limitless being

We are used to think, that when we know something we are conscious. We imagine that knowledge makes us conscious and we try to gain as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge broadens our horizon and helps us solve problems, but we also know that actual knowledge is outdated tomorrow. We also know that the more we know, the more aware we become of the fact how little we know. Therefore knowledge doesn’t make us feel ourselves strong, it makes us feel ourselves small.

And then we know that we can know something in our subconscious mind, and act according to the knowledge we are not aware of.

This raises a thought that consciousness has nothing to do with human intellect and logical reasoning ability. So, what is consciousness? Do we have a term to describe it?

In my text Thoughts Attracted by the Law of Attraction I had the thought, that people need a counterforce against the hindrance they have piled up before their own success.

The eye is the lamp of the body, and when our eye is healthy, our whole body will be full of light. Enlightenment creates consciousness.

Consciousness is enlightenment.

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