[blockquote align=”center”]Because it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.[/blockquote]

In the beginning of my text Awakening I write that as I woke up after being one week in coma I had a vague memory of the words of the book Illusions of Richard Bach, according to which there is a power in every one of us, which draws to us every experience we confront in life. Even more vague memory I had about a thought I had read somewhere:
it said we should cut off our hand if it misleads us, because it is better to lose one limb of the body than to go with whole body into hell.

My ego had its own perceptions what had happened to me when I got the stroke. Anyway, my deepest thoughts were concerned with the situation, when I wanted to end my affair with my male friend that was gnawing me from within: My legs were taking me to his place irrespective of my will, and I felt that I had totally lost control over myself. Something in me said that that was exactly what had happened to me: I had cut off the wings of my legs altogether as they seemed to mislead me. But how on earth this could have happened?

The following thought rose in my mind as I was watching the Thrive – movie: At the point 01:27:57 of the time line of the movie it is suggested that the world’s leading elite, Illuminati, which presents the impressive All-seeing Eye of Horus as its symbol and which is striving for the so called New World Order, can in the worst case eliminate any individual or group in an instant.

When we think that the All-seeing Eye of Horus is a symbol of the Pineal Gland in human brain, our All-seeing Third Eye, which gets all incoming signals from our senses, it is obvious that it can disconnect any part of the body when needed.

I have been wondering why the All-seeing Eye of Horus is presented in most cases as a symbol of Illuminati and not as a symbol of the Third Eye, Pineal Gland, what it originally stands for. Maybe it is because people don’t dare to introduce their perceptions about this thing, which obviously requires medical knowledge of the brain functions.

I think that if doctors can diagnose my illness based on my symptoms without seeing me as a psycho-physiological whole I can present my own perception about this issue, although I don’t have any deeper medical knowledge.

Illuminati has made the All-seeing Eye of Horus as its symbol, but despite of the impressive emotions it awakens in us, the symbol itself has no power. The Power is in the Pineal Gland of people, in our Third Eye, which is our connection to the universal Consciousness, in which the Illuminati has no power.

We feel completely powerless when we think about the manipulating techniques of the Illuminati, beginning with the manipulation of the human mind, going on with the manipulation of weather and causing natural catastrophes using scalar weapons.

Egocentric human being, who sees the world only through his physical eyes, has certainly no power at all to fight against these powers of the world. But we have a power within us, which makes these disastrous powers of the world hear like buzzing sound of a mosquito and this power is only a thought away: we have to ally with our real self.

When we are connected with the universal Consciousness and this life-sustaining power is on our side, who can be against us?
Nothing and no-one.

So, we have nothing to be afraid of.
And still we hear that the ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to build up a totalitarian global government. The force for creating enemy images is always fear: Fear about the imaginary destructive power of the enemy.

Presenting the Illuminati as a big enemy is also based on fear. We imagine that the leading elite of the world knows more than we do, and it has every power to carry out its plans. By thinking this way we actually create our own reality. Our thoughts attract the thing we are afraid of: the totalitarian global government. Maybe we should see this whole thing from another perspective:

The Illuminati has built up its world conquest strategy totally from the view of an egocentric human being. It shows that the Illuminati knows as little as people commonly do – or even less – about the powers of life: They live in an illusion that they have the power to resist the life-sustaining power of the Universe. This only weakens the foundation of their own authority.

The life-sustaining power of the Universe is inherent in every human being. When people ally with this power the situation as a whole is different: In order to maintain at least the authority, which the Illuminati has now it has to change its strategy and begin to work according to the conditions of the almighty universal power.

I am going to meditate now!
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