Wonderful Future

The Future is always beginning now

In this article I want to express my deep gratitude to all the forces of light on earth and in other dimensions, and also to the impatient souls of this dualistic world, who have offered me lessons that have helped me to come closer to myself. In the last few months I have (mostly) felt that all the life-sustaining forces are supporting me and that some cycle has come to an end. A lot of things that have been bothering me for years have fallen into place as if by themselves.

Well-being through new technologies

In early summer I found videos on YouTube showing steam cleaners and bought one for myself (Kärcher EasyFix SC5). The idea that we can clean even the most stubborn dirt without chemicals seems incredible. I am only hoping now that the designers will find a way to fit a vacuum and steam cleaner and a pressure washer in the same machine. We would have a power cleaner in a closet and could throw the detergent bottles and jars in the garbage bin.

Another discovery is the vacuum pump (Zwilling), which allows food to stay fresh up to 5 times longer than with traditional storage methods. Thanks to vacuum packaging, my diet will totally transform. Although I have never suffered from hunger I have constantly felt that my body is not getting the nutrients it needs from the food I eat, because I am not eating as varied as I could. Most of the vegetables and greens, herbs and spices, berries and fruits stay in the shop as I don’t want to buy anything to spoil in my cupboard. Because of the imbalanced diet, my body lacks the building blocks it needs, for example, to build nerve pathways and support the natural function of nerve impulses. In the future, I will be able to buy all the food I want in any quantity I want without fear of it spoiling.

Rewriting history

Many have awaken to the fact that the 3D matrix we live in is not at all what we have been taught. The ‘conspiracy theories’ have been shockingly proven to be true. For me, the awakening to reality was distressing until I learned about our galactic family living in 5D consciousness and the ascended masters who -for millennia- have had a tangible impact on life on Earth.

Thanks to this new awareness, catastrophic revelations around the world no longer cause me even a feeling of unease. Rather, I am just curious to see what is to come. This is especially true of the written history of humanity and its revelations. I have been following a channel on YouTube by Jon Levi, who talks about his personal research into concrete evidence that shows America to be a much older continent than we have been led to believe. On 16.9.2023 Jon Levi published a book with David Edward about his research called Evidence of the Old World, available on Amazon and elsewhere.

New assistant

The biggest turbulence in my life over the past year or so has been the arrangement of an assistant when my long-term permanent assistant resigned from her job last year and started working remotely from her home office. After publishing my previous article in early September, I decided to look for a new assistant on the open labour market. I wrote down a few adjectives describing myself and asked artificial intelligence (ChatGPT) to write me a job ad based on them. Three seconds later, I had a job ad, in which I made a few additions. I first posted the ad in the personal assistants and employers group on Facebook.

“What kind of demands” was the first reaction on the discussion to my announcement. This despite the fact that I did not make any demands in the ad. I was simply looking for a like-minded person to act as my assistant, so that cooperation would run as smoothly as possible. But many people feel that, as an employer, I cannot even expect an assistant to be on the same wavelength as me on as many issues as possible, although that is the first condition for any kind of support and cooperation.

All in all, the reactions to the announcement on Facebook gave me the impression that a large number of personal assistants feel exploited. “Where do these ideas come from?”, I asked myself. After a while of rolling my feelings around, I realised that it was nothing more than victim mentality. However, none of us are victims. Each of us creates our own reality with our thoughts and feelings. Each of us is doing our part to pioneer our own lives. If one is not aware of this and is left to be preyed upon by others, that too is one’s own choice.

Despite the negative posts on Facebook, I received five good applications within 24 hours. This week, a woman in her thirties who moved to Finland from Sri Lanka in early September and has been working in her family-owned restaurant in her home country will start as my permanent assistant. It remains to be seen how long our working relationship will last. My assistant would certainly be in high demand on the job market, but who knows if she would make holistic health and well-being a new profession for herself, in which case working as my assistant would fit the plan perfectly.

Combining 3D and 5D blog

For the last few months I’ve been trying to figure out how to merge the glowinthedarkness.net and putonthewholearmorofgod.info blogs under the same domain. ChatGPT gave me instructions on how to do the merge. A week ago, a person who has sometimes helped me with the technical maintenance of the websites contacted me to ask if I need help. When I raised the issue of merging the blogs, he told me that he had merged two of his own websites the day before, so he knew exactly what was involved.

So the task is probably much simpler than I originally thought, even though there are about a thousand posts and pages, including all the language versions. Now that I have an assistant for that job too, I’ll get to work as soon as possible. I have an article on housing policy almost ready to be published, but it will be delayed as I concentrate on merging the blogs in the coming weeks.


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