Mother Mary with Jesus Christ (Painted by Adolf Hitler 1913)

Since March 2016, when I wrote the first article on Adolf Hitler (It’s time to rehabilitate mankind I) it has been my intention to write, how life virtually looked like in National Socialist Germany in the 1930s. When people talk about “Nazi” Germany they usually show us pictures of soldiers marching on the streets. However, the success of the National Socialist Germany was not based on military power. Even the swastika refers to it: It is an ancient symbol of natural energy flow and well-being that Hitler found on a memorial once he was visiting church.

Hitler did his utmost to avoid the outbreak of war, because his biggest challenge was to lift people from the misery, which it had fallen into after the WWI. Even dullest people realize that economic growth or any kind of growth requires a stable social environment. Only parasites, who make their riches at the expense of other people’s misery, do not need a stable social environment.

Because of the demonization of Hitler, National Socialism is today for most people a swear word that has a connotation of genocide, warmongering and maliciousness, and it is not even regarded as a serious political theory. We should, however, dare to see the facts as facts. In Hitler’s government, I am particularly interested in the economic reforms and social policy practice that allowed Germany to rise like a phoenix from the ashes in record time to world’s leading power.

Hitler’s reforms were based on his conception of socialism. We are conditioned to think that socialism is Marxist Socialism, which is in a way a milder version of communism. In Hitler’s view, the Marxists had stolen the term “socialism” and confused its meaning. Hitler thought that Marxism is not socialism in the original sense of the word. In an interview with The Guardian newspaper in 1923, Hitler says that socialism is initially a term that refers to promoting common well-being. It is not against private ownership, like Marxism. Unlike Marxist socialism, socialism initially emphasized the value of an individual, personal goals and personal contribution to the community. Efficiency of individuals was encouraged. However, the actions and objectives of individuals had to be consistent with the objectives of the community. Everyone had to work for the well-being and wealth of the community and its members.

To describe this relationship Hitler thought in terms of a simple analogy. He believed in a healthy soul in a healthy body. An individual is the soul and the community is the body. The policy of the community needs to be reasonable and consistent, if one wants to keep the soul healthy. Physical and mental (moral) well-being go hand in hand. Therefore, the state has an important role to play in educating citizens to virtue and communality. According to Hitler, the ultimate goal of social work is to make people able to help themselves.

Unlike Marxism that emphasizes internationality, socialism was originally patriotic. That is why there is the word NATIONAL before socialism. Human beings, like other living creatures, need roots and the feeling of belonging to be able to feel strong in spirit and to work effectively with other members of the community.

Social Reforms of National Socialists

When Hitler was appointed chancellor in March 1933, Germany was totally collapsed. The gold reserves had been paid as war reparations to the victor states of the World War I and the state treasury was empty. There were 6-7 million unemployed people in the country, about 30% of the population. However, Hitler did not think people’s hope was gold and cash reserves, but the people themselves.

Hitler had a very practical view of things. He says in his book Mein Kampf that his advantage to other decision-makers is that he had seen everything from the grassroots perspective. Many decision-makers have no connection with the people, and therefore they have no understanding of the problems they should solve.

Hitler thought that slumming was the main reason for the degradation and plight of people. Slumming is not primarily that people have to live in tight environs, but have to spend disproportionately long time to earn their basic livelihoods. They have no time and no energy to get out of everyday pressures, and they are day in, day out in touch with people, whose situation is as distressing (or worse) as their own situation.

When Hitler came to power, he began to dismantle this plight that had become very familiar to himself after his parents died when he was 13 years old and he had to earn his living in Vienna. After Hitler took office, he drove out the Rothshild’s bank dynasty and dismantled the parasitic economic structures. Usury was banned by law. The National Socialist government launched its own currency. Its value was directly attached to the workforce of the people and its production. It was the cornerstone of the national socialist economy, and there were no middlemen in the economy that ate away common wealth. Wealth was shared with ordinary citizens instead of banking cartel.

The crossfire between employers and workers was stopped. Everyone was responsible for building the country. The companies were entitled to make profit, but they also had the duty to take care of the well-being of their employees and the society.

Due to these measures, the German economy took off, while the world led by the banking mafia was in recession. Within five years, 6 million unemployed people had been employed, and the country had no debt, no inflation, no homeless people or beggars and no crime. Education and healthcare was free.

The world’s first autobahn network was built in “Nazi” Germany. The world’s first magnetic tape recording is of a speech by Hitler, the first television broadcast strong enough to escape the planet featured Hitler’s speech at the opening of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, computers and data processing started. Germany was the world’s most powerful scientific culture, which had half of the world’s Nobel Prizes and a sizeable portion of the world’s patents.

In the National Socialist Germany there was a remarkable emphasis on German culture. The Day of German Art was founded in appreciation of art and culture. The whole spectrum of German culture was presented to the people. 2500 new churches were built. Hitler was a Christian himself and regularly visited the church. People were encouraged to become free in spirit and learn to know the nation they were living in. Everyone was striving to strengthen own physical and mental backbone.

In order to increase the potential of the people, the Hitler government launched in 1933 a social program “Strength through Joy” (Kraft durch Freude), which offered affordable leisure activities for common men and women. Cruise ships like Wilhelm Gustloff, Robert Lay, Cap Arcon were built and workers had the first time the opportunity to cruise to neighbouring countries almost for free.

Families were at the center of Hitler’s social policy. Women were in key position as guardians of future generations and the nations future. Maternity was one of the most important tasks of society and every child was regarded as a gift from heaven.

In 1933 the government passed a law that married couples obtained interest-free loans at the minimum of 5000 RM (equivalent to 9 months salary) to set up homes and families. Almost 1.5 million new dwellings were built by 1937 to improve people’s living conditions. To obtain an apartment or a house, a loan was granted on very favorable terms: the first child cancelled 1/4 of the loan, four children cancelled the entire debt. Maximum rent was about 1/8 of the monthly salary.

National Socialists believe that a greater power drive people in this world. This belief is not only reflected in Germany’s family policy, but also in respect for the environment and every living thing. Hitler’s Germany was the first in the world to pass legislation for animal protection. Animal testing, ritual slaughter (halal, kosher) and causing unnecessary pain to animals were banned. Germany even organized an international conference for animal protection.

Smoking hazards were reported to the public and Germany was the first to ban smoking in public transit. Selling alcohol to minors was prohibited, as well as driving drunk. These are all measures that came to our attention only decades later.

The Future of Europe

From time to time we hear politicians talk about “the common values of the peoples’ of Europe” and that the member states of the Union should strengthen it, to work together for a common goal. In ceremonial speeches our leaders talk about the principles of an open society, pluralism, tolerance, respect for human life in all its forms etc. I wonder, in what kind of reality these speakers live. The fact is that in Europe people sit in prisons because of their opinions, are prisoners of conscience so to speak. And I’m not talking about Russia or Eastern Europe now, but i.a. Germany. In Germany, the objective research of the Second World War is prohibited by law. Holocaust deniers sit in jail. Even a more than 80-year-old grandmother, who tells of her own experience, has been in the teeth of the legal system for years.

Anyone thinking with their own brain makes the conclusion that no evidence of systematic Jewish genocide exists. However, the only narrative that Europe accepts in regard of World War II is the demonization of Hitler.

Whenever someone presents Hitler and National Socialist Germany as a manifestation of all evil, it is to me like a punch in the face. And I am certainly not the only one. The demonization of Hitler and the National Socialist Germany is also a proof that the person, who expresses the idea speaks, what he or she is conditioned to think and does not think by him- or herself.

For decades, the developments of the Second World War have been put on German people. The deception has been so effective that they themselves believe in it. The Second World War did not end when the US and the Soviet Union “liberated” Germany from the “tyranny” of Hitler. It began an information war that is still going on and is getting worse day by day. The future of the European Union and mankind depends entirely on, whether the EU and world leaders are able to put an end to this information war and the deception that has lasted for decades. The parasitic powers, that get their riches on the plight of human beings have been able to maintain this war only with the help of useful idiots, who do not think by themselves. There must be a way to stop the deception. The name of Adolf Hitler must be rehabilitated, if the European Union was to gain any credibility at all. It is not only for Adolf Hitler’s sake and because it is a gross injustice that we demonize a person, who in fact is a national hero.

It is important to look at the National Socialist Germany objectively, because the whole world needs economic reforms similar to those that Hitler carried out in Germany. However, Hitler’s Germany is not the only country in the world that has proven that the reforms are effective.

China begun to open to the West as it introduced in 1978 its reforms and “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, which adopted elements of market economics as a means to increase productivity. In the 1990s China sustained an average annual gross domestic product growth rate of 11.2%. China may call the reforms whatever seems suitable, but the fact is that China is a country that carries out national socialism like Hitler. But the human aspects had a stronger emphasis in Hitler’s policy. Nevertheless China is a very patriotic country with strong family and community values.

On the 16th of July, 2018 the US and Russian presidents meet in Helsinki, in my home city. People around the world are afraid that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin might make some kind of peace treaty that would end the hostility between East and West. I would be very happy, if such a treaty was made. In remembrance of general Patton, commander of the US Third Army, who after the Second World War openly admitted that the Allied had fought against the wrong people, Mr.Trump and Mr.Putin could try to correct this big mistake. They would be just the right persons to end the information war that has lasted since 1945. They have the courage and backbone to do it.

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