Sometimes we can read articles, what makes people so special that we have over time evolved into sovereign rulers of other species. First of all it is said to be the virtue of our incomparable brains. Moreover the focus moves to our hands and especially to the mobility of our fingers, which gives humans a powerful grip and exceptional skill to handle and manipulate tools. In terms of evolution a big advantage has been our upright posture and body control. On the other hand speech and the capacity to multifaceted communication is most important.

But what should we think about persons, who are paralysed from the neck to their toes, who can hardly take a spoon to their mouth, and who stand upright only with a help of a special apparatus, which allows them to forget all about body control.

Many of these people have more success in life than someone, who has no mobility barriers at all. Some people realize only after losing their mobility what is important in life, which leads to their success.

When we think about this further it becomes apparent that all physical capacities of humans, which have led to our success can be used to cause destruction. Ultimately the original question changes its form.

It is not a question of success. The question arises, what is the reason that despite of the destructive powers people have, they have developed the world even to this kind of light place.

I wrote in my text Homo Sapiens vs. Homo Economicus about Alan Greenspans perception, that the irrational behaviour of people is caused by their animalistic inheritance, which he calls animal spirit. I call it ego.

According to Greenspan the animal spirit causes much damage when people blinded by fear or euphoria suppress the voice of reason.
What is this ‘voice of reason’ Greenspan is chasing after?

In order to track it down we have to consider what makes a change possible. What is the difference between irrational behaviour and voice of reason?

The law of physics related to this says: if you want to change matter you have to change the energy in which its living.
Gregg Braden has more to say about this thing in his presentation The Language of the Divine Matrix (0:46:36).

Through education we are conditioned to the rules and norms of our culture. Because our brains are such a supercomputer we are conditioned to think, that they are the logistic center of our body, the origin of logical reasoning and consideration.

However, we have an organ in our body – the heart – which electrical field (EKG) is 100 times stronger than the brains electrical field (EEG). The magnetic field of the heart is up to 5000 times stronger than the brains magnetic field.

The electromagnetic field of the Heart has unlimited effect on the world beyond our bodies (The Language of the Divine Matrix (0:49:34 – ).

The Language of the Universe

Yin - Yang
Yin – Yang

Different cultures and breeding grounds produce different kind of matter. There are two basic elements in the field: electrical field and magnetic field. When altering the energy field, the breeding ground of the matter we in fact alter the proportion of the negative (feminine Yin) and the positive (masculine Yang) charges of that energy.

In Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang are two complementary forces of the universe, which reinforce each other. They are interconnected and interdependent. Yin and yang are always opposite and equal qualities. It is not a question of good and bad. These complementary forces are driven towards a balanced state. Together they form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts.

When we look at the current world it is apparent that most successful are the countries, in which these two forces are about in balance.

The field acts as a mirror. Same elements resonate with each other and attract each other.
Most clearly we see this in interpersonal relationships and our actions:
a positive person draws positive qualities from another person, a negative person spreads negativity around himself. A man reaps what he sows. What comes around goes around. What you leave behind you, will you find in front of you.

The law of karma has its scientific foundation, but a man can change his karma.

Our man led culture, which emphasizes logic and scientific approach to things considers the feminine sensitivity as froth. In male-dominated societies women’s share is to give birth to children and satisfy the needs of their husbands.

We are also conditioned to think that all our knowledge, experiences and memories are stored in the database of our brain, and in every situation a certain kind of brain chemistry picks up the information we need from the database.

According to quantum physics however, we don’t store knowledge or anything else in our brain. All knowledge and information is in the field, in the consciousness of the universe, which is our collective mind.

A mustard seed that I wrote about in the text ‘If you have faith like a grain of a mustard seed’ has also no real information in it. The only information it has is, how it tunes to the consciousness of the universe in order to become a mustard plant.

The share of human beings in this big picture is also, how we connect to the consciousness of the universe. Do we have the capacity to create an antenna, which tunes to the information and knowledge of our collective mind? This happens with our thoughts and feelings, and the antenna loads the knowledge and experience in a receiver, which we call brain.
(Gregg Braden: The Language of the Divine Matrix 2:33:33-2:37:24)

All feelings in this process are not equally good, if one wants to have positive results. Some people call this feeling gratitude, some other call it compassion or mercy. In some situation it is called pity or sympathy. All the same, these expressions are different tones of one and the same emotion. We talk about love. The voice of reason is the voice of heart.

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