Some weeks ago I saw the film Secret of Rhonda Byrne about the Law of Attraction. According to it we attract ourself with thoughts everything we are confronting in life.

There was nothing new in the film itself, but it awakened in me a new kind of awareness. I understood that I have lived my whole life in domain of the Law of Attraction. But I have not been aware of it before and this unconsciousness has made me feel uncertain and be indecisive, and I have scattered my attention to things that I don’t want. The film showed me, how should I focus my attention in order to create a future that meets my expectations. This new kind of awareness has helped me to get rid of old karma and unnecessary criticism as well as to lay borders to somewhere they are pointless and lead to nothing.

A memory from my childhood was also awakened by the film:

as I read fairy tales my heart was sighing every time, when unfortunate lot was turning magically into jubilant victory. I understood that the stories were product of people’s imagination. To my mind for that very reason they had to have their basis in reality of this world. I asked myself, if man can even think anything that could not be true.
According to the Law of Attraction our thoughts become reality.