In my text Awareness and the Law of Attraction I wrote that awareness about the Law of Attraction brought into my mind a memory from my childhood: As I read fairy tales my heart was sighing every time when an unfortunate lot was turning magically into jubilant victory.

This happened after the death of my mother when I already had a kind of world view. I thought that because the stories were product of people’s imagination they had to have their basis in the reality of this world.
It raises a question, what is fairy tale when through the Law of Attraction our thoughts become reality.

In these first fairy tale – thoughts of mine is one thing, that now attracts my attention:
As I read those stories I was not fixed on details. The framework, environment and physical circumstances were not important. Only the message was important.

When I have written these texts over four months now I have sometimes wondered, why do I make it so difficult for me. It would be so easy to let thoughts flow freely, explain and use colorful words and let the reader interpret the text just as he likes to. But instead of that I meditate for hours and it often brings about merely couple of sentences. The stronger the emotional charge is around the thing I want to handle, the harder it is to analyse.

As I wrote the last sentences in my text From Love of Power to Power of Love in which I raise the thought that we have to shut down the voice of our ego in order to listen to the voice within us, I understood what I am actually doing here: I am trying to separate from my texts the voice of my ego.

My ego would like to explain and use nice words and phrases, and would not like to write anything that brings myself into bad light. But I want to cut off the tunes of my ego. What is left is the main point dictated by my inner voice.

When I think about this thing further I realize that I have used this kind of style always, when I have written letters to public authority, reports of my rehabilitation, diverse applications and so on. Always when it has been important that the recipient understands my message just as I want him to understand it.

I have cut out from my texts all possibilities of different interpretations, because the purpose of my messages is that they transmit the information about the realities just as they are. In that case the thought jumps clearly above the text, above time and space.

How do I distinguish the inner voice from the voice of ego?
My text Awakening was originally two times as long as the one, I published. Its contents has the strongest emotional charge I have dealt so far. My ego was constantly pushing its comments and colors in my mind.

When the text was ready and I begun to translate it into English I noticed that I got stuck in colorful adjectives all the time. As the job took time I came to think, if those colorful expressions were necessary when I view my message as a whole.

When I read everything again, I noticed that the article had whole paragraphs, which said nothing, only scattered the thought. When I deleted these tunes translating was no problem. Hereafter I know that if I cannot express myself in simple words, it is my ego who is speaking.

The thoughts I have written above apply for the texts which I have written about my own experiences. The texts in the beginning of this blog – which I now see as a kind of tuning with my inner self – came into being in a completely different manner: those thoughts just came out of nothing. Usually the text was as a whole in my mind before I started to write it down.

Especially when I wrote the text What is Consciousness? I had a very funny feeling. On the day I wrote it I said in the morning to my physiotherapist: “People think they are conscious when they know something.”

I had never thought about that thing deeper and after I said those words I paid attention to it. I thought that it is probably the greatest misconception of people. We imagine that people – separate egos who are interpreting knowledge independently from each other – could manage knowledge. But the fact that people can act according to the knowledge they are not aware of raises a thought that people are not masters of knowledge and consciousness.

It awakens a thought that subconscious mind is knowledge itself. It doesn’t only have every piece of knowledge we can ever wish to have, but it also shows us, how to apply that knowledge for our benefit. When we get connected with this information source, different interpretations of separate egos don’t dilute our good efforts.

I have followed my intuition all my life, but I have not been aware of it. This is the first time I give my full attention to my inner voice. I believe that it will gradually become easier for me to analyse my experiences when I pay attention to the big picture and not to diverse interpretations of my ego.

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