The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

As I got my handicap I had from the very beginning the feeling that it was not so important to have many different kind of experiences. More important was that I learned to see my experiences from as many points of view as possible. To my mind the real exploration did not consist of experiences, but seeing things in various angles. I believe that I still have much to explore in my experiences.

As I begun to write this blog I did not have the whole picture, what happened to me 33 years ago. I only had the feeling that I had to make a quantum jump, change my attitudes and see things in new light.

As I wrote my first text in Finnish I named it Unen alku (Beginning of a Dream). I had only the fact in my mind: this is how it started. We know that a dream can be a good dream or a bad dream (nightmare).

Not until I was translating my text into English and I had to look behind the words I really understood what I had written

I saw a clear pattern: The Universe replied my thoughts by delivering in the lyrics of an oriental hymn a sustainable ground for my life.

The bigger picture had already been shaping up in my mind after I watched the Secret movie, but eventually my own text opened my eyes to see the magnitude of the whole thing. As a consequence I felt that the Finnish title Unen alku didn’t describe at all the matter itself.

The dream was clearly the opposite of a nightmare: a fairytale kind of dream. In Finnish there is a word for that: unelma.

Through this new kind of awareness I begun to see my situation in a whole different light. I have a strong feeling that this fairytale kind of dream is just beginning.

I have linked to this blog videos, which are mainly in English. English language is simply the universal language of this world and Youtube material is mostly in English. Language barriers are the first border fences we should knock down. Every one of us can start to see languages from a different angle simply by believing that although our conscious mind don’t understand language spoken in foreign words our subconscious mind understands everything. We can support this consciousness by giving it the chance to interpret things also in foreign language. When we open the channels for our subconscious mind it begins to search in our surroundings things that broaden our understanding in our conscious mind. John Assaraf says in one of his presentations: “Fake it, til you make it.” It is the same thing.

Listening to the stream of words spoken in foreign language has always been like a meditation to me.

Knocking down language barriers is one challenge for us, but in addition to that we should stop seeing each other as black and white sheep, or sources of right or false information. We all have a role to perform in this play and every piece of knowledge helps us to determine our position in the whole. We are all in the same boat, at the same source of information and each one of us learns in his own way to interpret the universal consciousness, which we are part of. We should remember:

we cannot know what is light without knowing what is darkness, the depth of our joy is depending on how good we know its opposition.

The Universe teaches us in a way and in another way.

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