Because I want to approach my intentions wholeheartedly, I have to keep the antennas tuned in every direction.


Abraham speaks of the contrast (duality) of positive and negative (energy), I speak of the complementary effect of Yin and Yang energies and their continuous drive to find balance. Although Abraham speaks about the importance of joy and positive thoughts and emotions, they say that negative feelings, bad vibes are not a bad thing. Negative emotions are a strong indicator that a person has activated the desire to create conditions that match his own preference. Contrasts are indispensable, because we can know what we want only by learning to know the effects of different lifeforms and state of matter. Contrasts guide us in spiritual growth, which is a never ending project. There is no right or wrong way to act. The driving force behind everything is what we want in each situation that enhances our well-being.

Vortex – Gateway

Abraham talks about vortex and urges us to find any excuse to go into the vortex. I talk about zero-point energy or fountain of life in which the ego (our opponent) does not have any effect. I was in such a situation, when I woke up in the hospital after a week of unconsciousness. I was so happy in that zero-point state that I decided to push myself every now and then into that vortex in the future. Later I came to know that this is the foundation of meditation.

39 years ago I did not know my advisor, my inner being, which is my true self. However, she was living in my heart and led me despite of the nonspecific expressions I gave to her. When I had pushed myself into a dead end and thought that everything that happens to us, happens for our benefit, my inner being took me to vortex. It was the best thing that could have happened to me in that situation, because it was a gateway to a whole new world.

My feelings had indicated clearly that I wanted to grow mentally and spiritually and as a disabled person I had access to school of life, in which I learned more about life during the first five years than in 19 years before my disability.

The best thing, however, is that I have a connection to my advisor now, and I can lead my life on purpose with my inner being in accordance with the Law of Attraction. The Universe is fulfilling itself through natural laws and supports our well-being when we only allow it.

Path of Least Resistance

Most people think probably that the concept “path of least resistance” is a kind of non-violent (political) influence in the style of Mahatma Gandhi. However, it is a very vague description, because in a spiritual sense, the “path of least resistance” is much more than determined action to achieve a goal.

It contains all that Abraham calls “the secret behind the Secret.” The Law of Attraction is not a secret. In regard of the Law of Attraction the most significant thing is that we are divine creatures and each one of us creates his/her own reality. When we let our internal navigation guide us, the Law of Attraction works for our benefit and supports our well-being in every respect. From this point of view, the “path of least resistance” primarily refers to how we treat ourselves: Do we let our inner being guide our lives, or do we live in the level of ego-consciousness in this limited time-space reality?

According to Abraham negative emotions and bad feelings is an indication that what our ego is thinking is in contradiction with the insight of our inner being. When we think about murders, rapes, and terrorist attacks that have become part of our everyday life, the idea that bad feelings created by these evil deeds are in contradiction with the insight of our inner being seems far-fetched.

We are used to thinking that our inner being, guided by the Holy Ghost, is defender of all good things and our bad feelings are a clear indication that our inner being wants us to condemn evil deeds. However, we must remember that our inner being sees things from God’s point of view. The Holy Ghost, Christ Consciousness, the divine energy field is pure positive energy and there is no contrast (of negative and positive, Yin and Yang energies). It does not categorize or judge things. Its state is the highest possible vibration.

Breaking the Chains of Thought

In my article Who am I? I quoted Richard Bach (from Jonathan Livingston Seagull):[framed_box width=”” bgColor=”b7ecdf” rounded=”true”]”Your whole body from wingtip to wingtip is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see. Break the chains of your thought and you break the chains of your body, too.”[/framed_box]

I then asked myself how this breaking of chains of thought in practice happens when our whole life is caught in thoughts. I was thinking that only death can release us from thoughts and this limited time-space reality. And that’s it. However, we do not have to go through physical death, because everything happens on a spiritual level.

The material world and our physical body are part of the universal energy field, where similar things vibrate at the same frequency and attract each other. When the vibrational frequency of the energy field generated by our physical body rises, it starts to attract different things than before. When the vibrational frequency has risen to a certain level, we will no longer attract murders, rapes, terrorist attacks and things that bring us down. Our ego tunes to the frequency of our inner being, which means that we have jumped over our shadow, the ego.

Abraham says that we should not think so much in the level of ego-consciousness, but wait for ideas and inspirations from our hearts and visualize with the insight of our inner being. Then the thought patterns of this material time-space reality and our five sense organs will no longer limit us. When we break the chains of our soul, we break the chains of our physical being, too.”

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