Human mental/spiritual development is light years behind the development of technology. Our social life reminds us in many ways of the house building of fools; After building the house, the contractors discovered that there were no windows in the house. To fix this, they tried to carry daylight into the house using sacks.

Irrational action is simply due to people not knowing what is natural and common sense. The news tell that in the US, teachers are encouraged to teach ‘ethnomathematics’. According to some notions, traditional mathematics embodies ‘white supremacy’ as it requires students to provide the right answers.

The classification of mathematics as white supremacy is based on the belief that mathematics is a human invention. However, mathematics is a natural science and a universal language. It exists completely independently of people and follows its own laws, which man cannot modify as he sees fit. It embodies the functioning of our breeding ground, the intellectual energy field (God). Technological development has, to the greatest extent possible, been thanks to mathematically talented people.

The fact that some people want to lower the level of standards from those who do not immediately reach the standards shows only that they do not know the mental/spiritual growth potential of people. In part, it may be due to a desire to achieve quick results that please yourself and others. But if people do not see their own resources, nor the internal resources of others, the most important essence of humanity, what makes us equal, is unknown to them. What becomes of a democracy whose citizens do not have a common fixed point (common sense and morality) and a sense of belonging? Nothing but a playground for big egos.

The Great Reset – How did this come about?

Most people think that their only chance to change external conditions is to influence other people’s attitudes. Human actions are reactive. It means that people react to situations or things observed in the outside world. Since the late 1970s, television has shown more and more series and programs that are full of wicked people, who plot, lie and manipulate other people and try to get them to act in a way that is beneficial to them. It seems like this has become mainstream. Many think that the most significant thing that distinguishes a human from an animal is the human ability to fabricate credible stories and get everyone to believe them. Factual truth means nothing to them.

With people being brainwashed by television for decades, it’s no wonder many think that what they see on television is the right way to act. These people become parliamentarians (politicians) and decision-makers in media houses, public agencies, NGOs, etc. Today, the world – especially Western democracies – is so confused that people do not know what to believe. Confidence in politicians and the media has been lost. People blame each other for the situation and all attention is turned to the outside world. People expect others to change their views to satisfy their own desires. Others must give up their selfishness and serve my selfish intentions.

Lack of trust has led to breakdown of social cohesion. In practice, it means that the driving force that has made people commit to building their societies and what has made world go round has died. Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking (Hegelian Dialectic) has a far-reaching impact on the social and political structures and goals of society. Hegelian Dialectic (problem-reaction-solution) is a means of directing our thoughts and actions to conflicts that lead to solutions pre-determined by those in power. If you question the official truth, that is, if you present ‘false’ views, you will be excluded from social life. Your influence and career will be destroyed. In practice, this is totalitarianism.

The Great Reset – Renaissance of the World

It is easy for those in power to manipulate reactive people because they know how people react while living in autopilot mode. The current situation does not serve even the famous one percent who owns more than 90% of the world’s wealth. For problems of the battlefield of egos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has launched the action program The Great Reset. Directly translated, it means ‘zeroing’ in Finnish. My reset occurred in 1979 when I got a stroke and found myself in hospital completely paralyzed and unable to speak. When we talk about a reset, it creates a scary image of jumping into the unknown. However, resetting in my case was the beginning of a new life. At the heart of this new life was the realization that I cannot seek action models from the outside world, but must begin to use my own brains and activate my internal powers. My reactive life attitude became active and I started to create my own reality.

I mentioned The Great Reset action program in my previous article when I talked about Tuomas Malinen and his views on it. When translating the article, I searched the web for an official Chinese translation with the keyword ‘the great reset’. I ended up on the WEF website where it was translated as ‘world renaissance’, ‘renewal’, ‘The World Revival.’ (世界 的 复兴). Having read Chinese articles on the matter, I realized that the action program focuses on the same problems I have written about in my blog for years.

The following are direct quotes from the texts I read: “To secure the future and well-being of humankind, we need to change the economic model so that the well-being of man and the planet is at the heart of global values …. the human tragedy in the world is a wake-up call. We need to build fair, inclusive, sustainable (environmentally friendly) and resilient economies and societies that have the capacity to face … the global challenges we face. ”

“We need to start a global reform movement to create a new social contract that guarantees respect for the dignity of every person. This global health crisis has demonstrated the unsustainability of old systems: lack of social cohesion and equal opportunities. …. We need to build intergenerational responsibility in the new social contract so that we can meet the expectations of young people. ”
“The corona epidemic (global challenges, own note) has accelerated our transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We must ensure that human beings are always at the heart of new digital, biological and physical technologies and that they serve society as a whole and increase people’s equal opportunities.

In addition to economic life and social relations, people’s (moral) attitudes also need reform: “We need to move from a short-term way of thinking to a long-term way of thinking and from a shareholder model to stakeholder responsibility. Good governance in environmental and social relations must be an integral part of corporate and government accountability.”
“The driving force behind this global summit is the younger generation, which aims to ensure that the dialogue on ‘The Great Reset’ transcends the boundaries of our conventional thought patterns and is truly forward-looking.”

“This is why the World Economic Forum brings together thousands of young people (Global community of outstanding young people) from more than 400 cities worldwide who interact with leaders from all walks of life in Davos through effective virtual centers (hubs). All centers follow an open door policy so that all willing citizens have the opportunity to participate in the debate and the annual meeting is open to all. In addition, global media and social media networks mobilize millions of people by offering them the opportunity to share their views and open access to the discussions at the annual Davos meeting.”

New Social Contract

The above WEF action plan sounds like common sense and is worth promoting. However, it makes people very skeptical, as it is considered to be one of the tricks of globalists. No matter what our position on the political map, people must find in themselves the courage to move out of their comfort zone. The first condition for respecting the dignity of other people is to allow a free exchange of opinions. This freedom should be at the heart of the social contract. Man already has the technologies to create a paradise on Earth. That, too, requires courage, as these technologies are all-inclusive.

They are considered a form of totalitarianism. “Big brother monitors,” we say when we see surveillance cameras follow every step of the way. People who grew up in Western democracies see totalitarianism as an instrument that deprives us of our freedoms and fear it schizophrenically. We accept totalitarianism in relation to our children and wards, but we would like to retain our freedom and self-control over our ‘own affairs’, which in many respects is like a line drawn in water. Global challenges have shown that people are significantly interdependent. The question arises as to whether taking others into consideration restricts our freedom?

People think that freedom is the possibility to choose between different options. The more options (alternatives) you have, the freer we feel we are. Speaking of The Great Reset, the attitude of many seems to be: “Horrible, now those socialists/communists are coming to take us the ashes from the stove! We don’t own anything later, we just buy services.” Everyone is focusing on this obvious tragedy. But does it reduce our choices?

Everyone (almost) is aware of the fact that our value is not in external status. It doesn’t matter what we own or whether we own anything. Ownership does not change our dignity. Our dignity is within us. It is the awareness of the unlimited possibilities of the universe that is the basis of the potential for our spiritual growth. All people are on the same starting point in this regard, regardless of our position in the material world.

From these points of view, it is exclusively appropriate that the new social contract tries to make it less compelling for humans to seek external status and material gains and temptations. The most natural way to do this would be to tie money (earning potential) to human labor and creative power, which is a renewable resource. Its value increases in proportion to the fact, how healthy, happy and motivated people are. Thus, everyone has a natural need to promote human well-being.

Good Governance – Technological Singularity

When people think about the governance of society, they think about different political structures and policies. However, our political systems have shown from right to left that they are unfit. Perhaps it is not a question of the ineffectiveness of political life per se, but of requiring considerable mental maturity from one to successfully lead other people. The big egos are constantly in conflict with each other and everyone is (secretly) planning their own agendas and manipulating others unless the leader has persuaded members to work towards common goals. When you think about what is good governance without any political guidelines, the relationship of parents to their offspring comes to mind. In a well-managed family, parents make themselves unnecessary in the sense that the offspring will be able to live independently. In social relations, this is no more complicated. The family with its social relations is the basic unit of society.

It is said that the original goal of socialism was to help people help themselves. That’s what parents at their best do: They help their children take control of their own lives. That’s why we need to get out of the cynical ‘big brother monitors’ -mentality and start building a future where today’s technology benefits everyone. When I first saw the term ‘technological singularity’, it was thought to be a stage of development in which artificial intelligence (AI) transcends human intellectual capacity and is able to develop itself, thus becoming independent of man. Now I read on Wikipedia that “technological singularity in future research means a hypothesis in which superhuman AI accelerates human technological development and social change so rapidly that people before singularity cannot understand or meaningfully predict the future.”

Superhuman artificial intelligence can never take over people unless we want it ourselves. A person who loves constructive cooperation and peace has nothing to fear about artificial intelligence. Instead, AI makes it impossible for criminals to commit crimes in secret, manipulators to spread lies, and destructive forces to destroy other people’s lives. It all depends on how we develop artificial intelligence: It can be a good shepherd who respects the dignity of each person and increases our safety. Artificial intelligence can act as a personalized assistant for every individual and help us evolve into the best version of ourselves. Technocrats often think that artificial intelligence is superior to human abilities. It’s just because we don’t know what we’re capable of, even though we’ve gotten a lot of clues about people’s superhuman abilities. However, they are generally considered to be freaks of nature. What if they refer to the mental/spiritual growth potential of every human being?

I have in mind countless times when Internet search engines have brought to my attention things I could not have imagined myself. Sometimes I’ve used search words, sometimes not. I believe that the law of attraction will bring to my consciousness things, which I have consciously or unconsciously focused on. What would be more wonderful about the evolution of the Internet than that it responds directly to our thoughts and we are in constant dialogue with the wisest people in the world and have access to first-hand information. We could all feel like world citizens. There is already a machine translator using artificial intelligence who translates the world’s largest languages with astonishing accuracy.

Nikola Tesla discovered a renewable, clean energy source more than 100 years ago. Nevertheless, man continues to create energy from matter, even though electricity can be drawn indefinitely from the source energy. We continue to pollute the environment, make ourselves sick, and shake the balance of nature, even though the means to maintain that balance are before our eyes. Indeed, human activity resembles, to the greatest extent possible, the house building of fools, when the contractors didn’t notice that the house had windows. However, it was simply a matter of their inability to perceive what was there. The matter would have been resolved simply by opening the windows.

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