For a long time, nothing so positive has happened in the political arena than the meeting of President Trump and Putin. It made me feel good. The presidents found a dialogical connection, what was the purpose of the meeting and at the press conference they spoke common sense, and did not unnecessarily provoke each other.

In this mindset, it has been appalling to follow the US media’s attitude towards Trump and Putin’s negotiations. It seems that the leading news agencies and top journalists in the United States have lost their minds. News headlines are screaming: “Helsinki meeting was a “serious mistake”, Trump’s cowardice before Putin, Trump betrayed his country, the security of the US threatened, Helsinki summit may be a time when a more unstable world order was created, time to prepare for the worst case scenario etc.”

These news headlines tell that it is time for Americans to look seriously in the mirror. Journalists seemed to rebuke Donald Trump’s every word. When Trump admitted that both have made mistakes, someone thought he should have confronted Putin of the mistakes of Russia. I have thought that each of us should correct our own faults, as we can most effectively influence only ourselves, when we have the will to improve ourselves.

Donald Trump said at the beginning of the press conference that US-Russian relations have never been as bad as now. In his view, a US – Russian meeting should have been held long before he took office. At the beginning of the negotiations Trump was not in a position, in which he could have set any conditions. Based on his previous experiences, Putin did not expect anything from the meeting. Maybe he was optimistic, but the meeting could have been same kind of harping as before, which does not bring things forward at all.

This time, however, Putin was pleased with the results of the negotiations. Donald Trump was able to listen and he was sensitive enough to create a conversation and they were able to negotiate deeply and honestly about many things. Although nothing concrete was agreed upon, the most important thing was to begin a dialogue, which would enable concrete measures in the future.

For the US, it seems to be a national trauma that in 2016 the Democrats lost the presidential election. Russia has been blamed for that, but I believe that Trump won the election because he represents things that have support among the people. Citizens are capable of independent thinking, and no propaganda or information can affect them, unless it resonates with common sense and their sense of justice.

Trump won the election, because the people have had enough of the power structures that benefit a few and are decaying Western democracy. More than 10 years have passed since the publication of the Zeitgeist-documentary, which was the first presentation to comprehensively address the prevailing power structures. Although there has been harsh censorship, people have had a better chance than ever to get acquainted with the actions of the rulers. It is said that the Soviet Union broke up, because the power structures became more transparent to the people. People returned power to themselves, as it should be.

Allegations against Russia are nothing compared with the fact that the USA has not only meddled in countless elections worldwide, but has actively participated in bloody military coups. It is almost inconceivable to think of the destruction that the US with its allies caused when they defeated the national socialist Germany in the 1940s.

How could it be possible that the US intelligence services, which emphasize their reliability and accuracy and who think that people, who mistrust them are traitors, did not know the situation in Germany prior to the war and informed about it, for example, General Patton, the commander of the U.S. Third Army, who was responsible for American operations in Germany?

It is almost impossible to imagine the pain and the feeling of being betrayed, what General Patton has experienced when Germany was in ruins and he found out that the allies had fought against the wrong people. He had acted as a useful idiot in the state machine, and when he realized it, he suffered the fate of a useful idiot: he was eliminated in all silence.

From an ordinary citizen’s point of view, common sense says to me that either the intelligence services are not at all up to date or are deliberately misleading and deceiving people and in that way act in contravention of the interests of Americans. When I follow world events, it seems that the US is in the pocket of evil spirits, which have as little aspiration to promote the interests of the USA as the interests of any other gentile nation.

At this time Russia is the eyesore of these warmongers. It should be noted that today’s Russia is a completely different country than the Soviet Union established by the Bolsheviks. It was not even allowed to bring Bibles to the Soviet Union that adhered to the legacy of Jewish Bolsheviks. Putin has strengthened the position of Orthodox Christianity as national religion of Russia and has built churches that were destroyed in Soviet times.

When the Soviet Union broke up in the early 1990s, the descendants of the Bolshevik government left the country like rats leave a sinking ship. The oligarchs who tried to rob as much as possible of state’s property found themselves in jail. This despite the fact that they had brought Putin to power. In 2015 George Soros’s Open Society that instigates anarchy and social conflicts, was banned in Russia.

For this reason, the media trumpets Trump’s incompetence, disgrace, treason and cowardice. It is a reflection of the panic of the financial elite (oligarchs). As Trump begins to be serious about cooperating with Putin, as we hope, oligarchs and society-destroying powers in the USA may also end up behind bars.

On October 10, 1920, the American Hebrew Magazine wrote that the revolution of the Bolsheviks in Russia was executed by the Jews. Jewish plan was to create a New World Order, that is to say, the Jewish world order. What worked so well in Russia should become reality for the whole world they thought. Until now Vladimir Putin has been a concrete obstacle to the realization of these plans. That is why Russia has been in the teeth of the NWO leaders. Nothing would be more desirable for these warmongers than to bring about a new Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

But the unipolar world order and the monetary system that is enslaving people have come to an end. Donald Trump’s statement gives some indication to this. He says: “I would rather take a political risk in the persuade of peace than to risk peace for political reasons.” (Spoken: I would rather risk my career than world peace for political reasons.) It remains to be seen, if Trump and Putin are sincere in their intentions.

Be that as it may, the change starts always among ordinary people. No politician can promote things without the support of the people. We have to wake up and maintain the awareness, so that we can support those, who promote our well-being.

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