It has been shown a trailer of the TV-series Revolution, which describes how the nature reclaims its mastery over our organized, civilized societies when the world has no electricity. The nature of drama is to dramatize things, but despite of the dramatic pictures I like the cities, which are covered with plants.

In the 1980s some people said to me that the nature always works towards chaos. Sometimes it was said to prove the existence of God, intelligent spirit: Only the Spirit of God is able to bring order to chaos. In that way people were made to understand that God is above all, and under favorable circumstances would intervene to solve our problems.

This thinking model has only the shortcoming that it presupposes that our order is the order of God. But God doesn’t live in our small bourgeois circles, we like to call civilisation. God is Nature itself, the consciousness of the universe, the law and order of nature.

The reason why we see nature as chaotic is because we don’t understand the order of the nature. However, the biggest technical innovations have come into being thanks to inventive minds, who have discovered the natural law behind the innovation.

Now I think about a Japanese inventor, who found a way to purify water. According to one story, as he once sat on a seashore he saw in a distance a little island and there was a tree growing on the island. He wondered how could it be possible as there was only salty sea water around. He begun to study the thing and found out, how the tree filtered sea water to become water it could use.

I read somewhere that a same kind of discovery is behind the pads, which purpose is to absorb metabolic waste from the body during the night when attached on the foot sole. This innovation is widely denounced as hoax product, because we don’t understand the realities behind it. That is to say how trees and plants prevent themselves against pollution in air and environment.

We see however that Japan has managed to purify widely its surrounding waters and recover life in the sea. We also see that life in Hiroshima is thriving today despite of the atomic bomb that was dropped there in August 1945. Vegetation and wild animals are thriving in Chernobyl, although a severe nuclear accident took place there in April 1986.

So, what kind of an attitude should we take when we hear people say that areas contaminated by nuclear radiation are unusable for thousands of years? Has someone made false calculations and missed the fact that nature has the capability to recover its balance in the chaos people have created?


The doomsday pictures, which show how the nature has reclaimed its mastery over the world can be seen in a different light: as sketches of a possible architecture, in which people live side by side in harmony with nature.
It would solve many problems.

One day last June I saw a wasp flying over my bed. I was asking myself what could I do, if the wasp decided to build its nest in my territory.

Next day a friend came to see me. We wanted to plant flowers on my balcony.

As soon as I opened the balcony door I saw that the wasp had begun to build its nest in the ceiling structures just above the door.

We started planting flowers. At times I looked at the nest and thought to myself how could we get it down. The nest was very nice, so it would be best, if we get it down intact.

Great Tit

As I looked at the nest I saw in the corner of my eye a great tit flying to the edge of the balcony. I am used to it, because many birds visit my balcony. When I am on the balcony they usually fly bravely from the distance, and when they reach the edge of the balcony they make a turnaround, as if they compete, who has the courage to fly nearest to me.

But this bird sitting on the balcony wall didn’t seem to be timid at all. He seemed very self-conscious as he was looking at me, then looking at the wasp nest.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw what happened next:
The great tit flew to the top of the open balcony door, turned towards the wasp nest, which was just above him, jumped once, and another time and punched the nest with his beak.

I had a funny feeling that the bird had read my thoughts.


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