Several years ago, a friend of mine gave me a fridge magnet with the text: “I’m so wonderful that maybe I have to be forbidden by law.” At that time the thought sounded only amusing, but the text appears in a whole new light now after I have been following for years the attacks against humanity and show trials that are part of the attacks. It is unbelievable that famous and influential people defend hooligans, instead of standing for people, who want constructive cooperation.

The Black Lives Matter movement is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. Many – myself included – consider BLM-movement and Antifa domestic terrorism. In their own words, our rulers are fighting against domestic terrorism. However, they seem to completely close their eyes to the terrorism of the Green Left, which is an indication of the double standard prevailing in the society.

One would think that ordinary people who love freedom, justice, virtue and peace and have no political agendas, would be the best partners for anyone. However, ordinary people defending traditional values and their national characteristics and roots are targets of the strongest attack (as potential domestic terrorists). Every effort is made to limit ordinary citizens’ lives and opportunities for action, sometimes based on hate speech, sometimes based on a violation of (vague) community rules. The myth of white supremacy has been created, although the only supremacy in this world is the hegemony of the race that has elevated itself to the ‘people of God’.

I have tried to imagine, what kind of limited world the decision-makers live in, who require restrictions of people’s self-determination. It is becoming increasingly clear that those in power are trying to take control of everything, although this requires far more effort than allowing citizens to freely use their resources and creative power to live and build their community on their own terms. People who are internally driven do not need an outsider to tell them how to act in a particular situation; they naturally act according to common sense. In practice, this means that they do not need governance in the traditional sense. Only functions require supervision and coordination.

Against this background, it is incomprehensible that those in power spread fabricated stories and outright lies to maintain their power. The effect of a lie is the same as peeing your pants in freezing weather to create warmth: it feels warm for a moment, but soon the cold truth catches up with you. Our survival depends entirely on how constructively we work in the future: Will people make up more stories (lies) to keep the house of cards going, or will we acknowledge the facts and begin to act accordingly.

Abraham says that facing the truth/reality does not bring people forward. It doesn’t if we allow the current reality to determine what we can create. However, facing and acknowledging the facts does not mean they determine our performance or our ability to change reality. The factual truth is only a kind of fixed point where the creative work of the past manifests itself.

Creating the Future

The news from around the world sounds so insane to my ears that I have to wonder how much of what is happening is the influence of the divine matrix, the intellectual energy field. Abraham says that the world is not broken, nothing has gone wrong, the earth is not falling out of its orbit, and nothing else dramatic is happening. People cannot destroy source energy.

Man creates his own reality and matter only changes its form through our actions. Everything is shaped according to what kind of vibrational frequencies are active in our energy field. There are no demons or ‘evil spirits’ that work completely against our own vibrations. All the events and people we attract are the result of the vibrations active in our own energy field. To improve things, we simply need to listen to the voice (intuition) of our hearts and trust the process.

I read somewhere that people do not change their habits until they are forced to change to survive. The world is now so disorganized that people are forced to change their attitudes, that we do not have the fate like the “unsinkable” ship Titanic, which can be seen in the picture I have attached to this article. It is useless to try to understand world events on the level of ego-consciousness because the human mind works within the limits of logic and every human perception of things is more or less logical. Some people’s perceptions are based on made-up stories.

Over the weekend I watched interviews by Tuomas Malinen (CEO of GnS Economics, Adjunct Professor of Economics) about the global economic situation and the potential impact of The Great Reset on the world economy. In the videos, he outlines predictions of what might happen under certain conditions. He says that our economic and monetary system collapsed long ago, but is now maintained by artificial regulations so that, for example, banks cannot bankrupt companies that cannot afford to keep operating (zombie companies).

Tuomas Malinen talks about the narrow corridor of democracy (liberty), about which Daron Acemoglun and James A. Robinson have written a book The Narrow Corridor in 2019. According to the book, democracy is secured only on the condition that the state is strong enough and controlled by a strong society. I haven’t read the book, and I don’t know how the details are presented in it. I present them here as I think. A state is equal to its citizens, and a strong state (society) is one whose citizens and decision-makers have the common sense (civic skills) to preserve their freedom and the freedom of others (democracy). This is an easy equation to understand, as everyone certainly knows what their own freedom requires. The guarantee of one’s own freedom is that one retains the freedoms of others. Realizing the freedom of others requires that we do not stand in anyone’s way when they exercise their legal rights.

The picture painted by Tuomas Malinen, Sami Miettinen and many others of a possible totalitarian, fascist society in which we have lost our freedom is very bleak. This is because their perception of totalitarianism and fascism is negative and based mainly on the actions of dictators who subjugate the people. However, there are (at least) two perspectives on totalitarianism and fascism: Instead of despotism, it can be a civilized dictatorship where the decision-makers make sure that everyone has a good working environment and the opportunity to develop into the best version of themselves.

Mysterious Freedom

You could consider it a kind of loss of freedom that I lost my ability to speak at the age of 19 and got a severe physical disability. Has it prevented me from fulfilling myself? No. Rather, the physical limitations have helped me focus on the things I think(ed) is important. I didn’t even want to focus on things I couldn’t do or didn’t feel an inner urge to do.

When Nick Vujicic’s parents had a child born without arms and legs, they did not compare his ability to function with children who were able to function completely free physically. They told their son they didn’t know what he could do. With this attitude, Nick Vujicic has achieved incomparably more in his life than the so-called free people.

Autistic Carly Fleishmann, who lived in her own world, began to communicate with people in writing via a computer, even though no one had taught her to write. In the 1980s, I read a book called May’s Boy written by Shirlee Monty, which told of mentally disabled Leslie Lemke, who had been non-functional in his early years. After receiving the right kind of stimuli, his foster parents woke up one night to hear Leslie fluently playing Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto on the piano, which he had heard on television the night before. After that, Leslie was able to play any piece of music after hearing it once. He mastered all genres. He sang before he could speak.

Freedom is a Birth Gift

I read a blog post where someone asked how modern children and teens can develop healthy immunity if they have to constantly wear face masks and disinfect their hands to protect themselves from germs. People have learned to think that if we don’t focus on effort and struggle, whatever that is, we can’t achieve anything. We believe that everything requires sacrifice, even if it is only consuming time.

However, our actual job is to receive the power that is innate in us. The “Iceman” Wim Hof has not “grown/developed” his immunity so that pathogens injected into his veins do not make him sick. He has gained immunity by allowing his physical body to align to the same vibrational frequency as his inner being.

Our inner being has everything in his possession from the beginning. Our true freedom is the freedom to ally with our Inner Being. Our worldly freedoms, our human rights, are the desires of our ego. As a whole, they are just distractions that make it difficult for us to find our true selves.

Decision-makers can limit our human rights concerning the material world because we did not receive human rights as a birth gift. Instead, the power within us that is our birthright and true freedom is completely out of reach for the rulers of the world.

Let the Universe Guide You

When I watched Tuomas Malinen’s videos about the world economy, I was surprised that the Youtube page containing financial reports included an interview given in 1974 by a Finnish Titanic survivor Anna Turja. I was surprised to see a video about the sinking of the Titanic in between the financial reports, which had nothing to do with economics at all. On a whim, I watched the video, and when I read Anne Turja’s story on a website, I found a photo she had taken of the sinking Titanic.

At this point, I had already started writing this article and was wondering what kind of picture to include with my article. Suddenly I realized that the sinking of the Titanic illustrates my message well: The Titanic stands for everything worldly that one tries to maintain artificially. People sitting in lifeboats represent people who trust in the guidance of their Inner Being.

Sometimes I feel that the contrasts in the outside world are so obvious that there is no doubt which way to go. It’s as if the universe is pointing its finger at me, telling me where to go. It is paradoxical: the narrower the worldly path becomes, the freer I feel. Perhaps this is the narrow corridor we should all enter. Perhaps this leads to the narrow gate Jesus spoke of when he said: “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:14)

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